What You Need to Know About Volvik Golf Balls

The Volvik golf balls stand out thanks to their vibrant colors. Volvik is one of the most exciting and innovative manufacturers on the golf equipment market, and these golf balls deliver an impressive performance. Let’s take a closer look at this manufacturer’s product selection.

Why Are Volvik Golf Balls Unique?

Volvik mixes novelty products with golf balls designed for performance. However, the brand doesn’t sacrifice quality and performance for the novelty products. The fun and colorful golf balls typically have features based on the popular Vivid product line.

Volvik has been around since 1980, but this South Korean company didn’t start selling its products in the U.S. until 2012. In spite of being a latecomer to the game, Volvik has quickly become a favorite among young golfers thanks to its original and innovative products.

Teens and young adults love the colorful designs of the golf balls and graduate to the more performing products offered by Volvik as they progress.


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The best way to explore Volvik golf balls is to look at the different product lines offered by the manufacturers. The features and specs vary from one product to another.

The Volvik Vivid is one of the flagship products of the brand. These golf balls are perfect for straight shots and have a soft feel thanks to their ionomer cover. If you have a swing speed between 70 and 90 mph, these balls will deliver a mid to high trajectory and improve your speed and distance thanks to their three-piece design.

The Vivid balls also stand out with their matte finish and original selection of colors. The Vivid XT is the next entry in this product line. These golf balls deliver low spin, stability, and more control compared to the Vivid golf balls.

The Vivid Lite balls also belong to this product line. These golf balls are best for those with slower swing speeds between 55 and 85 mph. These balls have an oversized core to compensate for the slow swing speed and will improve your distance and accuracy. A unique feature of this product is the smooth cover that doesn’t have any dimples.

The Crystal golf balls are another popular product. These golf balls stand out thanks to their bright colors. They deliver stability and will improve your distance if you have a slow swing speed. Control and consistency are what set these golf balls apart.

Volvik offers two options if you are looking for a soft feel. The Vivid Soft golf balls feature the same matte coating that sets the Vivid line apart. The design includes three layers, including a soft urethane cover that will improve your control.

The Power Soft is the perfect combination of speed and soft feel. These golf balls are another model that uses an oversized core. The dimple design improves flight and stability, and the soft ionomer cover will give you more control. There are several fun glossy colors available.

The S3 and S4 golf balls are among the most performing products offered by Volvik. The S3 is great for swing speeds between 95 and 110 mph. It has a low spin thanks to its three-piece construction. It uses a urethane cover to deliver a soft feel. It has a higher compression rate to boost your speed and distance compared to other products.

The S4 is the Volvik product with the highest compression rate. The manufacturer recommends it for golfers with a swing speed that exceeds 105 mph. This ball has a low spin and a high launch angle. It uses a four-piece design with a urethane cover similar to the one used for the S3.

S4 is the best option for experienced golfers. Others might find it difficult to control this golf ball due to the high compression rate.

Volvik also offers different novelty products that rotate often. The manufacturer currently offers a USA pack with patriotic covers, a Marvel pack with superhero logos, a state pack, and a birthday pack with some original colors and designs.

We think these products add some diversity and originality to the Volvik catalog and like that these golf balls have features similar to the Vivid golf balls. 

You can also customize most of the Volvik golf balls. There are several colors to choose from except for the S3 and S4 golf balls, and you can have a custom logo printed on the balls if you place a large order.


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These golf balls stand out from what other manufacturers offer thanks to their colorful designs and gorgeous finish. Volvik innovates beyond using original colors for its products.

This manufacturer does things that you wouldn’t expect to find in a golf ball. Using oversized cores is an interesting way to improve speed and distance on some of the products offers. Offering a ball with a smooth surface is also a bold move since all manufacturers use dimples.

Because of these innovative features, these golf balls might not be ideal for everyone. However, we like Volvik’s approach to designing innovative products. We like the fact that the manufacturer takes risks and think there is a large number of golfers who want to try new things and take risks too.

The novelty golf balls are great if you want to help your child or teenager develop an interest in golf. The bright colors and original designs make the golf balls fun to use, and at the same time, these products deliver excellent performance.

We also like the selection of products offered. The S3 and S4 are ideal for improving your performance once you develop a good swing speed, but Volvik also has a lot of interesting options for beginners in the Vivid product line. We think these golf balls deliver a good mix of soft feel and improved control and distance.


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Volvik owns more than 50 different patents for technologies used to create unique golf balls. The patented VU-X urethane cover used for the S3 and S4 is one of the most interesting recent innovations from this manufacturer. This cover makes a huge difference in terms of control and feel.

The high compression rate and dual-core design of the S3 and S4 models are additional specs that make these products stand out. These specs have a significant impact on speed and distance.

The soft SF urethane cover used for the Power Soft and Vivid Soft model is an innovation that you are going to love if you want a golf ball with a soft feel.

The manufacturer has also done some interesting things with dimple patterns and design. The oversized core used in different products makes these golf balls more responsive. This core design makes Volvik an excellent choice since most manufacturers offer dual-core designs or use different core materials but won’t experiment with the size of the core.

Let’s take a closer look at the specs for different popular golf balls offered by Volvik:

​Product ​Vivid ​Crystal ​S4


​3-piece ​3-piece ​4-piece


​Oversized core ​Hard inner core ​Dual core


​Ionomer cover ​Soft Surlyn cover ​Urethane cover

​Recommended swing speed

​70 to 90 mph ​Slow ​105+ mph

Compression rating

​75 ​80 ​90


​11 matte colors ​6 bright colors ​2 colors


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Volvik is quickly gaining popularity and many sporting goods stores, and online retailers carry these products. Shopping on the manufacturer’s websit​​e is a great way to make sure you quickly find all the latest products.

You will get access to all the different color options and can order golf balls with personalized logos at an additional cost.

Here is a breakdown of the pricing for some of the most popular products offered:

  • The s3 and S4 cost $​$$ for a dozen golf balls.
  • A dozen pack costs $​$ for the Vivid and Crystal models.
  • You can get the Vivid Soft or Power Soft for $​$$ and $​ respectively.

Volvik also has an Amazon store. These prices are very similar to what you will find on the manufacturer’s website, but there are older products available at a lower rate.

Dick’s Sporting Goods also carries older models such as the DS 55 released in 2017. You can get a dozen of these golf balls for $14.99, and this retailer offers some customization options for your order. We recommend visiting a Dick’s Sporting Goods location if you want to see the product in person instead of ordering it online.


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There are other options to consider depending on what you are looking for in a golf ball.

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We think these golf balls would make a great alternative to the Volvik S4. The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls use a dual-core and deliver a soft feel. The performance of these golf balls in terms of speed and distance is impressive and comparable to the S4. This Callaway product uses a 4-piece design and soft urethane cover.

These Callaway golf balls are a great option if you lack experience because they are a lot more forgiving than the S4 thanks to their soft feel and lower compression rate. 

The S4 is great if you have a fast swing speed and want more speed and distance. The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls deliver similar performance with the added control of the soft feel. 

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No products found.

If you like the products sold by Volvik because of the original colors, Nitro is another manufacturer at which you should look. We love the Nitro Ultimate Distance golf balls because of their colorful design and affordable price tag.

These golf balls are fun to use and perfect for practicing. They deliver good speed and distance. The Surlyn cover will make these balls more durable. The two-piece titanium core makes these golf balls very reactive.

Volvik has a broader selection of colors and products, but Nitro is the most affordable option if you merely want golf balls with original colors.

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No products found.

If you like Volvik because this manufacturer has a good selection of products for those with a slow swing speed, the Taylormade Project (a) golf balls are another excellent option for you. These balls deliver a soft feel and have a medium compression thanks to their dual-core design.

Taylormade recommends this product if you have a swing speed of around 85 mph. These balls are perfect for distance and speed. The dimple pattern will improve performance even if you have a slow swing speed. The urethane cover adds spin and control.


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Volvik offers some truly original products that deliver impressive performances. There is a good selection of products, including golf balls for beginners and tour quality products.

We like the selection of golf balls for golfers with slow swing speeds and think the manufacturer has developed some innovative features such as the use of oversized cores and the different patented covers.

The downside of this manufacturer is that it can be difficult to understand how some of the innovative features will impact your game. The product selection isn’t easy to navigate because the manufacturer takes risks and offers products other brands don’t have. We would like to see Volvik developing more tools to help golfers find the right match when comparing golf balls.


  • Quality and durable products
  • Lots of innovations
  • Fun and colorful designs
  • Large selection of products


  • Selection is difficult to navigate
  • Lack of tools to help you find the right golf ball


We think that Volvik deserves a rating of 4.5 out of five possible points. Navigating the product selection and understanding the different innovative features can be difficult, but these things are a part of what sets this manufacturer apart. Volvik is a manufacturer who takes risks, and we think you have to be ready to do the same!

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