How Golf Wedges Help You To Be A Good Golfer?

You are familiar with the term “golf wedges” as it means a set of golf club family and you can’t use these wedges in any situations. There are some rules and timing for using these wedges.

Mainly you can use the wedge for making a perfect short distance lob shot. This lob shot is played when you need to get the ball out of the hazard or any awkward positions onto the green. We usually use the wedge club when the ball gets stuck in the sand, mud or the thick grass.

You can find different types of golf wedge clubs and usually they are grouped into four categories. They are namely pitching type wedges, wedges for sands, gap or approach wedges, and the very common one is the lob wedges.

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We all know that practice makes a man perfect but in golf, if you practice endlessly then also you can’t declare yourself as the perfect finisher. In golf, you can’t be an excellent finisher until and unless you learn few tips on different shots.

If you want to be a good golf player, not only you, have to practice effortlessly but also grab those few tips on various shots as well as how to play those shot with the help of different wedge clubs. Some of us have a good experience in short distance shots like making a putt or long distance shots like driving the ball long away.

Here you can get few tips on your wedge game because to control the distance with the help of wedges is very tricky part in golf.

How can you control your shot by using a pitching wedge?

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As you know that there are four types of golf wedges: pitching, gap, sand, and lob wedges. Out of these four wedges pitching wedge is the most flexible club.

With the help of this club, you can drop the ball on the green, close to the hole. Here you have to give some little bit of backspin, or you can use the lower chip shot to achieve the distance with the pitching wedge.

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With huge practice and devotion at one time, you can be a master of different uses of the pitching wedge. Thus you can gradually improve your performance by dropping your scores significantly.

One question should be asked here that what degree is a pitching wedge. The pitching wedges have the low loft out of the four wedges in golf, and the lofted shot can be achieved with the help of pitching wedge, by keeping the wedges in between 44 to 50 degrees.

When you struck the ball with the pitching wedge, the ball will travel a distance of 110 to 114 yards in the air before hitting the ground.

Most of the golfers prefer to use this pitching wedge club. With the full swing of the pitching wedge, the ball can travel approximately 110 to 114 yard whereas if the ball is 10 yards away from the green, then you just have to half or less the swing of the pitching wedge.

While hitting the ball with the pitching wedge always remember to firmly hold your clubs with your hands, but your wrist should be acted as a hinge.

Lazy hands will not exceed five you proper control and the ball will not fly close to the hole. To achieve the desired height on your pitch hit the ball an inch or two behind it.


How much distance will the ball cover when you use your Gap wedge?

During hitting a shot, proper wedge selection is critical.

When selecting a wedge, this question always come into your mind that what degree is a gap wedge needed? For loft shot usually, the gap wedge should be maintained in between 46 to 54 degrees.

The gap wedge is needed where the ball needs to travel a shorter distance than the distance traveled with the use of pitching wedge.

With the use of gap, wedge golfers can hit the ball, so that it can travel a distance from 90 to 110 yards. In this case, also the golf ball will achieve a good height when struck with the gap wedge.

When women hit the ball with the help of gap wedge, then the ball travel 15 yards less than it traveled when men hit it with a gap wedge.

With the gap wedge, it is advised to hit the ball with a half-swing.

You will not get the gap wedge with the standard golf club sets.

One more very important thing to remember is that when you want to use the gap wedge, you should have to know the lofts of your pitching wedge as well as with the sand wedge. The loft of gap wedge always comes between the previous two.

Where we can use the sand wedge and what should be the right body posture while using it?

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As the name depicts sand is related with the sand bunker in the golf course, so sand wedge is used for driving the ball away from the sand bunker.

The sand wedge club is also functional in other places. The typical loft by the sand wedge is about 56 degrees.

There is an important reason behind the use of sand wedge in the sand bunker, as it’s rebound plate is so soft that it is not a good choice to use it on the hardy ground. So it is your duty to choose the sand wedge from the fairway or the sand bunker as the club needs a soft surface.

The ball approximately traveled 90-95 yards when you hit with the sand wedge club. While hitting the ball with the sand wedge always trust on your loft. It is advised to hit your loft shot higher than the normal force rather than the swing and keep your body rigid.

The sand wedge is the best option when the golf player plays the shot from a downward slope. Balance your body weight in the forward direction and your hand in front of the club while playing a shot with the help of sand wedge.

The sand wedge is normally shorter than other clubs, and you can spin the ball by using the sand wedge.

Why we need a lob wedge in golf?

Lob wedge club is used when there are high obstacles.

The degree should be in between 60 to 65 when applying the lofty shot using the lob wedge.

These lob wedges can be purchased separately and can be used under 80 yards distance from the hole. This wedge can hit the ball very high into the air within a second.

The most important point to remember while using the lob wedge is, you can shoot the ball very high in the sky with a solid force and sufficient spin, but it stops immediately after landing.

Get Over It! How To Use a Lob Wedge?

Conclusion :

We already know the fact that wedges selection fully depends on distance parameter.

Pitching wedge has the lowest loft as the golf ball travels more horizontal distance as compared to the distance traveled vertically.

With the help of gap wedge, you can make precise shots with the range of 90 to 110 yards.

Whereas sand wedge is mainly useful for throwing the ball out of the sand bunkers or trap, but if you do some practice then it can help you to make a shot from the fairway also.

Last but not least the lob wedges are used for very accurate shots in the green.


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