Why Do Golfers Wear Gloves? Something You Need To Know

The thing about golf gloves is that they are not compulsory to wear but are highly recommended. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, wearing golf gloves on both hands or just the one can prove to be quite helpful. You must have seen with your own eyes the number of golfers that wear gloves, haven’t you?

Golf gloves are normally taken off on the course to take short iron hits and even during putting. In such situations, it is important for golfers to be able to feel the clubface during impact. And this is why they tend to remove the gloves for a short while.

So why do golfers wear gloves in the first place? Well, it’s because this valuable golfing gear improves grip on golf club (gloves and golf go hand in hand). There are many other reasons why golfers prefer to put on gloves while playing.

Why do golfers wear gloves

For one, golf gloves are tackier than our normal skin. And this helps in preventing the club from twisting and turning in the golfers’ hand. And if you have a loose grip, then golf gloves help in creating more friction between your gloved hand and grip.

On top of that, there are weather conditions like cold and rain that require you to wear golf gloves on the turf. So it’s always a better idea to step on the golf course with complete golfing equipment.

This ensures that nothing goes wrong or messes with your game while you’re playing. And even if it does, you have the proper golfing equipment to correct those mistakes immediately.

Srixon Men's Cabretta Leather Regular Golf Glove, Medium/Large, Worn on Left Hand

Why do golfers wear gloves?

Most professional and amateur golfers consider golf gloves as essential golfing equipment. There may be only a few that don’t wear golf gloves. And why? Because they think that wearing golf gloves will somehow affect the way they use their golf clubs. But that only seems like a fear more than a probability.

The answer is pretty simple with this question. Golf gloves eliminate the chances of golf clubs sliding out of your hands. Since the hands are the only parts of the human body that come in contact with a golf club, they better be well equipped.

Losing that precious grip on a club can mess with your control (the correct golf grip). This can result in adversely affecting your performance on the golf course. And as someone who has tried playing without golf gloves, let me tell you that the club will slip out of your hands in a pretty wild and dangerous fashion. So you better watch out.

Playing golf in conditions like rain and cold weather has become possible now, hasn’t it? Thanks to technologically advanced golf clubs and other golfing equipment. So in such scenarios, you will need to wear golf gloves for more comfort and better grip. Plus, they prevent the formation of blisters on your hand.

Basic Golf Equipment : Picking Golf Gloves

Why do golfers wear one glove?

Why do golfers wear gloves or rather just one glove? It’s because golf gloves are not sold in pairs. You’re only entitled to buy one single piece and not the whole set! I’m just kidding.

In the game of golf, you don’t have to put on gloves on both your hands. But, nevertheless, there are still many golfers who do that. So it is not such an uncommon practice.

Most golfers don’t put on gloves on the dominant hands. So which hand do you wear a golf glove on if you are right handed? The left hand. And it’s the right hand for left handed golfers. Pretty simple and neat, isn’t it?

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Why do golfers remove their gloves for putting?

While it may be true that golf gloves provide better grip and more control, there’s no denying that they minimize feel on your hand. As far as putting is concerned, the “feel” factor plays a significant role. It helps in providing more control over putts. And this is why professional golfers remove their golf gloves to putt.

Why Take Your Golf Glove Off When Putting?

Different types of materials for golf gloves


DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove (Men's Regular Sizes) (Large, Left Hand (Right-Handed Golfer))

Golf gloves made of leather provide an excellent feel. And that’s because of how supple they are. In fact, golf gloves constructed using high-quality leather, such as Cabretta leather, tend to remain pliable and soft even after multiple uses. Softball and baseball gloves are also made using Cabretta leather.

There’s only one disadvantage of using leather golf gloves. They have the tendency to wear out sooner than you might think. So you will have to keep replacing them quite often. Also, please remember that leather material tends to stretch as time passes. So make sure that you buy leather golf gloves with a snug fit.


Gmax Men's Golf Glove Left or Right Hand Cabretta Synthetic Leather (X-Small, Right Hand)

These are the kind of golf gloves which provide maximum flexibility and durability, unlike their leather counterparts. The synthetic part of such gloves is mainly synthetic leather. And this is the reason why most synthetic golf gloves look like leather golf gloves.

While they may provide maximum flexibility, they don’t offer sufficient breathability to the hands. This is something that you don’t come across with leather golf gloves. But one tiny flaw such as this can be easily neglected when you get durable synthetic golf gloves which look like 100% genuine leather gloves.


Puma Golf Mens Left Hand Regular Fit Pro Formation Hybrid Glove (White-Monaco Blue, X-Large)

Heard about the phrase “the best of both worlds”? That is something you get with hybrid golf gloves. The palm and fingers of hybrid golf gloves are constructed with leather. This provides excellent grip to the hand.

While the wear points and joints of the gloves are made of synthetic material. And that adds durability and flexibility to the gloves. (How to wash golf gloves)

Does the size of golf gloves matter?

When it comes to golf gloves, you don’t only need to know the answer to the question with the golfers wear gloves? You also should know whether the size of golf gloves makes any difference or not. So let me tell you that size does matter.

When buying the best golf gloves for yourself, make sure that you pick gloves that offer a snug fit. They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose at the same time. The goal is to be able to flex your hand inside the glove easily without straining it too much. And since there will be some moisture and sweat between your fingers while playing, proper ventilation in that region is also equally essential.

So if you don’t want to jeopardize the grip, select golf gloves which offer a snug fit with a decent amount of ventilation between the fingers. The sizes of golf gloves available on the market are extra-large, large, medium, and small.

Why do golfers wear gloves

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Final note

When you start taking golf seriously, you try your level best to improve your performance. And one of the ways to achieve that is to make your grip stronger. So why do golfers wear gloves?

For this very reason. They want a better grip on their golf clubs so they can play better and achieve better results. The grip provided by golf gloves needs to be perfectly balanced between being too tight and too loose. Do you agree?

Do you play with or without golf gloves? Would it make any difference if you played otherwise?

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