Optishot 2 Golf Simulator: Our Honest Review

Golf has more than 25 million players in the U.S. every season. Research shows that most of them can play better if they had ample time to practice. However, finding time to go for a practice session during the weekdays isn’t simple.

Fortunately, you can now practice playing golf at the comfort of your house thanks to golf simulators. Back in the day, you had to be rich to afford a golf simulator, but now you can get reasonably priced simulators like the Optishot 2.

Below is an honest review of the Optishot 2 golf simulator, which includes features that make it unique.

What is the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator?

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The Optishot 2 Golf Simulator is a computer-aided infrared-based device that comes with a swing pad and artificial grass. Designed by golf analytics, the simulator immerses you in virtual golf experience.

The Optishot 2 box comes with

  • A quick start manual
  • Two adjustable rubber tees
  • Ten-foot USB cord
  • Two foam balls
  • Optishot 2 software
  • Infrared optical swing pad

The pad features ball position markings with lines of infrared sensors. The lines are on the front and behind the ball.

You’ll find a cable that connects the swing pad to a PC. The device requires the Optishot 2 software to get data, process it, and present the results in a graphical form. You may opt to connect the PC to a projector to view the graph better.

You get to practice with real balls, clubs, foam balls, or without any balls. When you swing the club, the simulator measures your alignment, speed, clubhead position, and path in your forward and backswing.

The simulator has infrared sensors that gather the data and send it to a PC, where the software works to calculate the distance, direction, flight, and position of the ball. What’s more, the simulator allows you to set a practice session. It shows you the driving range area on the screen.

You can use the gathered data to find out if the golf club travels inside out. You get immediate feedback after the swing. With this information, you can change your swing and stance for instant feedback.

Another outstanding aspect is that you can participate in a full round of golf with your golf gear without the need to leave the house. You can invite family and friends to play as well. Optishot 2 comes preloaded with 15 courses, 3D environment, and maps that enable you to participate in a full round of golf.

Both Windows and Mac computers can run the Optishot software without any problems. However, your PC needs to be compatible to run the software. For example, if you’re a Mac user, you need to have OS X 10.8 or later, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT, USB 2.0 port, and 4GB RAM.

Windows users need to be using Windows 7 or later, have a 256MB graphics card. 4GB RAM, and the latest video drivers.

The Optishot 2 Simulator is easy to set up even in limited spaces. All you need is a computer or a projector, golf clubs, and a ceiling of 8.5ft. It doesn’t have consoles or controllers like most video games.

Product Specifications

The Optishot 2 golf simulator has several features that make it stand out. These features are:

16 Advanced High-Speed Sensors

These high-speed and advanced infrared optical sensors help to track the golf club, before the game, during the game, and after contact. With this, you get accurate and precise feedback on each shot. Infrared sensors measure the swing path, face angle, clubhead speed, and feedback on every shot,


Optishot 2 boasts of durable construction. You can take multiple swings without worrying about the simulator getting damaged. What’s more, its 180-day warranty assures you of a durable simulator that can last for years.

​​True Simulation Technology

The simulation technology utilizes scientific methods to capture data. You get information about the distance to the pin, wind speed, elevation details, and direction. What’s more, you get results in a visual display in real time.

​​World’s Famous Golf Courses

With the Optishot 2, you get replication of famous golf courses like Palm Desert Canyons, Long Island Black, the Golf Club Scottsdale, The Canadian Club, Cogs Corner, and more. Each course comes with a flag marker, keyboard shortcuts, shot tracer, overhead map, and different camera views.

​​Optishot Live

You can now play golf with other players around thanks to the interactive Optishot Live. Also, with the online tours, you can compete against other players and get rewards. It’s a fantastic way to test your golfing skills or enjoy golf with like-minded players.

​​Practice Mode

The Optishot 2 has target greens to help improve your shot accuracy. Its accuracy grid and precision rings get closer to the pin, and the accuracy mode gives fairway shots. You can either follow the ball to the hole or set up the same shot multiple times.

You get visual feedback, which has a data display with each shot. Also, the practice mode follows and records your progress, something that helps you see your improvement.

​​Swing Stats

The affordable simulator gives you accurate swing stats. As a golf player, you may find it overwhelming to keep up with multiple swings. However, with this simulator, you get stats like the clubhead speed, tempo, swing path, and clubface angle.

Its numbering system makes the stats easy to read. Negative stats are on the closed, outside paths, while positive stats are on the open, inside path.

The manufacturer specifications include:

  • Product dimensions: 16 x11x4 inches
  • Weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Graphics Card: 256MB adapter RAM with the latest video drivers
  • Computer: Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS X 10.8, Intel Core 2 Duo


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The Optishot 2 Golf Simulator retails from $-$ depending on where you buy the simulator. The Optishot 2 is affordable and has several features that some high-end simulators don’t.

How It Compares With Other Brands

Here’s how the Optishot 2 compares to other brands.


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The Optishot 2 and SkyTrak have similar purposes, but notable differences that could impact your golf skills.

The Optishot 2 is a simulator device that shows you stats in real time to improve your skills and get better at golf. However, SkyTrak is a launch monitor that provides data immediately and give you various simulations to enhance your golfing techniques.

Another huge difference is the price. The Optishot 2 is reasonably priced, you can find it for $​. With this simulator, you can practice on different courses and get instantaneous feedback. Also, you get to practice with up to 15 courses.

SkyTrak is expensive retailing at $​$, but you’re sure of accurate systems like Trackman and Foresight. What’s more, the company partners with different software providers, which helps you experience thousands of simulated courses.

SkyTrak also proves to be advanced due to its accuracy levels. The launch monitor comes with photometric technology which gives you an accurate representation of the ball speed, spin rate, distance, and the ball flight. Its ability to track the ball gives you high accuracy levels for outdoor use.

Optishot 2 gives you all data including the angle of attack, a path of the swing, and the swing speed. Nonetheless, the Optishot 2 doesn’t get you maximum accuracy like the SkyTrak due to its direction inconsistencies and the shot distances.

SkyTrak also wins when it comes to software options as it gives you skill assessment, long drive feature, and players close to the pin. What’s more, they have different software suites for a PC user. Mac users get access to the World Golf Tour by parting with $​ a year for the play and improve package. Optishot only gets you 15 rendered golf courses.


P3ProSwing Golf Simulator on a laptop

​Source: ​P3ProSwing

P3ProSwing and the Optishot 2 are both golf simulators, but with a notable difference. P3prowsing comes with 20 courses, while the Optishot 2 only has 15 courses.

Another difference is that the ​P3ProSwing uses a 65 sensor mat made from quality rubber with a steel frame. The sensors make this simulator accurate and an excellent golf simulator training aid. Unfortunately, the Optishot 2 is not as precise although it uses infrared sensors.

However, the Optishot 2 wins when it comes to ease of use. The ​P3ProSwing simulator needs two golf simulator programs to function. Also, you need to put a special tape on the putter and wood.

What’s more, ​P3ProSwing stimulator uses an older software, and the graphics look outdated compared to those of the Optishot 2.

You should get the Optishot 2 if you’re interested in playing courses rather than analyzing your swing. However, if you’re looking to improve your accuracy and swing with immediate feedback, you should get the ​P3ProSwing.


Trackman 4 Golf Simulator

Source: Trackman Golf

The Trackman golf simulator is a combination of performance and entertainment. Both Optishot 2 and Trackman allow you to compete with other golfers from around the world. Also, they are both indoor golf simulators; something gives you an authentic feel of the game at the comfort of your home.

Moreover, the two simulators are easy to set up as Trackman’s calibration system only takes two minutes. However, the Trackman simulator is different as it allows you to connect it to an iPad or iPhone for portability.

Unlike Optishot2 which has only 15 courses, Trackman has over 80 best courses from around the world. Also, Trackman boasts of accuracy as it’s able to measure golf shots from four feet to over 400 yards.

Other notable features that Trackman has are like 36 modes of play. Wind and weather options, up to eight players on one simulator, long drive competitions, closest to pin, and more. Trackman has different apps like Test Center and Trackman Combine to help improve your golfing techniques.

Pros and Cons

The Optishot 2 Simulator has some benefits as well as drawbacks. These include:


  • Quality construction
  • Variety of famous courses
  • Different game modes and reliable online play
  • Perfect for iron conditioning and shot shaping


  • Extra courses cost $​
  • Unreliable short games
  • Technical limitations hide swing mistakes
  • You need extra gear

The Optishot2 Golf simulator features a simple design, which makes it easy to install. You can carry the simulator with you due to its portable design, not to mention you can use it with a foam ball, golf ball, or no ball.

You’ll find the infrared sensors an advantage as they can measure the point of contact and the club head speed. Its advanced technology allows you to read the swings and view the shots.

Golfers have a choice of different courses, and if need, you can purchase more courses online. Moreover, its excellent graphics makes it a top contender among other expensive simulators in the market.

The Optishot2 comes with a few setup instructions. Also, some users find the short games unreliable and would prefer games with extended duration.

Some users found the club data inaccurate. Golfers looking for a simulator to help them improve their accuracy find the Optishot 2 frustrating as it lacks in efficiency in the distance traveled and shot shape.

You’ll also have to part with $​ for an extra course, which is expensive compared to other simulators.


Person in white pants playing golf

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The Optishot 2 Golf simulator is an affordable and convenient device that makes golfing an exciting experience at the comfort of your home. With this simulator, you get instant analysis on each swing and get your shots displayed on the screen.

Its high-speed infrared sensors are calibrated to give you instant feedback on each shot. Optishot 2 is excellent whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or enjoy golf at home. The simulator comes highly recommended thanks to its easy setup feature, warranty, excellent feedback, and affordability.

If you’re on a budget, Optishot 2 is an excellent purchase. However, its limited accuracy may come as a disappointment to experienced golfers looking to improve their speed and accuracy.

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