How To Hit A Hybrid Club Effectively Without Errors?

If you’re a professional golfer then you already know the importance of a hybrid club in making your hits effortlessly clear and the game of golf more enjoyable to play. And if you’re a beginner, then you should know that about a hybrid club.

I mean as a beginner, you definitely must be looking for different ways and techniques to improve your swing, right? So if that’s what you want to achieve, then knowing how to hit a hybrid club is as important as using it in the first place.

How to hit a hybrid club


In the game of golf, which hybrid club should I buy is a question that many golfers put a lot of thought in. And that’s because of a reason; hybrid clubs are considered to be a true blessing for golfers, especially high handicap and medium handicap golfers.

Players who tend to struggle with long irons and fairways woods that are difficult to hit desperately want to learn how to use a hybrid golf club. Since it is comparatively lighter in weight, it is much easier to get the golf ball to fly more quickly with a hybrid club than with a long iron or fairway wood.

How to hit a hybrid club? The basics

The Correct Position and the Backswing

It is very important to address the shot fairly. If you want to know how to hit a hybrid club squarely, you must first make sure that your left shoulder is facing in the same direction as your target with the left foot directly underneath the left shoulder.

In this case, the correct position of the golf ball should be at least one ball length away from the front foot.

What’s the Correct Golf Ball Position for Hybrids & Fairway Woods?

Once you produce your backswing, please ensure that the swing goes back completely and you properly swing down on the golf ball. With a hybrid club, golfers have an advantage when it comes to the backswing. Almost all of the hybrid club’s weight is distributed in the center as well as the rear parts of the club.

And that means swinging down on the golf ball with a hybrid club tends to get the ball to fly more quickly and easily. One of the most helpful golf tips for beginners, isn’t it?

Steady your Swing

Many golfers don’t know that when using a hybrid club, there’s absolutely no need to overpower the golf ball. This is normally done when you use a 3-wood to make a 220-yard hit from the fairway. In such a situation, you have to overpower the golf ball in order to increase the speed of the club head.

But hybrid clubs are comparatively lighter with a smaller club face, so there’s no need to swing it very hard to increase club head speed. Because that will result in sending the golf ball off the turf. On the other hand, a steady and smooth swing will do the job for you pretty effortlessly.

(How to control your mind to create a swing you’re thinking about)

Complete your Swing

A lot of players have the tendency of stopping their swing before even reaching the shoulder height with their hands. This is mainly done so that golfers can see the golf ball fly along the fairway.

And that is a huge mistake when you’re learning how to hit a hybrid club. You need to get your hands all the way through the golf ball. Bringing your hands till the shoulder height ensures that you’re completing the swing in the most efficient manner.

Pay Attention to Your Stance

When learning how to hit a hybrid straight, it is very important to know that a wider stance has the ability to produce a sweeping swing. And this is not the kind of result you need as with a hybrid club you need to be swinging down on it.

So remember not to broaden your stance. Against all odds, you may believe that you might be able to swing harder with an enlarged base and achieve proper balance, but that only puts the angle of attack at risk.

How to hit a hybrid club


Practice Consistently

If you really want to learn how to use a hybrid club, you need to make it a habit to practice the swinging movement with it at least three to four times every week. (Learn out how to swing a golf club correctly) Hybrid clubs are comparatively easier to play with but, nevertheless, they still need some getting used to.

So the best way to learn how to hit a hybrid straight is to take at least 1/3rd of your shots with a hybrid club.


How to hit a hybrid club – The low hybrid draw

More often than not, golfers find themselves in circumstances where they have to generate a decreased ball flight and an increased curve from the right to left. Sometimes it’s a little hard to produce a naturally straight shot with a slight draw. And in such a situation you should know how to achieve a low hybrid draw.

The Correct Position

In order to learn how to hit hybrid irons to get a low hybrid draw effect, you need to be positioned a little back of center with the golf ball. All your body weight must be on the left side with your stance closed.

 The Swing

When you want to create the draw effect, it is not important to manipulate your hands at impact, but rather let go of them further through impact. Swinging around the body is extremely crucial and this can be achieved only if you play the golf ball back.

These techniques will help you achieve a finish that is comparatively lower than one produced with a basic swing.

Tiger Woods Hits Perfect Low Draw with Driver

That’s a wrap!

I hope the content in this article helped you solve your problem and taught you how to hit a hybrid club irons properly. Many golfers have a knack for swinging with great force when using longer clubs.

So you should know that such a mistake needs to be corrected when learning how to use a hybrid golf club. They are created to make the golf ball travel additional distance from you so you don’t need to be swinging very hard in order to get the golf ball farther from you.

Remember to keep practicing regularly to achieve better results real soon. I hope you enjoyed the article. Please let me know if I have missed out on anything important. And please don’t forget to share the article with your fellow golfers.

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