The Most Important Top 10 Golf Tips For Beginners

If you ask all professional or expert golfers now about their first experiences of golf, the answers will only point to one truth. That the game of golf is a pretty tough sport for beginners.

The kind of bodily movements that you have to master for golf can be very challenging for some. Learning the basics only requires a lot of effort, time, and practice. But once you have that in place, golf can be equally rewarding too.

So to help you speed up the learning process, I have compiled the top 10 golf tips for beginners. These will contribute to making your game as well as your golfing experience more fun and less burdensome. So let’s do this!

Top 10 golf tips for beginners

Top 10 Golf Tips For Beginners


1. Work on Your Attitude

As a beginner, you must work on your outlook towards the game of golf. Since you’ve decided to play the sport, you might as well do whatever it takes to learn the basics.

Telling yourself that you don’t need to master the basics to learn how to play golf like a professional can be very misleading. And if this is what you think of the game, then you might as well just give it up.

When it comes to golf, certain things simply don’t change. No matter how hard you try. What I mean to say is that it doesn’t matter how much time you put in for practice or how favorable the weather conditions are.

What is important at the end of the day is that you’ve realized the importance of golfing basics. Such an attitude helps in enhancing your golfing experience. And this improves the way you play on the golf course, and it also makes the game more enjoyable. (The most basic rules and etiquettes of golf)

2. Get the Best Golf Clubs

Top 10 Golf Tips For Beginners


What do you play golf with? Your mind, naturally. But what’s that one thing that connects your mind to the most important element in the game, the golf ball? It’s the golf club, right?

So if you don’t invest enough effort in finding out what golf clubs are the best for you, forget about getting better at the game. And to be honest, you don’t even need to spend too much of your time in doing research. Just visit the nearest golf shop and let the salesman assist you with everything. (What you should know about golf club fitting)

Getting your hands on the best golf clubs can help you in ways you can’t even begin to fathom. And when you know that you have the latest and most efficient golf clubs, you won’t blame them for posing a threat to your game.

Usually, many beginner golfers tend to blame their incorrect or inappropriate golf clubs for coming in the way of them and their success. So let’s make it a point to avoid such a tragedy from taking place.

3. Practice at the Driving Range

In the guide of the top 10 golf tips for beginners, one of the best tips is this one right here. As an amateur golfer, it is highly advisable for you to spend a lot of time at the driving range.

If you want to learn how to improve a golf game, then there’s nothing better than refining your swing at the driving range. I remember how I used to spend so many hours at the driving range just trying to improve my swing movement even without having any particular swinging technique.

So don’t worry if you don’t have any swinging method as yet, just keep practicing whatever comes naturally to you or whatever you’ve learned so far. All you have to try to do is to achieve a direct hit.

​How to Practice Golf at the Driving Range?

4. Grip the Golf Club Correctly

In my entire professional career, I can’t tell you the number of times I have come across beginners who have been told to grip the club like a baseball bat. Now if you’re going to do that, then you might as well wear baseball gloves too, don’t you think?

What I would like to say about gripping the golf club is that do anything but grip it like a baseball bat. And I hope you know that I was kidding about wearing baseball gloves. In order to grip the golf clubs properly, you must put on golf gloves. Don’t forget that you’re on the golf course and not the Yankee Stadium in New York.

5. Practice Your Swing

Top 10 Golf Tips For Beginners


This is what every golfer should now. Practicing your swing movement as much as you can helps you to become a better golfer (exercises to improve golf swing). And don’t just practice the swing like you’re doing a favor. You have to be able to visualize the flight of the golf ball in your mind.

Once you can achieve that with the proper swinging technique, you’ll go a long way. Even literally.

​Golf Practice Swing To Real Swing

6. Work on Your Concentration During the Swing Movement

Here’s something ironic. Once you address the golf ball and are performing the swing action, don’t distract your mind by thinking about the swing movement. More often than not, having thoughts about the way you swing while swinging can prove to be disadvantageous.

This is where you need to build your concentration. Just clear your head and go with your natural instincts when it comes to the swing. Don’t overstress or overthink the situation as it usually backfires.

7. Accept the Fact that you can’t Swing Like a Pro

The reason why I’m talking about the swing movement so much is because it’s the only process that your game depends on. It’s like teaching you how to kick the ball in football. The factors that go into creating that perfect swing, okay stop. This is what I wanted to talk to you about; that “perfect swing.” There’s no such thing.

As beginners, if you’ll are worried about mastering some unachievable “textbook” swing, then think again. As a novice, you need to embrace your particular style of swinging the golf ball, however, unique and unnatural it may seem.

You should know that many professional golfers have a very unconventional swing. And that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. So do you get it now? Even if your swing is horrible, it’s something that will improve with consistent practice. So keep practicing that swing day in and day out, don’t keep changing it just because Tiger Woods doesn’t swing that way.

8. Make a High Follow Through

Top 10 Golf Tips For Beginners


I can’t tell you how nice it feels to make a high follow through just like the professional golfers. Once you achieve and act on contact, you have to continue your swing movement into a strong follow through.

This allows you to complete your swing in a very smooth manner. The move makes you look like a professional, which helps in boosting confidence. And isn’t that the reason why you’re still reading the article? So come on, let’s get high!

Fundamentals of the Golf Swing 

9. Don’t Lose Sight of the Golf Ball

Just because you gripped the golf club correctly, created that “perfect swing” and made a high follow through doesn’t mean your job’s done. You may have hit the golf ball well, but you have to keep your eyes on the flight of the ball as well. You should know where your shot has landed.

When we’re reading about all the top 10 golf tips for beginners, we never give importance to the flight of the golf ball. And that’s a huge mistake. As an enthusiastic golfer who wants to learn how to play golf like a pro, you must never lose sight of your golf ball. So you keep your eyes on it and see where it lands.

Top 10 Golf Tips For Beginners


10. Think About your Next Shot

People think that playing golf means chilling on the golf course with some cold beer and making a day out of it. Well, all of that is true, but there’s more to golf than just that. The game of golf requires you to keep your mind running at all times. (Inside a competitive golfer’s mind)

My last but not the least tip in this guide of the top 10 golf tips is this. After you’ve made that successful or failed shot, think about the next one. Are you going to use the same golf club or another one? Figure it out immediately. Always keep your mind busy. That’s how you learn to become quick, efficient, and instinctive in the game of golf.

Over to you fellow golfers!

Everybody tells us to do this or to do that. Nobody tells us just to relax and have fun, right? Not in my guide of the top 10 golf tips for beginners. The bottom line is that sometimes you need to forget about these 10 or any other golf starter tips you must have read or heard about.

You need to block them out of your head from time to time so you can relax and cherish the sport for what it truly is. Because once you relax, your body posture acquires its normal position. And this in itself is a great tip for beginners who want to play better.

Remember that you’ve just started playing golf. So don’t raise the bar for yourself and expect to perform like a pro. Because you won’t, not for a while at least. Golf is all about having fun apart from learning the basics of course.

So do whatever you think is right at the right time. Just like you thought it was right to read these golf starter tips. Now let’s put them to practice, shall we?

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. And most importantly, I hope it helped you in understanding the game a little better. If you have anything to add, please feel free to leave your comments in the section below.





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