How To Clean Golf Clubs Even If You Are A Beginner?

As a passionate golfer, you understand how important it is to care for your clubs in order to ensure that your performance doesn’t get compromised. You know how imperative it is but you don’t know how to clean golf clubs, am I right?

Some golfers make use of professional golf club cleaning services that are now easily available at most country clubs. While there are some golfers, like me, who learn how to clean rust off golf clubs on their own.

One of the two reasons why we choose to clean golf clubs ourselves without any professional guidance is that cleaning clubs at home is not at all costly, unlike professional golf club cleaning services. And the second reason is that by caring for your clubs with your own hands, you feel more connected with the clubs. And this results in playing the game on the turf with more confidence.

How To Clean Golf Clubs


Why should you clean your golf clubs?

It’s as simple as this; if you really look after your golf clubs, they will last longer than you can ever imagine. When you’re playing on the golf course, think about all the chemicals, dirt, and debris that are present on the turf. These harmful elements can really mess with the clubs, giving rise to grooves clogging on the clubface or damaging the club head over a period of time.

You should clean your golf clubs with steel shafts and graphite shafts; you should first know that the former are comparatively easier to care for than the latter. And that’s mainly because graphite shafts are comparatively more fragile and need to be regularly maintained to eliminate the possibility of corrosion. (difference between graphite and steel shafts)

How To Clean Golf Clubs


Many golfers don’t know this but the grip also requires equal attention when it comes to cleaning golf clubs thoroughly. But cleaning both the clubs and the grip is not as burdensome a task as you might think it is.

In fact, once you get the hang of it, which normally happens after cleaning the clubs two or three times, the procedure feels like any other normal task. All you require are a few essentials, nothing fancy or special and you’re good to go!

Storing your clubs is another aspect that I think we should talk about in this section. Golf clubs need to be safely kept in a pleasant and dry place where they will not be subjected to any abuse.

The advantage of regularly maintaining clubs is that they tend to produce more controlled, powerful, and accurate hits. And most importantly, they turn out to be an investment that you might enjoy for several years of your golfing career.

So think about the money you’ll be saving as far as both factors, professional golf club cleaning services and buying new golf clubs every now and then, are concerned.

What will you need?

Popular to contrary belief, learning how to shine golf clubs is as easy and uncomplicated a task as any. And what proves this? The short and basic list of supplies that you need to clean the clubs.

Now here you have two options; you can either choose to buy a cleaning kit from the golf shop at your club or you can gather the supplies on your own. The latter is a more cost-effective option than the former as chances are that you might already have all these things in your house. And that is why I chose to go with the latter. Plus I’m a die-hard golfer who likes to enjoy every little experience of golf to the fullest.

The supplies you’ll need (or the cleaning kit should contain):

  • Hand-washing detergent.
  • Toothbrush.
  • ​Bucket or a similarly shaped container. You can also use the utility sink if you don’t have a bucket or container.
  • Towel or rag.

How to clean golf clubs?

When you have a cleaning kit, all you have to do is use the solution provided by the kit to thoroughly clean all areas of the club.

There are two ways to do this; the first being simply wiping the clubs with the provided materials or dipping them in a certain amount of solution. The cleaning kit comes with directions that help you limit the amount of solution to use in order to avoid over-cleaning or damaging any part of the club.

For those of you who have not bought the cleaning kit, here is the step-by-step procedure that explains how to clean golf clubs thoroughly on your own.


Fill the Bucket, Container, or Utility Sink with Water

The first step that you should take is to fill around 3 inches of water in the bucket or a similarly shaped container. You can also fill water in the utility sink; again make sure that it’s only 3 inches deep.

The water’s temperature needs to be moderate. You know the kind of hot your tea is when it’s ready to be consumed? So the water needs to be that hot. Otherwise, your golf clubs will inevitably get damaged. In my experience, when water is a little too hot, it causes warping or separating of the golf club. So please keep this mind.


Add the Detergent

Once the water is ready, it’s time to add some hand-washing detergent in it. After adding the detergent, stir the water properly using your hands so you get a decent amount of lather on the surface of the water.


Time to Submerge the Golf Club

After the detergent water is ready, dip the head of the club into the water. Make sure that the shaft of the club is leaning against the edge of the bucket, container, or sink in order to prop it up.

Only the head of the club needs to be in the water, so make sure that the ferrule or shaft are not. And if they are too, it means you need to drain out some of that extra water and drain it out quick.


 Time to Soak the Golf Club

The head of the club needs to be submerged in water for around 5 minutes in order for all the dirt and debris to get washed away. But if you’re using golf clubs that are slightly delicate, then skip the soaking altogether. Instead, simply dip the head of the club into the water and take it out quickly. Soaking delicate clubs might considerably damage them.


Time for Some Head Scrubbing

This is where the toothbrush comes in handy, quite literally. After soaking the club in the detergent for a decent amount of time, use the toothbrush to gently scrub the tiny remnants of dirt and debris on the head of the club. Scrub all the sides of the club head gently but thoroughly.

And if you want to learn how to clean rust off golf clubs, use a steel wool pad instead of a toothbrush for the scrubbing.

How To Clean Golf Clubs



Time to Rinse the Golf Club

It is very important for you to understand that even during the rinsing process, no other part of the club but the head should come in contact with the detergent and water. Rinsing just about anything is one and the same. Simply place the head of the club under the sink faucet or a sprayer hose in order to wash away the soapy water.


Time to Dry the Golf Club

Just as soon as you make sure that all the dirt and debris has been washed away from the head of the club, you can dry the thing using a towel or a rag. After wiping the wet parts of the head, the towel or rag obviously becomes damp. So use this damp cloth to quickly yet gently wipe the ferrule and the shaft of the club.

How to Clean Golf Clubs?

How to clean golf club grips?

Even though the supplies you need to clean golf club grips are the same, the procedure is entirely different. And this is mainly because the grip of the club is highly susceptible to damage when it comes in direct contact with water.

You should also know that grips have the tendency to absorb some oil from the palm of your hands. And that is why using a detergent to clean the grip is essential. (do you know how to properly grip a golf club?)

Let’s begin!


 Fill the Bucket, Container, or Utility Sink with Water

Add a few inches of moderately hot water in the appliance that you’re using to clean golf club grips.


Add the Detergent

Put some of that hand-washing detergent in the water and stir it properly. Make sure that you have enough lather on the surface of the water.


Time to Use the Towel or the Rag

Whatever cloth you decided to use, simply dip it in the detergent water and keep it submerged for a few seconds. This is done to ensure that the cloth is completely wet on all sides.

After taking it out of the water, wring it properly. This step is extremely important because you need to make sure that the cloth is damp enough but at the same time is not dripping.


Clean the Grip of the Golf Club

Use this damp cloth to gently wipe the grips of all your clubs. And if even after wiping the grip, you see some remnants of dirt and debris, use the toothbrush to gently scrub the grip. This ensures that all the unwanted particles have been eliminated from the grip.

How to Clean Golf Club Grips? 

That’s all there is to know about how to clean golf clubs

Cleaning golf clubs is not such a difficult task, right? But if you don’t agree and still think that it feels like a big burden, then remember what I’m about to tell you.

If you want to lower the number of times you carry out this procedure, make it a habit of wiping the head and grip of your club with a damp cloth after each use. This reduces the number of times you have to scrub the head and the grip of the club.

Golf Grip Tips: Cleaning Your Grips

As golfers we all know how expensive golf clubs are, so learning how to clean golf clubs on a regular basis can really help in increasing their lifetime value. And what’s more important is the fact that clean, quality golf clubs have the tendency to improve your performance and give you more control over the clubs. That’s just another way of saying that you’re having fun on the golf course.

Have you followed this protocol when cleaning golf clubs on your own? Was it really time-consuming?

Please let me know in the comments section below. And please don’t forget to share this article with your fellow golfer friends.





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