What Is Good Golf Score For Beginners? How To Score Better

We all know that golf is as fun to play as it is difficult, right? Although, it doesn’t seem like that initially. I remember when I first started playing; I didn’t really care much about my golf score. I simply played to have fun and that was it.

But after a certain point of time, when my interest and passion in the game grew bigger and stronger, I wanted to constantly keep a check on my golf score. Because when you want to get better at something, you have to monitor your performance, right?

Good Golf Score For Beginners

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How many times have you considered quitting the game just because you think you’re not getting any better at it? I bet that thought must have crossed your mind at least once. This frustration is totally valid. It takes a lot of time, patience, effort, and most importantly, hard work to become a good golfer and shoot decent golf scores.

But based on my personal experience, I can assure that you will eventually get better. You just have to have the right knowledge to implement at the right time on the turf. And since you’ve just started playing golf, it is very important for you to have an extensive knowledge of what is a good golf score for the beginners.

Once you know the answer to this question, you’re setting yourself up for a great start.

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What is a good golf score for beginners?

Younger Golfers

Children who start playing golf by the age of 5-6 acquire the coordination, muscle development, and concentration that are required to learn the sport. These 3 factors are abundantly found in children, which is why they are able to acquire golfing skills at such an early age.

But what is a good golf score as young as a 6-year-old? That entirely depends on the height and strength. Let me explain this with a simple example.

A younger female golfer who can strike the ball only 75 yards, based on her height and strength, takes not less than 6 strokes in order to reach the green. And when you add 2 putts to this, she gets a score of 8. Taking minimum 8 strokes per hole, her average golf score on a regulation par-72 golf course would be 144.

The golf score of 144 that the younger golfer obtained was the best of her efforts, given the kind of shots she was able to take based on her height and strength.

Good Golf Score For Beginners

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Adult Golfers

Every beginner who has read “Good Golf Made Easy” knows what Tony Dear has subtly stated in that book; that golfers in the prime of their lives and who have acquired all the basic golfing skills should have the ability to achieve a golf score below 100 in a matter of weeks.

But in practicality, only fifty percent of beginners are able to obtain a golf score below 100. While the other half average over 100 strokes per round. They usually achieve a golf score of 108 on an average. And this, my fellow golfer, is not really such a bad number, given the fact that it’s close to the benchmark golf score.

Good Golf Score For Beginners

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Improving Golf Score is a Steady Process

The golf score improves only when her average score per round is consistently decreasing. When her score is compared to the par for the course, which normally is 72 strokes, it can be extremely demotivating.

In practicality, beginners aim to shoot even 5s on the turf, and that means shooting at least 90 for the round, or shooting at least 1 over par on each hole (how to shoot even par golf). If her average golf score is close to 108, that means she has achieved an average of 6 strokes per hole.

So in order to reach her goal, she would have to reduce the score only by a single stroke per hole. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Good Golf Score For Beginners

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How to improve golf score for the beginner?

There are many factors that affect a golfer; especially an amateur golfer’s potential to steadily lower the golf score.

If you’re one of that kind of beginners who simply can’t wait long enough to get better at the game, then you should know that you need to be spending enough time taking lessons and playing on the course frequently enough in order to enhance your swing movement. And if you don’t have sufficient time to practice like this, then you’re safe in setting limited goals for yourself.

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If your average golf score reaches 120 during the initial stages of learning, you have to make it a point to average 5 strokes lower before the end of the season. Only then can you bask in the glory of obtaining a decent golf score as a beginner.

One of the most important factors that many beginner golfers tend to ignore when it comes to improving golf score is setting realistic goals in terms of their physical abilities.

What I mean to say is that beginners need to know that even the initial learning stages of golf; they need to have a certain amount of stamina, strength, and muscle tone. Failing which they become incapable of achieving the average score of 90 strokes.

So in this case, fitness training is as important as golf training if beginners want their athletic score to not be lower than their theoretical good score.

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There are some worst exercises for golf as well, so have a look at them here so you don’t practice them at any cost.


So if you didn’t already know that golf is as fun as it is difficult, then you hopefully know now. I’m not trying to discourage you or anything of the sort. All I’m trying to say is that my beginner self- found it extremely difficult to play the game initially as I was expecting golf to be a purely fun activity. It was later when I got passionately interested in the game that I realized that the sport requires lots of knowledge and hard work.

Knowledge such as understanding how to improve golf score for the beginners and other golfing skills so you’ll always know what the next best move should be. And hard work because getting better at something never comes easy, right?

So don’t get discouraged if your golf score is not as good as you thought it would be. It takes a while to consistently achieve lower golf scores. Even some professional golfers have had a pretty rough time on the turf. Patience is key when it comes to golf. You can never achieve “perfect” results in this game.

So the best way to look it is to enjoy yourself and make the most of every learning, practice, or playing session. Don’t you agree?

Is there anything you would like to add in order to help beginners get better at the game?

How about you tell us about your first experience on the golf course? We would love to know how you got your score to be where it is now. Please let us know in the comments section below.


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