How Long Does A Round Of Golf Take? What You Need To Know

Every player wants to know how long does a round of golf take, right? Any average golfer takes at least four hours for a game with four other golfers. And this applies to an 18-hole golf round. But you should know that the time is not fixed. It varies depending on all kinds of different factors.

A single player takes a shorter span of time to complete a round. When the golf course is empty, he or she can take about 2.5 hours to complete the game. On the other hand, four golfers playing together on a busy course might end up taking more than four hours.

Now let’s discuss the different factors that determine how long does a round of golf take.

How long does a round of golf take


Average Time

How long does a round of golf take


The correct answer here is four hours for an 18-hole golf round. This is what conventional wisdom dictates, right? Many golf courses have tracked the average playing times of golfers. Most of them gathered the information for as long as two years. And what did they get? The average duration turned out to be four hours.

So what does this tell you? That each hole took not more than 13 minutes to play. The total average time includes riding the cart or walking from one hole to the next.

And for a golf round of 4.5 hours, you get the opportunity to spend 15 minutes on every hole.

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Golf Course Variety

The course variety plays a significant role in determining how long does a round of golf take. Since you’re reading the article, I know that you’re an enthusiastic golfer. So you know that golf courses differ from one another, right?

To make things easier, the USGA has come up with slope ratings. These ratings tell you how difficult it is to play on golf courses. If the turf has an easy slope rating, you can expect to finish a round of golf in a shorter span of time. On the other hand, challenging golf courses require longer playing hours.

When the golf course has only par-3 holes or par-3 with par-4 holes, the game gets over quicker. While par-5 golf courses require you to play for a longer time.

And now, the two most important questions:

How long does it take to play 9 holes of golf alone? The answer is 90 minutes.

And how long does it take to play 18 holes of golf alone? The answer is 2.5 hours.

Number of Golfers and Skills

How long does a round of golf take


The more, the merrier? Well, not in this case. If you’re playing in a foursome or even in pairs, then the time taken to complete a single round will be longer than golfing solo. You should also know that scratch golfers move faster than those with 20 handicaps. (How to calculate golf handicap?)

Facing challenges like the ball ending up in hazards, thick brush, and holes are common, even for professionals. And do you know what makes matters worse? It’s when you’re playing with someone who has a knack for hitting hazards or losing balls. This tends to add more time to the game, stretching it up to as long as five hours.

Other Important Considerations

The speed at which you play depends on more than just your set of skills. If the golf course is not empty, it means that you might have to wait for the other groups at every tee box. This adds more time to the game.

Don’t expect to finish your round quickly if the weather is unfavorable or if you’re playing with talkative golfers.

The location of the golf course and the season of the year also determine how long does a round of golf take. During the hotter months, golfers require more tee times. This means a longer round of golf. But the same weather conditions on an empty golf course can help you complete the round faster.

On the other hand, winter season brings out both regular and seasonal golfers. So the game might take a longer time to play.

That’s all you need to know! 

Keeping everything aside, it’s important that you know how to keep up with the pace of the game. As a beginner, you should make it a point to practice as much as you can to improve the way you play. And golfing in all kinds of weather helps in achieving that.

I hope you found what you were looking for in this article. If not, then please let me know where I went wrong.

When it comes to golf or any other sport, practice is essential. Without it, you won’t be able to get better at the game. Only reading about it doesn’t help, you need to be able to execute it during gameplay. So let’s do that now, shall we?





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