How to Effectively Check Golf Cart Batteries?

How to check golf cart batteries?” has always been a parking question for everyone especially the new enthusiasts. Checking golf cart batteries may seem to be a complicated task but when equipped with proper knowledge and tools, it is very doable and an easy one.

This article intends to give you step by step instruction on how to properly check golf cart batteries and the tools that you will need to do the task at hand successfully and hassle-free.

Read on as we give you this guided steps and as you learn this one of a kind trick for proper golf cart batteries care.

How to check your Golf Cart Batteries? step-by-step

There are a lot of ways for you to check your golf cart batteries. However, what we will be providing you here is the safest and the most trusted way to do it without harming yourself.

Read on as we present to you the following steps:

1. Prepare

First, prepare all the needed materials to do the task smoothly and safely. You will need the following tools for a more successful completion of the task.

What You Will Need

  • Goggles
  • Battery post and terminal clamp cleaner
  • Gloves
  • Wrench
  • ​Water preferably distilled
  • Protective clothing
  • Clean cloth
  • Baking soda
  • Voltmeter
  • Petroleum jelly container
  • Commercial clamp cleaner

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2. Put on your protective gears

Now that you have already secured the needed materials, you can start putting on your goggles, and protective gloves.

It is vital that you do not skip this step as working with battery acid may be harmful to you and others. So, put on your protective gears and just believe think of the famous phrase, “Prevention is better than cure.”

3. Survey your battery

Once you have put on your gears to fully protect yourself, it is now safe to survey the entire battery for cracks or any damage. You have to be mindful of the connections or post of the battery if there are dust or dirt piling up. If you noticed few cracks or piled up dirt and fluid, you will need to replace your battery for proper functioning and safety purposes.

Once you have decided that your battery is in good condition, you can start checking the vent caps if they are properly sealed. You can use your prepared wrench to do this.

4. Prepare your cleaning solution

Now, it is the time that you clean your battery to maintain its condition and to prevent any issues in the future. We recommend that you keep this tip in mind as we will introduce to you an effective and safe cleaning solution for your battery.

Combine a tablespoon of baking soda to eight ounces of distilled water. Mix it properly. Once you have fully prepared this solution, you can start wiping it gently to the surface of your battery using your clean cloth.

After cleaning the entire surface of your battery, rinse the battery with water. Let your battery dry. You can also use the towel to dry it off.

5. Check and clean the clamps and the terminals of your battery

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After making sure that the surface of your battery has already dried off, unplug the cable clamps. After disconnecting the clamps from the battery, use your battery post and terminal clamp cleaner to decontaminate and clean its terminals. Also, include the inside part of the clamps when cleaning.

Battery post and terminal clamp cleaners are one of the most effective cleaners which you can find in any retail stores for a decent price. You can get it for only three to five dollars.

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

6. Reconnect the clamps

After making sure that the clamps and the terminals are properly cleaned, reconnect the cable clams. Conclude the cleaning process by applying a thin amount of petroleum jelly on the clamps.

7. Check and Test the Battery

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There are some ways that you can test your battery. We will provide you the three most common way in checking golf cart batteries for you. So that you will have an easier way deciding which one is appropriate for you to use according to your preferences.

  • Hydrometer. This is commonly used to test the condition of charge of battery cells. What you have to keep in mind when using this upon checking your golf cart battery is the concentration of sulfuric acid. Always REMEMBER that the greater sulfuric acid concentration there is, the denser the electrolyte will be. Also, the higher the density, the greater the state of charge. When using a hydrometer, always correct the temperature reading to 27°C before using.
  • Load Tester. This is considered to be the most effective and accurate method when checking batteries, especially of golf carts. It can provide accurate results even within a short period of time. A load tester is a heating coil which is connected to a voltmeter and indicates the voltage of the battery.
  • Discharge Machine. This is one of the least used methods of testing a golf cart battery or any battery for the matter as it is very costly. Discharge machines will notify you the length of time, in minutes which your golf cart could move a regular load before reaching a depth of 75%.

How to Test your Cart’s Battery?

We have provided you the three most common testers for battery. It is now up to you which one to choose according to your individual preferences. We have given you the necessary information which you need to know about these testers, b

You still may need to consider checking the manufacturer’s instructions as they may differ from brand to brand.

Our Take on this Matter

This article hopes to provide you the information you need for better golf cart and golf cart battery maintenance and care. 

We made sure that all instructions are clear and concise for easy understanding and assurance of our readers. So, we would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

We look forward to hearing your comments regarding this topic. Please drop your comments and suggestion in the comment section.

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