The Ultimate PING G30 Driver Review

As a golfing professional, I have practiced and played with several different types of drivers. And I’m assuming that, as a golfing enthusiast yourself, you’ve done it too.

The thing about a golf club is that it’s the only piece of equipment that we change or experiment with the most.

The reason why we do this is because we know that clubs have a huge impact on the golf game. So the PING G30 driver review discussed below will help you realize how this particular golf club has the ability to transform the face of your game.

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PING G30 Driver



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PING G30 Driver

PING G30 Driver Driver 10.5 Regular Golf ClubCheck Price at

Things to Consider Before Buying a Driver

The golf driver is a standard club, and you’ll spot one in every golfers’ bag. Compared to the other basic golf clubs, the driver can hit a golf ball the longest. It has a relatively larger clubhead, longer shaft, and lower loft.

Par-5 and par-4 tee shots require the use of a driver. You will not come across many golfers, especially professionals, who use this golf club from a fairway. It’s best suitable for only off the tee gameplay.

The longer shaft and lower loft of the driver are the two factors that many amateurs, as well as recreational golfers, don’t like. It’s because such special features tend to make the process more difficult for them. And that’s never a good idea when you’re learning the game of golf.

So these are the features you need to take into account when buying a driver:

Clubhead Size

When it comes to golf, you should know that a larger clubhead gives you a longer shot. It’s because such a clubhead size offers a larger sweet spot. And this makes it possible for you to hit farther even with the off-center strike.

Proper Shaft

You get three options for driver shafts; steel, titanium, and graphite. The steel shafts are comparatively heavier and less expensive. While the titanium and graphite models are lighter. So they generate more clubhead speed, hence more distance. So this is good news for high handicappers. (Tips to lower golf handicap)


Golf balls tend to fly farther when hit higher. So the loft factor entirely depends on the swing speed. For an average speed (nothing above 100 mph), a 12-degree loft is suitable. Always remember that you need to select a lower loft if you swing faster. But never opt for anything lower than 10 degrees.

The PING G30 Driver Review

The company PING has enjoyed a long success of delivering the most efficient drivers on the market with its G-series. And the PING G30 driver is known to be the 7th edition of that range. It is the latest driver manufactured in the industry.

This PING G30 driver review will help you understand how the club’s “Turbulators” contribute to making it the best driver in the golfing arena. These Turbulators are nothing but aerodynamic fins. And what they do is smoothen the airflow around the club to maximize speed.

When it comes to the PING G30 driver, it’s the Turbulators that are the talk of the town. With more clubhead speed, you get longer distance as well. And we all know how beneficial that is in the game of golf. The forgiveness provided by the driver is another significant improvement.

The best part about it is that you can strike at any spot on the clubface and still achieve long drives on the fairway.

So if you’re looking to improve speed and distance with a club that offers great forgiveness and feel, you’re in the right place. Because the PING G30 driver has more than just phenomenal Turbulators. It also consists of an advanced adjustable hosel, an improved face material, and better shafts. (How adjustable drivers can fix your swing flaw)

Just to get you started, here are some remarkable pros and surprising cons of the PING G30 driver.


  • Accuracy/Forgiveness
  • There’s nothing better than the PING G30 driver in terms of covering flaws and saving those lazy swings. You can strike at any spot on the clubface and just watch your shot elevate successfully.

  • Playability

An excellent hang time with zero ballooning is something you achieve with a perfect combination of a high and mid trajectory. And that is what you get with the PING G30 driver. Straighter drives and better control over ball flight.

  • Distance

The driver generates a lower spin with an increase in clubhead speed. And do you know this does? It helps in making the golf ball travel farther.


  • The feel of the PING G30 driver is too thin.
  • The golf club is extremely light in weight.
  • The technologically advanced crown has a distracting design.

PING G30 driver review


The PING G30 Driver Review: Features and Benefits


PING G30 driver review


The standard G30 version of PING comes with a head of 10.5 degrees. It has the traditional TFC 419D style stiff shaft. Golfers who’ve never used a PING golf club might find the shaft slightly unusual to play with. But the best part about this shaft is that PING chose to design that part of the club themselves.

Not many golf equipment manufacturing companies create their golf club shafts. And you will also be glad to know that the standard grip of the driver is pretty solid too.


PING G30 driver review


When it comes to appearance, the PING G30 driver does not have a pleasing quality. The crown bumps, known as the Turbulators, can be slightly distracting. But you should be aware that they are responsible for better alignment of the golf club.

And when compared to the previous version’s “half-moon” design alignment aid, the PING G30 is an upgrade.

The matte finish along with an anti-glare capacity is what makes the esthetics stand out. So the PING G30 driver has a matte-effect, dark-colored Crown. And that sounds like a remarkable design.

The clubface does an excellent job at retaining the dark appearance with the help of PVD coating. And the sole of the driver has a beautiful glossy black look with attractive blue accents.

Golfers who like to use drivers with zero alignment aid, please take note. Even though the PING G30 driver comes with Turbulators, they only perform the alignment action as a secondary function. Such a subordinate quality comes very close to having zero alignment aid.

The volume of the PING G30 driver is 460 cc, and it isn’t shy to flaunt it. This means that the size of the golf club is slightly on the bigger side. So if you like to use smaller-sized drivers, then it’s better to go another way.

Design and Technology

PING G30 driver review


As far as technology is concerned, the first thing to talk about is the Turbulators. These little things are responsible for helping you line up your shot. But this is considered to be the secondary purpose of the Turbulators. The primary reason for their existence is to enhance the performance of the golf club’s aerodynamics.

So swinging the driver becomes more efficient. And this increases the clubhead speed, which in turn gives you more distance. Isn’t that every golfers’ ultimate goal?

And that’s not it; there are more valuable features to discuss. Like the T9S Face design. PING has created most of its drivers with titanium material. But the T9S titanium used for the PING G30 is comparatively stronger as well as lighter than the previous versions. This gives you a more consistent, hotter, and a thinner face.

Let’s move on to the next feature; the improved adjustable hosel with Trajectory Tuning. This technology provides you with the opportunity to change the club’s loft. You get at least five different options to work with. The best part about the adjustable hosel is that it weighs as much as its non-adjustable counterpart.

PING G30 driver review


Now it’s time to discuss the shaft design. The PING G30 driver has a TFC 419D style shaft. The thing about such a shaft is that the balance point is closer to its grip. And what this does is provide a high MOI as well as low gravitational center. In simple words, you get maximum forgiveness and high launch.


When it comes to performance, the PING G30 is a driver you can use for years. So let’s get into the details right away!

The most important aspect to discuss is the sound factor. The PING G30 is not a silent driver. It creates a substantial impact as well as sound when struck. Now, this loud sound is not something that will bother you. In fact, it enhances the feel of the club. So it’s easier to tell if the golf ball hit the toe or heel of your PING G30 driver.

The next topic of discussion is consistency. And when I say consistency, you very well know what I mean, don’t you? The forgiveness factor. This PING G30 driver review reveals the golf club’s ability to offer maximum forgiveness.

So it doesn’t matter if you miss the club’s center, your shot will find its correct path. The ball hitting the heel or toe of the driver will not produce the infamous ugly hook. In short, you can be as inconsistent as you want but the PING G30 will not.

Lastly, how well do the Turbulators perform? Let’s talk about that for a minute. The Turbulators do an excellent job at increasing the clubhead speed. The launch monitor proves this particular point. If you find your shots landing on the fairway consistently at 245 yards (approx.), you know the PING G30 Turbulators work.

Wind-Tunnel Testing: G30 Turbulator Technology

The Alternatives

If you don’t like the PING G30 or you’re unsatisfied with the driver’s performance, then you need not worry. Because the golfing industry is packed with other best options as well, especially when it comes to drivers.

Below I have listed three alternatives to the PING G30 driver. I know that this is the PING G30 driver review, but the goal of the article is to offer a suitable solution to your problem. So if the G30 doesn’t match up with your skill level or requirements, then it’s time to move on.

1. TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver

TaylorMade Men's R15 Driver, Right Hand, Regular, 12-DegreeCheck Price at

When it comes to drivers, the TaylorMade brand is considered to be king. The company was responsible for inventing the first adjustable driver. So the TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver comes with a 12-setting hosel. Unlike the PING G30 driver, it has two sole sliding weights to provide balance.

The TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver contributes to decreasing spin and increasing launch angle. The PING G30 may be a good driver, but it doesn’t do anything to reduce spin. Such qualities in the TaylorMade R15 give you a relatively straighter drive.

And while doing this, most of the club’s weight falls on the clubhead’s front portion. This results in achieving more control as well as distance even on mis-hits. But when we talk about forgiveness, nothing beats the PING G30 in that department.

The 3 major differences between PING G30 and TaylorMade R15:

  • Unlike TaylorMade R15, the PING G30 driver does not have sliding weights in its sole region to offer balance.
  • But it has a larger sweet spot to deliver maximum forgiveness.
  • TaylorMade R15 lowers spin to produce a comparatively straighter drive. While the PING G30 increases clubhead speed to give you a longer drive.

Check out the TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver at

2. Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver

Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver, Regular, Graphite, Strong Blue, Right HandCheck Price at

The Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver has many features that are not present in the PING G30. But that doesn’t matter because PING has made up for that with Turbulators. The Cobra Fly Z is a club built with a thin adjustable hosel. While the one on the PING G30 is relatively thicker.

You will be glad to know that the Cobra Fly Z consists of a speed channel face to improve speed. This is nothing but a well-devised trench along the clubface’s perimeter to thin its wall structure. But the PING G30 driver is not designed this way. Instead, it comes with aerodynamic fins to increase speed.

The Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver offers excellent MyFly8 loft adjustability. As far as the loft is concerned, the PING G30 gives you the opportunity to subtract or add even 0.6 or 1 degree of loft. And the Cobra Fly Z lacks this kind of adjustability. Nevertheless, it still has the ability to deliver that perfect square face during the address.

The 3 major differences between PING G30 and Cobra Fly Z:

  • The Cobra Fly Z gives you a higher trajectory for greater travel. While the PING G30 produces a faster swing speed to achieve the same result.
  • ​The loft adjustability of the PING G30 driver is more advanced and flexible than the Cobra Fly Z.
  • When it comes to price, Cobra is more affordable than PING.

Check out the Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver at

3. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Men's Big Bertha V Series Driver, Right Hand, 10.5 Degrees, Regular FlexCheck Price at

The Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver and the PING G30 driver are not that far apart. But it’s not like they have a lot of features in common either. The thing is that both drivers come with features that offer the same type of qualities.

Like the Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver also has an improved adjustable hosel. This means you can decrease or increase the loft by 1 degree as well. Just like the PING G30, its clubface is hotter and lighter. What such a design does is deliver dead-center hits as well as maximum forgiveness.

Both offer a higher MOI for straighter and longer shots. But there are a few tiny differences between the PING G30 and Callaway Big Bertha. Let’s find out what they are below:

  • Callaway Big Bertha has something that the PING G30 doesn’t. It’s called Adjustable Perimeter Weighting.
  • ​The PING G30 comes with Turbulators to increase clubhead speed. While the Callaway Big Bertha offers no such thing to improve speed.
  • But it makes up for that by reducing spin with the help of a lighter swing weight. Thanks to the Adjustable Perimeter Weighting.

Check out the Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver at


So those of you looking to buy a new advanced driver, this PING G30 driver review is a good place to start. The golf club doesn’t only have a striking design, but it also offers high performance. Plus, it’s the seventh edition of PING’s G series, which makes it an upgraded version.

The PING G30 driver gives you a higher MOI. And let’s not forget about the Turbulators. What these do is help you achieve longer distance. And we all know how important that extra yardage is, don’t we?

The club provides greater hosel adjustability. So if you’re a golfer wanting to use the driver for all types of playing conditions, then it gives you the opportunity to do that. On top of that, the TFC 419D style shaft does an excellent job at providing maximum forgiveness and high launch.

Combine all these exceptional qualities with new, improved blue graphics, and you get an incredibly appealing product. The PING G30 is considered to be one of the best drivers in the golfing arena. Now you know why!

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