How to Organize Your Golf Bag in 4 Easy Ways?

Are you sure that when you go to a golf course for a good round, do you carry with you your arsenal of clubs? Or is your rangefinder on the bag? How about the ball markers? If you forgot something, you are not alone.

Most golfers, masters of the trade or amateurs alike, have this something in common. Although we all suffer this stigma of forgetfulness, golfers must minimize this. Imagine if you are going to a tournament and forgot your most trusted club head!

This might be odd, but it really happens! The best way really is to organize your golf bag in the smartest possible way. Messy golf bags will not give you any additional bill, but an organized one will surely make a big difference in your play.

This article will teach you some clever techniques on how to organize your golf bag in the most convenient ways. This will also allow you to have a light golf bag which will be more comfortable for you and your caddie. Read on, folks!

What You Will Need

  • A golf bag
  • Putter
  • ​Clubs
  • ​Driver
  • ​Woods
  • Irons
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge

Follow these simple steps

How to Organize Your Golf Bag

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1.Analyze Your Untidiness

While still at home, empty your golf bag of all its contents. Don’t leave anything behind the bag. Check out those hidden pockets for other “debris.” Think deeply while you evaluate your “mess.”

2.Combine All What You Really Need

At this point, you can easily pinpoint what you really need inside the greens. Select the ones that you deem unnecessary in your next golf round, like excess golf balls, excess towel, etc. Separate them from the things that matter to you most when you are going to play in the range.

3.Determine What You Will Put in Your Golf Bag

After you have segregated all that are unnecessary accessories on your next golf game, it is now time to put them in place. But first, determine also the quantity of your needed golf balls, tee, towels, gloves, and other golf paraphernalia.

For example, when you decide on having only a dozen tees, separate the excess and put them in your closet or cabinet. By this, you can easily reach for them when needed. Do this thing with the other accessories.

You can also limit the number of can or soda drinks you are used to bringing into the golf course. For the lady golfers, they could limit their apparel, too. These things will only slow you down, or your caddie for that matter, along with the golf course.

4.Pick the Right Pocket/ Divider for the Right Tool

This is really easy! Most modern golf bags have several pockets and dividers, and most of them are not utilized. Average golf bags have from 1 to15 dividers and 3 to 8 pockets.

Here are the most convenient ways on how to put your golf equipment properly in your golf bag:

  • Short Clubs and Wedges

The further side of your bag (in front) is the best place to stored your short clubs and wedges. The pitching wedge and the sand wedge are the best ones to put here, including the 8 and 9 iron.

With the longer clubs on the left, these clubs could also be put on this dividers the same as the mid-range and long clubs.

  • Putters

Some golf bags have 3 sections where its front has the side farthest from the strap. The one located near the strap is the back of the bag. The putter is ideally placed into the back section of the bag. If you don’t have a putter sleeve in your golf bag, it is recommended to put them in the back of the bag.

  • Long and Mid-range Clubs

The 3 to 7 irons, including the long and mid-range clubs, are better to be placed in a section the same level as your drivers’. The best practice is to sort out these clubs and put them in a more organized manner, from longest to shortest from your right side. In this way, the bag is balanced out while you walk along with it.

  • Driver and Wood Clubs

The driver and wood clubs are better to stay in the back section of the bag. Ensure that the woods are placed on the right while the drivers are on the left, arranged in descending order (longest to shortest). In this way, you can easily identify the right one for the job easily and quickly.

Pro tips from your golf expert

How to Organize Your Golf Bag

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Here is some unsolicited advice to have a great golf game ahead of you.

  • To keep you organize before a crucial game or even without a game, you must first organize yourself.
  • The moment you pick one of your clubs from the bag, be sure to put it back exactly where you got the club. Consequently, you won’t have to think about the club. You will certainly know where to find every club in your golf bag. 
  • Here is the most in-demand golf bag among the veteran and start-up golfers. This is available on Amazon and could be shipped to you free of charge: TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag (by TailorMade).
  • Another great product from Amazon that is not only light on the budget but also light on your bag is the Pride Professional Tee System ProLength Plus Tee. These tees are packed in a single plastic bag (about 75 pieces) and weighs way lighter than conventional tees.

TaylorMade 2017 TM 5.0 Stand Golf Bag, White/Black - How to Organize Your Golf Bag

Organize Your Golf Clubs Properly: ​A Professional Golf Instructor


Did you enjoy this tutorial? The key to the organization of your golf bag is convenience. It is best to organize you golf bag days before your expected game so that whatever you may miss, you still have the time to reorganize.

Other golfers have difficulty organizing their own thing partly because of other things in mind (stress on the job, etc.). By reading this article, they would know that there are simple ways to do it. Additionally, these simple tricks will really have a big difference on your performance on the greens.

Another way of reducing your untidiness, choose the perfect golf bag for you that will accommodate your golf equipment without adding more weight. There are golf bags available on Amazon that will certainly make you more organize and relax.

Please send us your comments and share this with others so that they may find the simple solution to a simple problem.

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