How To Hit A 5 Wood Even With The Most Basic Golfing Skills?

Are you a high handicap golfer or a low handicap golfer? If you are the former, then you should know how to hit a 5 wood for second shots off the fairway on par 5s as well as reach long par 3s.

On the other hand, low handicap golfers prefer hitting a 5 wood in two shots in order to reach long par 5s. So what is your current golfing skill?

And do you ever wonder, when using a 5 wood, whether you should be sweeping the golf ball or rather hitting it with a downward blow?

When it comes to golf, questions like these often come up when you’re learning how to acquire the best golfing skills, especially when you’re learning how to hit a fairway wood straight. So let me make it a little easier for you.

How To Hit A 5 Wood


To be honest, it doesn’t matter whether you have a high handicap or low handicap. It also doesn’t matter if you decide to sweep the ball instead of hitting it with a descending blow.

When it comes to using a fairway wood, learning how to hit a 5 wood consistently contributes to improving your overall performance in the game of golf. Just remember that and everything else will become much easier to understand.

Should I Use A 3-Wood Or 5-Wood?​

Golf equipment that you need:

  • Standard golf ball.
  • 2 alignment rods.
  • 5 wood.

How to hitting a 5 wood? The Basic Guide


1. Select the 5 Wood

Every golfer knows how important it is to choose the right golf club for different kinds of shots. Because every golf club is unique and purposeful in its own way, right? So anyway, the first step is to pick a 5 wood that you think will be perfect for both off the fairway shots as well as off the tee shots.

Remember that when it comes to fairway woods, the greater the number, the higher the launch angle due to the increased loft angle.

One other reason why many golfers prefer using a 5 wood is because it enables them to play in a comfortable upright position due to its longer length. And such a posture is essential when you want to achieve a perfectly smooth swing.

2. Ball Position

When learning how to hit a 5 wood, you must know where to place the ball correctly. This is where you make use of the 2 alignment rods. First, place the golf ball forward off the front heel. Then use the 2 alignments rods to check whether you’re placing the golf ball right where it should be while in your stance. (what you should know about alignment rods)

How To Hit A 5 Wood


The first alignment rod must be placed on the turf while the second one should be placed perpendicularly to the first rod. Normally, the golf ball is placed in the driver position in order for you to be able to slightly hit down on the golf ball. And this results in the club evenly pushing on the golf ball.

If you don’t like this particular placement, then you can also place the golf ball a few inches away from the inner side of your left heel. When hitting the draw in this particular position, you will tend to push the golf ball more towards the right, hence generating a slice spin.

3. Square Alignment of the Shoulders

If you’re a professional, then you already know the importance of proper shoulder alignment. But if you’re a beginner, then let me tell you that shoulder alignment has the ability to impact your swing in ways you can’t even imagine.

So when learning how to hit fairways woods, make sure that you don’t open up your shoulders because that’s exactly what leads to an extremely sharp downswing. And a steeper downswing generates poor ball contact.

So align your shoulders squarely if you wish to hit the golf ball at an optimally flatter angle. Square shoulders make it possible for you to achieve good shots.

How To Hit A 5 Wood


4. Balance your Weight

Weight distribution is extremely crucial during the swing movement. When you’re getting the club to swing back, shifting your weight back and forth can mess with your swing. So keep your feet and body weight balanced at such times.

Many golfers tend to shift their body weight more towards the right and a little away from the golf ball. This is mainly done so that rotating the body while doing the backswing becomes easier. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your body weight is balanced all throughout the swing movement.

How To Hit A 5 WoodHow To Hit A 5 WoodHow To Hit A 5 Wood


5. Address the Ball

One of the most important steps to take when learning to hit a 5 wood is to know how to address the ball. Place the ball a few inches from the inner side of your left heel with your feet shoulder width being apart.

This particular move helps the 5 wood to bottom out perfectly. You can also form a wider stance if you really want to make sure that your swing generates a smooth, sweeping motion.

6. The Swing Movement

How To Hit A 5 Wood


How to hit a fairway wood straight? Master the swing movement. How to get better at golf? Master the swing movement. How to hit a 5 wood correctly? Master the swing movement. So you know how important the swing movement really is.

The process of swinging begins with a complete backswing followed by a shallow downswing onto the ball. When you’re carrying out the swing, remember to keep your body loose. This helps in making a complete turn with the hands and arms placed in an arc position throughout the swing.

The position of the right knee is also equally important when learning how to hit a fairway wood straight. Keep the right knee angled inwards towards the target when you want to achieve that smooth, sweeping swing.

7. The Impact

Many golfers tend to underestimate the value of impact when hitting a 5 wood. And that’s wrong. Why? Because when using a fairway wood, the golf ball needs to come in direct, solid contact with the lowest point of the arc of the club. So if that’s what you’re aiming for, and you should, then it is very important to place the golf ball a few inches away from the left heel.

Practice enough to make sure that you don’t make the mistake of lifting the golf ball. You have to be able to smoothly sweep the golf ball away from you. This is how impact should feel like in order to achieve a successful shot when hitting a 5 fairway wood.

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Wrapping it up

If you didn’t know how to hit a 5 wood correctly, then I hope that now you’ve finally understood it after reading this article. At first, it may seem like a difficult task but that’s a given with everything new that you do, right? With enough practice and some confidence, you will be able to improve your game by using a fairway wood. 

Just ensure that you make use of alignment rods for the proper placement of the golf ball while in your stance. This is one of the most valuable tips for hitting fairway woods. So practice till you get more confident, which will inevitably help you achieve better shots.

Did you find the information helpful? How else would you like to address the ball and make that sweeping swing?

Please leave all your interesting and helpful comments below and don’t forget to share the article with those who consider hitting a 5 wood properly to be a very difficult and unachievable goal in golf.

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