How To Increase Clubhead Speed Without Any Professional Help?

The best way to achieve more distance is to learn how to increase clubhead speed. And this speed can only be measured during impact. What many golfers do is swing fast throughout the entire swing but slow down during impact. It’s the point of impact that matters when you want to increase clubhead speed.

Players with a slower clubhead speed tend to release their clubs sooner than the ones with faster clubhead speed. Factors such as body rotation, wrist hinge, downswing, and proper grip are important when you want to release your club later to increase clubhead speed.

How To Increase Clubhead Speed

What you should know about clubhead speed

Swinging like The Hulk is not going to help your game or your back in any way. I hope you know that by now, don’t you? It doesn’t matter if you use up all your body’s energy to connect with the golf ball and achieve a distance of 300 yards if you’ve sliced the shot.

You should know that there is a big difference between swinging fast and swinging hard. The former involves producing an effective, controlled, and well-timed clubhead speed.

How To Increase Clubhead Speed


Many professional golfers think that they swing slowly when, in fact, their speed is at least 10 to 20 mph faster than an amateurs’ swing. And that is exactly why professionals know to increase clubhead speed at the correct time. This right time is when they reach the bottom of their swing during the moment of impact.

So there’s no point in swinging like Hercules anymore. You’re just wasting your precious energy and doing more harm than good. The two Ts during impact, timing, and tempo, are the most important factors that contribute to increasing clubhead speed.

What you should about average swing speeds

A swing speed of 110 to 115 mph is considered to be average for professional golfers. It’s only the long drive players that have been able to achieve 140 mph clubhead speed. While beginners and amateur golfers can’t go any further than 90 mph.

How To Increase Clubhead Speed


So keeping this in mind, even a slight increase of say 10 mph in your clubhead speed can go a long way. It can help you achieve extra kinetic energy (physics of a golf swing). And this, more often than not, is responsible for making the golf ball travel further and with a better ball flight.

How to increase clubhead speed?

So now you know that the drills to increase club head speed lie at the bottom of the swing movement. Since we’ve got this cleared out, let’s move on to how to create more clubhead speed. There are three very simple ways to do that.

1.Swing “Fast” not “Hard”

More often than not, swinging fast and swinging hard are understood as one and the same thing. Many golfers, both professionals, and beginners, make the mistake of struggling to increase their complete swing movement. This takes up a lot of time and energy, am I right? But that doesn’t help you at all, believe me!

The matter of fact is that when you want to increase clubhead speed, you must remember that timing is crucial. The goal is to be able to time whatever clubhead speed you already have with the point of impact.

This particular point or moment of impact is called the “whoosh” drill. So the goal is to find your correct “whoosh” drill if you want to increase clubhead speed.

2.Work on Your Grip

How To Increase Clubhead Speed


Not many beginners or amateur golfers know this incredible fact about golf grip. When it comes to improving things like your clubhead speed, slices, hooks, and impact problems, golf grip is essential.

Releasing the golf club during impact is important. And a proper club grip enables you to do that. It tends to free up the golf clubhead so that you can achieve greater speed at the correct time.

How to Grip a Golf Club Correctly​?

3.Improve your Level of Fitness

When learning to increase clubhead speed, it’s important to take fitness into account. And why? The amount of strength you have in your torso contributes to generating more power through the golf ball once you reach the bottom of the swing movement.

The two exercises that help in enhancing body strength are tubing punches and wood chop. Working with elastic bands also goes a long way in building up more strength in the torso region.

These exercises not only give you additional strength, but they also provide more flexibility. And we all know how important that is when looking for drills to increase club head speed.

6 CORE MOVES to improve your GOLF GAME

Our swing speed requires us to produce the exceptional twisting motion, right? And this is mainly carried out by our golf-playing muscles. So the best way to build more strength in these muscles is to play with a heavier golf club.

A weighted club is responsible for providing you with a better clubhead feel during the moment of impact. And this helps in accurately locating the point at which you achieve increased clubhead speed.

So before you head out to the golf course and start hitting the ball as hard as you possibly can, think again. Learning how to increase clubhead speed doesn’t require you swing hard. Instead, concentrate more on improving your timing, swinging basics, flexibility, and targeted strength.

That’s about it!

Always remember that in the game of golf, the things you can’t measure will be very hard and almost impossible to improve. So it’s important to keep a check on your clubhead speed. You can do that by using a speed radar whenever you’re practicing or playing at the range.

The goal is to make tiny yet controlled changes in your swing. A fast swing performed with full force will not help you score better. You must keep this in mind.

What about you? Have you ever tried how to increase your clubhead speed? If yes, then what method did you adopt to achieve this?

Please share your golfing experiences with us here. We would love to know what does and does not work on the golf course.

Do drop in your comments in the section below. Thank you for reading!

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