12 Hidden Tips That Actually Stop Topping The Golf Ball

With the massive number of products coming on the market every day, topping the driver is not an issue anymore. However, if you are one of those people who are into irons and fairway woods when the ball rests on the ground, we understand your problem. It remains the same. The swing bottoms out prior to the ball. Thus, the club head can make a contact on the upswing. However, keeping these things aside, let us look at tips that show how to stop topping the golf ball.

Why does it happen?

Some things are learned from experience, and this is one of those. After continuous practice, the conclusion is that the topping is a result of getting out of sequence.

In fact, the golfer who releases the club a bit early on the downswing rather than starting from the ground level to upwards faces the risks of topping the ball. This leads to a cupping action and the club head moves out of the hands.

How to Prevent?

The simplest answer is to stay in sequence. Swinging everything back together and keeping a steady head ensures that you start down from your lower body. Only then you will be able to deliver the club in the right direction.

The following tips show how you can hit down the ball without topping it.

How to Stop Topping the Golf Ball? DO’S Vs. Dont’s

How to Cure Topping the Golf Ball?



Do Not Alter Your Height When Making a Shot

If you tend to raise your body when you are swinging the shaft, you will most likely to the ball. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, you should focus on rotating the body around your spine. Keep your weight on the right side when attempting for a back swing.

Also, make sure that your knees are straight and fixed. Do not move turn when taking a shot.


Ball Should Not be Further than Left Foot Heel

This is a sure shot thing and works almost always. Keep the ball a little forward to the left heel. This way you will be able to avoid huge amounts of topping.



Maintaining a Wide Arc in the Swing

If you take a wide arc initially while keeping the club as low as possible. Meanwhile, keep your left arm as close to you as straight as possible. Lastly, while maintaining a good posture, maintain side arc as they lead to better postures.


Take a Divot after the Ball

If you are new to golf, taking a divot after the ball can be difficult. This is why most newbies try to hit the golf ball flush and end up mishitting. Thus, the shots become thinned down to topped ones.

All of this can be remedied when you strike and take a divot.


Watch the Ball

As they say, look at your target. A similar thing holds for golf. By constantly looking at your ball, you will naturally put your head down when swinging. Your head should be raised only by the momentum that comes after you hit the ball. Other than that, keep your head to the ground.


Check the Weight Transference

This is an important step. If you do not check how well you transfer the weight, this will lead to the topping of the ball. At the top of the backswing, keep the weight on the right side. If the left knee and shoulder dip when you backswing, you will feel for yourself that you have done it incorrectly.


Drills and Fixes that Help You Stop Hitting Topped Shots

We have seen what all leads to topped shots. Now it is time to know how we can avoid making them happen in the first place.


Restrict Dipping and Swaying

We have already focused on how important it is to restrict the amount of your dip and raise. Therefore, this drill will ensure you do just that.

Ask a friend to stretch out his hand and place on your head. You have to make a swing at this time. So check that your friend is standing in such a way that you do not hit his feet.

Now, if during the shot, you move your head, your friend will get to know. Also, he can tell if you are swaying your body or not.

This way you will learn where you are making the mistake and eventually stop making them.


Maintain Good Swing Rotation

Fold your hands against your chest and hold a club horizontally across it. Handle points to the target. When you swing correctly, the grip points to the ball. Using this drill, practice backswing rotation.


Stop Looking up Early

As it is said, practice makes a man perfect, so it is, unless you spend lots of time practicing on the field where you counter all your instincts to look for the ball, you won’t be able to achieve it.


Stop Raising the Swing Arc

It is recommended that you set up with knees slightly bent. Too much bending calls for too much straightening. This leads to the swing arc being increased all the more.


Take the Divot Correctly

It has been emphasized time and again that you have hit the ground beneath and in front of the ball. This can be a little tricky to learn. This is why we suggest you to choose a piece of grass to be your divot. Place the ball in front of it. This makes the hitting easier.

How to Stop Topping Your Golf Shots?​


We saw how to stop from topping the golf ball. There are various ways to achieve that we have looked at the various reasons and how you can stop it. Thus, if you practice, you will soon master it.

Do let us know in comments if you liked it or not. We hope we were able to answer all your doubts. If there is something that you would like us to add to the article, do let us know. We believe there is an expert in everyone, you just need to show the correct light to them.

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