How To Plumb Bob A Putt Effectively Without Making Mistakes?

In the game of golf, putting is as important as wedges and bunker play, right? As a professional golfer, I can gladly tell you that it is so. And that is why we should all know how to read a putt.

Reading greens is considered to be an art form on the golf course. And the only way you can learn how to read a putt is by learning how to plumb bob a putt. It’s the only effective method you can practice to be able to read breaks.

How To Plumb Bob A Putt


But before we do that, let’s talk about what plumb bob actually is and does. Because knowing every little detail about every little thing in golf can really make a huge difference on the golf course. So let’s get started.

What is plumb bobbing?

To help you understand the whole concept, I’m going to provide you with two definitions for plumb bobbing.

  • The first one states that the plumb bobbing method is one that many players make use of to line up a putt with the help of a putter. This is done to form a useful vertical line so you can quickly analyze the green’s slope.
  • The second definition states that it is a technique that many golfers use during putting on the green to figure out how and where a putt might break.

How To Plumb Bob A Putt

Now these two definitions mean one and the same thing. The reason why I have listed both is because I want you to understand that plumb bobbing method is not a technique to line up putts. Instead, it is an approach used to acquire a natural feel when it comes to the complete movement of the green. (The most common green reading myths)

Plumb bobbing requires you to squat behind the ball with the putter hanging right ahead of you. Based on how the putter is hanging, you should be able to examine the line of your putt.

More often than not, many golfers have a weak understanding of plumb bobbing. And they end up lining putts solely based on information that is no longer in use.

All About Plumb Bobbing Your Putts​

How to plumb bob a putt?

The answer to the most commonly asked question, why do golfers hold up their putter, is right here. They do so to plumb bob a putt. But how to plumb bob a putt in the first place? Many beginners or amateur golfers want to know this.

And that is why I have explained the entire procedure below so you know how to read a putt properly. Let’s begin!

1.Crouch Behind the Ball

The first step that needs to be taken when learning to plumb bob a putt is to kneel or squat behind the ball. The distance between the ball and you should be at least 15 feet. And this means that the ball should be directly between the hole and you.

Many golfers stand as far as 18 to 20 feet from the ball. They only do so for longer putts. While performing this step, it is important to look for possible breaks. This way, when you practice your strokes, you can easily account for these breaks.

2.Hold and Hang your Putter

How To Plumb Bob A Putt


Next step is to place your putter between your forefinger and thumb. And then let it hang freely. Please ensure that you hold your putter under a strong grip with the forefinger and thumb.

The goal is to let the putter dangle freely ahead of you so that it is at a right angle to the turf. In simple words, just make sure that the shaft is hanging vertically from where you’re standing.

3.Line Up the Golf Club Shaft

Once you’re holding the putter properly, it’s time to adjust it as well as the alignment of your head. Carry on making adjustments until the golf club’s shaft intersects the hole and the ball as well. This means that the shape of the putter should include both the hole and the ball.

The hole usually appears at the top of the golf club’s shaft while the ball appears towards the bottom. This is one of the most effective ways of lining up putts using the putter.

If you want to learn how to read a putt, don’t worry about the slope of the green. Many plumb bobbing technique and instruction guides state that one can easily spot the break based on the golf club shaft’s hanging position. But this is wrong. Because, logically and geometrically, something like that is not possible.

4.Use the Dominant Eye

To be able to use the dominant eye, you should first know which one of your eyes is dominant. And to do that, use the thumb to hold it up against an object placed at some distance. Then look at it with both your eyes.

If your left eye causes the thumb to shift away from that object less than the right eye, then your left eye is the dominant one. But if the left eye moves away from your thumb more than the right eye, then you have a dominant right eye.

5.Observe the Slope of the Green

The last step in this guide of to plumb bob a putt is to use the dominant eye to observe the side of the golf club’s shaft. This means observing the golf club’s shaft and the green around it.

If the hole or green appears to the right of the golf club’s shaft, then your putt will undoubtedly break right. And if it appears to the left side, then the ball will definitely break left. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

How To Plumb Bob A Putt



The method of plumb bobbing (evaluation of the method) helps you to figure out where the vertical is. And this allows you to see the amount of break a putt will acquire.

So what plumb bobbing does is show you the overall slope of the green from the ball till the hole. And this is why you should know how to plumb bob a putt if you want to be able to read a putt properly.

After going through the step by step procedure above, I hope that you have understood the method of lining up putts using the putter. And I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

Did you understand the concept of plumb bobbing? And how difficult is it for you to read a putt?

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below. Your feedback is valuable.

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