The Ultimate Taylormade R7 Irons Review (All You Need To Know)

Let me begin by stating that the R7 irons of TaylorMade have been on the golfing market for many years now. They are the only models that have managed to remain popular. Despite the creation of newer versions like the Burner, R9, and R11 irons. Every TaylorMade R7 irons review will tell you that.

The R7s are perfect for game improvement as they feature an excellent cavity back design. And this is especially useful for mid and high handicap golfers. The TaylorMade irons are easy and comfortable to hit straight and high. Plus, the club loft is pretty strong too.

So now you know why they’ve been around for such a long time. But you know what, there’s a lot more to it. How about we get into the depth of the performance and design of these R7 irons? If that sounds like a good idea, it’s time to understand how to choose the best irons for the game of golf.

Taylormade R7 Irons Review

Golf Iron Name

Shaft Material


Taylormade R7 Irons



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Callaway Men’s Apex CF16 Iron Set


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Cobra KING F6 Golf Club Iron Set


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Important Factors to Consider When Buying Irons

Taylormade R7 Irons Review

Most of the clubs you own in the golf bag are irons, right? In that case, it’s crucial to find the most suitable set. One that pairs up well with your golfing skills while also improving them to a great extent! So here are the features that go into making the best golfing irons:

  • Type of Irons

There are cast irons and forged irons. The latter is an ideal pick for players who are more concerned about club feel. They want the freedom to control trajectory and shape shots. And all this is possible only due to the small sweet spot of forged irons.

On the other hand, cast irons feature a complex clubhead design. So they are great alternatives to the forged version.

  • Design of Irons

In this department, you get to choose from cavity back and blade irons. The former comes with a thin clubface and top line. It even features a smaller hitting area. That means a compact sweet spot. But the weight is evenly distributed across the head. And behind the invaluable sweet spot! So blade irons allow you to shape your shots better than cavity backs.

However, cavity back irons offer perimeter weighting. And that translates into higher MOI (moment of inertia) and increased forgiveness. Also, they have a larger head. The kind that promotes straighter and longer ball flight! Even on mishits.

  • Shaft of Irons

The most popular and common option is the steel shaft. It’s stronger and produces minimal flex. This way, you can achieve more accuracy and consistency with steel shaft irons. But these are also heavier than their graphite counterparts.

In that sense, graphite offers a huge advantage. As it’s light in weight and more flexible! With graphite shaft irons, you can increase your swing speed and unlock additional distance. But price-wise, it’s the steel version that’s more affordable.

The Taylormade M4 Irons Review

Taylormade R7 Irons Review

In this Taylormade R7 Irons review, I would like to point out that the clubs are not the most recent creations.TaylorMade brought them into existence a while back. Even so, the R7s have managed to remain at the top. And that’s because these irons are in no way outdated.

The use of advanced materials and sophisticated design are factors responsible for long-term success. The excellent build quality that guarantees durability is also another huge plus point. So it’s safe to say that the Taylormade R7 is a highly competitive model.

They have tons of forgiveness to offer. And that makes the irons suitable for beginners and low handicappers as well. They allow you to work the golf ball and get it up across the air quite easily.

If you’re worried about those mishits, then you shouldn’t be when using these best irons. The clubs deliver a smooth, soft feel. And as a passionate golfer, you’ll also appreciate the unique technology R7s are equipped with. It’s called Inverted Cone. And what it does is expand the useful sweet spot. While also dampening vibrations and promoting higher ball flight. Despite producing off-center strikes!

With a larger clubhead, the Taylormade R7 irons inspire nothing but confidence. And let’s not forget that they have a deep cavity back structure. That gives you a low CG (center of gravity), right? So expect more distance along with a higher launch.

So it’s a blessing in disguise that the Taylormade R7 options are available in abundance even today. They come in the form of R7 Draw, R7 TP, R7 XD, and the standard version of R7.

We Like

  • ​The cavity back design is extremely deep. For higher trajectory and extra stability.
  • ​The R7s feature Launch Control technology, so you can optimize ball flight.
  • ​The Inverted Cone feature of the club adds more distance to the shots.
  • The irons absorb maximum vibrations. To provide you with a soft, solid feel during impact.

We Don’t Like

  • Unfortunately, the Taylormade R7 irons have shafts not entirely immune to rusting.
  • ​They are not the most recent creations of TaylorMade.
  • Since the club design offers increased forgiveness, feedback gets compromised.

Taylormade R7 Irons Review: Features & Benefits

  • Performance

Taylormade R7 Irons Review

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The best part about Taylormade R7s is that they are game improvement irons. So it’s only logical to assume that the clubs add more height and distance to every shot. Upon testing, I liked how the irons gave me the opportunity to produce shots packed with heavy spring. They even got the golf ball flying high.

And if you’re a beginner, I have some great news for you. The Taylormade R7 irons feature a generous sweet spot with low CG. This is TaylorMade’s way of telling you that the clubs are easy to handle and use.

I’m sure you know by now that these models have a large head. So you might’ve also realized that the irons deliver high-flying, long results. This way, if trajectory and distance are your primary concerns, you know what irons to buy.

Despite the Taylormade R7 being an older model, you can expect the outcome to be nothing but incremental. So you don’t need to doubt the performance level. The advanced technology the clubs are equipped with takes care of that department pretty well.

Best Golf Irons | TaylorMade
  • Forgiveness

TaylorMade designed the R7 irons to allow you to hit the ball easily. In fact, these irons were the first to receive the phenomenal Inverted Cone advantage. The technology maximizes COR (coefficient of restitution). Even with minimal top line thickness.

In simple words, the wider part of that clubface delivers the same level of momentum to the golf ball. Now, this is something that beginners might truly value the most. As they tend to strike the golf ball from the wider spot on the clubface.

Combine this with the exceptional dampening effect, and what do you get? Soft, smooth sound at impact! Even your poor shots end up sounding slightly more pleasant and less harsh. So you achieve just the kind of feedback you desire to improve your swing. And golf skills without experiencing that jarring effect created by a clanking ring!

This Taylormade R7 Irons review has a lot to offer to beginners. Especially good news! The clubs also feature an optimal offset. The moderate kind! And what the component does is promote more consistency and ball control. In my opinion, that’s highly beneficial if you’re a newcomer or average golfer.

  • Build Quality

Taylormade R7 Irons Review

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Allow me to bring to your notice that the R7s are equipped with excellent grips. These have the ability to withstand heavy-duty use. Along with different weather conditions!

But, unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the shaft. It is prone to rusting even if you maintain it well enough. That’s the only major disappointment that I came across with these irons.

  • Feel and Look

As for the visual appeal, TaylorMade has crafted them in a black/yellow color combination. With a sleek silver background!

The cavity back structure on the R7 is deep and discrete. Such a design is perfect for golfers at the beginner level.

What about the clubhead? It runs large, right? And the majority of players appreciate a larger head. But only a few golfers tend to find it distasteful. As a larger size makes the golf ball placed next to it seem smaller.

Along the same vein, you might not like the thicker top line either. But this is not such a major concern. Since it doesn’t affect the club’s functionality or performance level!

The Alternatives

1.Callaway Men’s Apex CF16 Iron Set

Taylormade R7 Irons ReviewCheck Price at

Both manufacturers, Callaway and TaylorMade, offer a massive sweet spot. But the Callaway Apex CF16 irons also come with a thick clubface. On top of that, these are equipped with an industry-leading Face Cup technology. What it does is refine ball speed to offer consistency throughout the face.

The Callaway Apex CF16 irons have a high-tech, multi-piece structure. One that offers an excellent combination of control, feel, and distance! Now, this is something you don’t get with the TaylorMade R7 irons.

So in terms of performance, the R7s might rank better. But when it comes to design and durability, the Callaway Apex CF16s take the trophy.

The 3 major differences between TaylorMade and Callaway:

  • The Apex CF16 features game-changing Cup 360 technology. Such a precision-engineered clubface is not present in the R7 irons.
  • But it’s the TaylorMade R7 clubs that are supplied with Inverted Cone. The technology responsible for expanding the invaluable sweet spot.
  • Also, the creation by Callaway is way more expensive than TaylorMade.

Check out the Callaway Men’s Apex CF16 Iron Set

2.Cobra KING F8 Iron Set

Taylormade R7 Irons Review

If you’re in the market for progressive irons, these are it! The Cobra KING F6 irons are proof that you can combine technologies of multiple-construction into a single club. In that sense, the TaylorMade R7 irons might seem like a disappointment. Since they are not the most recent creations by the company!

What’s more is that the Cobra set includes U-Groove and V-Groove irons. The former optimizes spin and the latter reduces it. Again, the R7 irons don’t offer this kind of an advantage.

But in their defense, they have a deep cavity back structure like no other. And it’s this particular design element that helps in achieving more distance.

So only when it comes to progressive technology, the Cobra KING F6 iron emerges as the ultimate winner.

The 3 major differences between TaylorMade and Cobra:

  • In terms of durability, the Cobra KING F6 irons last longer than the TaylorMade R7 irons. That’s because they are coated with gunmetal PVD.
  • The Cobra creation has a more advanced construction than the TaylorMade product. Thanks to the presence of U-Grooves and V-Grooves.
  • However, the TaylorMade R7 irons offer a dampening effect. It means they have the ability to absorb maximum vibrations during impact. Unlike the Cobra KING F6 irons.

Check out the Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Iron Set

TaylorMade R7 Irons Review: Final Word

So this was the TaylorMade R7 irons review. The series is many years old, but I’m still writing about it. And do you know why that is? It’s because many golfers like you are still interested in the product. That’s how useful the irons are!

The R7s are an excellent choice for high handicappers and beginners. So if you fall in either of the categories, look no further than the TaylorMade R7 irons. Even though the current market offers newer versions, this model by TaylorMade still remains popular.

Plus, you also get the opportunity to buy it at an affordable price. That means there’s no need for you to empty your wallet completely. After all, you know how expensive it is to buy the most recent irons! In that case, you get an enticing combination of affordability and high performance.

I would again like to point out that the TaylorMade R7 irons offer the whole package. They don’t only provide good value. But they also carry remarkable aesthetic appeal and feel. The R7 easily enjoys the upper hand over Burner and R9 models. At least as far as feel, distance, and performance goes!

They are the most suitable irons for game improvement. The kind that fit your tight budget!

So now you know why the TaylorMade R7 irons have such a good reputation. TaylorMade is a brand that makes it a point to deliver the best golf clubs. Their primary goal is to make the game of golf easier for all types of players. And that’s exactly what you get with the company’s iron range. So if you’re a beginner looking for that perfect set of irons, you know what to buy.

And that’s about it. This was the complete TaylorMade R7 irons review. I hope you found it useful.

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