What Is The Best Driver To Correct A Slice?

If you are interested in golf and you know much about the game, then for sure you must be aware of the fact that the correct slice is the thing that is needed to win the game. Where the best golfers such as Tiger Woods are excellent with their slices, there are many such golfers who struggle with their slices.

If the slice is not properly placed, then the ball will either not reach the aimed target or will move towards the right. In either of the cases, it is said to be a bad shot. In this article, I’ll show you what is the best driver to correct a slice.

What is the best driver to correct a slice? Know the reasons and improve it

There can be varied reasons for having a wrong slice. Some of the eminent reasons are the way how you have placed the tee or the ball over the tee, the way how you have positioned yourself, the backswing and the downswing method and of course the type of driver that you are using.

What Is The Best Driver To Correct A Slice

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As there are so many mixed reasons for the wrong slice, it is important to correct them all in order to get the correct slice in your game. Here can be some of the tricks that you can learn to get a good slice.

  • The tee should be positioned way higher on the ground so that the ball can also be positioned higher from the ground. It should be so much higher that when you are positioning your driver, half of the ball should be positioned above the driver.
  • The tee and the ball need to be positioned in between your toes when you are standing with your feet together. It should be there above your chest button.
  • Move your right leg, keeping your left leg in the same position. Relax your right hand also and then hold the driver with the same way. If you hold the driver with the right hand being in the same position, then your right hand will come below your left hand and your right shoulder will also be below your left shoulder.
  • Now with your right-hand muscle pressure take a back swing with the driver. When you have reached the last position, pull your body through your left leg knee. This will make you have a downswing and then in the same position hit the ball to have the correct slice.

In case if still, you do not have a correct slice, then surely it is the fault of your driver. You need to get a driver that is the best. (Learn more how to correct a slice to have a good grip in golf?)

How to Fix your Slice in Golf​?

Drivers with Adjustable Loft

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Maximum slicers are known to have a driver with a loft much higher than the normal drivers. If you are not sure about the correct loft that you should be playing with, then the best option that you have is to get a driver with an adjustable loft. You will be allowed to move the weight till the heel of the club head by increasing the loft.

Now you do not have to worry about the loft thing. It is not that you will be forced to play at 11 degrees. If you wish you can keep the weight that much that can allow you to have a swing of about 9 or 10.5.

The Grip of the Driver

Another important feature that is responsible for a great swing is the grip of the driver. The driver should not have either a stronger grip or a way softer grip too. It should be somewhere in the average.

If the grip is too soft, then you will have trouble when you are taking a backswing. If your hand moves a bit also from the position, then the slice will get a miss. Similarly, if the grip is too tight then while going for the slice, it may get difficult for you the release the grip.

Hence, while you are choosing the driver, hold it in the position how you would have held during a shot. Move it to different positions such as backswing and downswing and check whether you are able to control your grip over it or not. If you are able to do so, then this can be the best driver for you.

What Is The Best Driver To Correct A Slice

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The Size of the Club Head

Today maximum people go for the heavy sized club head. For a few, it may work to be the best, while for others it does not work at all. In an ideal way, it is always better to have a driver with a narrow or a lighter club head. This allows you to hit the ball straight and hence the slice remains to be perfect.

Today there are many modern drivers available that have platinum head that is small in size and the weight is quite low in comparison to any other huge headed driver club heads.

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Material of the Driver

Many may not consider this point to be much important but this is also one of the most important factors in the case of having a correct slice. It is only due to the material of the driver, that the driver head can have a smooth rotation each time when you are going to have a slice. Today, there are many drivers available out of various material based on different technology.

One of the best drivers that you can have is made up of the technology of metal woods. This allows the club head to rotate faster so that you can easily play a shot with the correct slice each time when you take a downswing.


It is, of course, important to know how to learn golf and hand positioning in order to get the correct slice. Along with the hand positioning, another important thing that is needed is the proper driver to play the game.

There are various drivers available today, based on various technologies, but drivers will suit different players. It is important to have a check properly so that when you start playing with it, with practice you can easily have the right slice each time when you go for a shot.


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