What Should Be The Hand Position When Driving A Golf Ball?

Golf is said to be a game of the aristocrats and hence it needs a lot of practice and habit. It looks good when you see someone with a gold driver in hand trying to aim from the tee. It is though a pleasurable view to enjoy, but one thing that you may not know is that it takes a lot of focus to hit the target. Along with having a lot of focus, you need to know and practice the correct hand position when driving a golf ball.

The hand position when driving a golf ball: Best way to aim

Hand Position When Driving A Golf Ball

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While you see someone driving a golf ball, you must have noticed that the player is taking a lot of time in adjusting his driver with the tee. This is the most important thing in the game so that the ball reaches the aim or at least close to the aim. There are a number of things that is required to be done so that the ball reaches the goal or closest to the goal.

For doing so, it is important to have a proper hand positioning, head positioning and also shoulder positioning. Altogether you need to make your spine in an angle that is perfect for hitting the golf ball from the tee.

Some important points about the accessories

It is not only about the amount of focus that can help you win the match, in fact, there are many other things and points to be considered in this regard. The most important one is the way how the ball has to be kept.


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Here are some important points that you need to take care of while starting the game.

  • The ball should be well enough high from the ground. This is because the modern gold drivers need some air for the ball before hitting it. So, it is important to place the tee a bit higher on the ground and then the ball should be placed on it.
  • Also, the golf ball should be placed in such a way on the tee that more than half of the ball portion should be positioned above the driver. Thus, when you are positioning the driver to hit the ball, more than half portion of the ball should be above it.
  • Most importantly, make sure that the grass is trimmed down well so that there is no such hindrance while hitting the ball. Apart from air, there should not be anything in between the driver and the ball.

Different positions are to be learned in order to play smooth golf. It needs regular practice and dedication. Here are some tips that you can have while you are playing golf.

Positioning your legs with hands

To start the game, you need to keep your feet close by together and the tee should be positioned just in between the two toes in front of you. Now keeping the left feet at its position, you need to move the right feet away in such way that it is outside the alignment with your shoulder. At this moment, you need to also let your right hand fall relaxed with the right leg.

This gives a starting position that is actually good for the game. As you have your right leg positioned against the tee, your right hand is also positioned a bit below the upper body. This tilted position is best for striking the ball at a good distance.

Your body weight should be such that your right leg should have 55% while your left leg should have 45%.

How to Get to the Proper Impact Position?

Holding the driver

Now it is the time to hold the driver with both your hands. As the right hand was positioned a bit below the upper body, in the same way, hold the driver. This will make your right hand go down the position where you are holding the driver with your left hand. This is the best position so that when you are striking the ball, the right hand can fold nicely to provide a good swing.

The ball should be above of your sternum or your chest button and your eyes should be now focused on the ball, ready to hit it straight.

What is the Perfect Right Hand Grip Placement?

Relax and take the arc

Be in this position for some time to get relaxed. Make sure that your right shoulder should be lower than your left shoulder. This is similar how your right hand is positioned on your left hand on the driver. Now when you are already in your position, now let your shoulder move in a natural arc. Exert pressure on your shoulder muscle to get a full backswing.

When you have already reached the end of the backswing, then it is the time when you can relax your right hand and your muscles at the right shoulder. It is always a great idea to stay in position also for a few seconds.

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Hand positioning to hit the ball

When you have reached the backswing position, it is the time to hit the ball towards the target. Here again, you need to use a trick get the right hit. Now put some pressure on your pressure on the left knee so that it can pull your left hip and then the right hip to the ball. This will also pull your right shoulder to come towards the ball. Hence, here you will not have to pressurize your arms, but pressuring your left knee will do all the work.

As you come down from the backswing to a downswing in this position, now swing your left arm to instantly hit the golf ball. Here hitting will mean slicing the ball where your palm of the left hand with a face the sky.

How to Make the Perfect Backswing?​


Thus, though not very difficult ones, but these are step by step positioning that has to be done in order to get the ball hit in the correct way. This positioning does not come in one single day. It takes a lot of practice to learn and also to get used to it so that everything can come up naturally and you can only focus on the ball.


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