How To Correct A Slice To Have A Good Grip In Golf?

Is slice troubling you while you play golf? Are you ruining your golf scores due to dreaded slices? Well then, no need to worry anymore as we are here to solve your issues related to ball slice.

No wonder, these days almost all golf players encounter many issues and failure in their game due to ball slicing. 9 out of 10 players are facing these kinds of difficulties nowadays. However, to be that one player who is not facing these issues and to know how to correct a slice, you must read this article till the end.

Here, in this article, we will not only tell you the steps to correct a slice but will also let you know the reasons behind the occurrence of a slice that may help you a lot in correcting the slice automatically, without putting much effort.

It is very obvious, that being a player you do not want to lose and for that, you must know in and out about the game. Slicing is one such thing that can destroy your game in the last minute. Hence, it becomes essential for you to know how to correct it so that you do not spoil your scores just because a mere slice.

Below attached image clearly shows how a slice can make your way wrong without even giving you any hint that you are going wrong.

So, before jumping on to the steps of correcting a slice, you must learn about what slicing is, how it is caused and finally how you can diminish the occurrence of slicing to build a good hold over golf.

How To Correct A Slice


What exactly a slice is?

Slice can be considered as a mis-hit golf shot in which the ball curves in from right to left if the player is left-handed and the direction becomes vice-versa for a right-handed golfer. It is a sort of unintentional thing that occurs and this is the reason why you cannot fix without any proper guidance.

How To Correct A Slice



Although slice happens unintentionally, there are some faults done by you, as a golfer that promotes the occurrence of slicing. These are:

1. Improper Grip

The courses of actions you take to hold the club and to use it while striking are the two most important things to remember while playing golf. You might think that the gripping should be strong and tight but holding the club too tightly or too weakly will not give you good results. Improper gripping will only lead to disastrous consequences including slicing.

How To Correct A Slice


2. Position of the Ball

It matters too, that how you stand near the ball holding the club in your hand. Placing the ball too far always causes the ball to slice away.

proper-ball-position-in-golf-stance (1) - How To Correct A Slice

3. Your Weight

You body weight equally contributes to the slice that occurs. It is essential on your part to keep a check on where and when to put more of your weight while you play golf, otherwise, the slice will take place for sure.

4. Your Swing

The slice may even occur when you do not observe the direction of your club while you swing it to the top. It is advisable to check the direction of your swing to avoid swings.

Now, there, certainly, exists many things that may help you get rid of slice, but according to me, the most advantageous thing would be to do some alterations in the posture of your body and the way you hold the club while you play golf which means to try and avoid the causes due to which slice actually occurs.

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How to Correct a Slice? Correction to the Causes

You have already got an insight of what slicing is and what causes slicing. Now, you need to know the various ways of correcting the slice so that you can have a good grip on golf and you can reach heights in your favorite sport. Following pointers explain briefly about how you can avoid the occurrence of a slice:

1. Improving Grip

However, there are many ways to which you can hold your golf for having a good grip but it is always better to go for the one, which you feel, is comfortable. A proper grip is the most fundamental aspect to master in golf.

Mentioned below is one of the different ways that you may apply while playing golf to maximize the probability of hitting the ball straight, thereby reducing the chance of a slice.

Mastering Grip Basics:

  • Place your dominant hand on the club: If you are a right-handed golfer, use your right hand or else use left one. Grab the shaft with this hand where the shaft connects to the grip. Now lift the club at an angle of 45 degrees. This allows you to properly grip the club with your dominant hand.
  • Place the club in your non-dominant hand: Lay the grip of the club across the fingers of your non-dominant hand. The bottom of the club should be extending just past the base joint of your hand.
  • Secure your off-hand: Keep your thumb flat on the club and curl the bottom three fingers of your non-dominant hand around the grip.
  • Place your dominant hand: Curl the fingers of your dominant hand over the grip.

adjust-your-grip-lg (1) - How To Correct A Slice


2. Positioning the Ball

This too is one of the essentials you should keep in mind. The ball should never be placed left of your left shoulder or right of your nose. This may lead to uneven weight distribution, and a hence slice may occur.

Remember, along with the placing of the golf ball, even weight distribution is also necessary for you to avoid slicing and bad shots. So, it is advisory for you to spread out your weight evenly over both the feet and then move on to the next step.

How to Properly Address the Golf Ball Every Time?

3. How to Go about with Your Weight, Stance, and Swing?

We have already discussed why weight distribution is essential for you while you are positioning the golf club. Here, we will learn how to reach near to a perfect stance and swing of the golf club.

Ecstasy and agony are the words that can precisely define golf as it requires you to take care of even the tiniest details when you want to master in it. Here are some steps that can assist you to go in a long run of golf:


  • Start with your front foot slightly ahead of the ball: This will make your club rest near the middle of your body. Also, keep your feet wider than your shoulder width apart.
  • Get close enough to the ball: You are required to stand a bit closer to the ball but do not stand too close to the ball that you have to bend your elbows to accommodate club positioning. At the same time, do not stand too far from the ball that you need to outstretch your arms fully. Stand in a way so that your upper body remains slightly bent towards the ground.
  • Alignment check: Alignment square is the word for an ideal alignment. In golf, your feet and your shoulders are the body parts that are demanded to be aligned. Align your feet and shoulders in such a way so that your back shoulder to front and your back foot to the front are aligned straight towards your target.
  • Bend your knees slightly: Finally, try and bend your knees a bit so that proper stance is maintained.

How To Correct A Slice



  • Start your backswing: In this, you lift your club from its starting position and lift above your head. The slice may occur in here very frequently. To avoid slicing, try to keep your legs and knees bent during the backswing.
  • How to downswing: During the downswing, the head of the club should be hauled so that it lags behind and let your 90 degrees shaft angle to increase. Then unwind in a fraction of seconds. This will create a tremendous club head speed while maintaining a relatively low speed of your body.

Aforesaid are some very easy and worth knowing solutions for you if you really want to touch the zenith’s height in golf and want to diminish the issue of the slice as much as possible. Start practicing them right from the beginning and you will see yourself improving day by day rapidly.

​Fast and Easy to Cure a Slice


So, we have tried to cover as many things as possible that can help you reduce and correct the slice in golf. Hope you learned each and every detail and enjoyed reading this tutorial.

Being a golfer, it is too essential for you to know how to correct a slice before you get down in the field. Though there are many tricks and techniques that may help you out but the best way out to minimize any sort of issue is to know the cause of that issue and work over that. This tutorial tells the same to you.

Thank you for reading this tutorial.

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