Golf Umbrella Available In The Market

A golf umbrella often goes overlooked but this handy little piece of equipment can be one of the most important things you add to your golf bag.

Not only do you get essential protection from the elements but a good golf umbrella can help you tough out a round in the wind and rain, whereas people without umbrellas choose to pack it in and quit.

A lot of people simply assume they can go out and buy any golf umbrella to get what they need. While a basic umbrella will offer some amount of protection, they are often not designed for harsher elements.

Knowing what to look for when you go out shopping for a new golf umbrella is essential to making the right decision. Using this buyer’s guide you will be able to pick the right umbrella for your game and maybe even save some money as well.

Features to Look For


When shopping for a new golf umbrella, you will be bombarded with a number of features that the umbrellas pack into one small product.

Some features can be classified as “nice to haves” which means they are great features but not essential in a good golf umbrella.

Then there is a list of features that should be absolutely included to ensure you get the right umbrella for a tough day on the course.


The first feature you should look for is size. Golf umbrellas usually show a measurement for the diameter of the canopy.

You will notice that a golf umbrella is much larger than an umbrella meant for walking outdoors casually. This is because a golf umbrella has to be able to cover you and your clubs to keep everything dry and out of the rain.

Look for a golf umbrella with a bigger canopy that folds down into a size you can easily fit inside your golf bag or strap to the outside.

Waterproof and UV Protection

Next, you want to consider the waterproofing. The materials used and additional features can make a big difference between a golf umbrella that withstands an entire round in the rain and an umbrella that gives up after only a few holes.

UV protection is also a very important feature to look at. Golf umbrellas are not just for use on rainy days. Finding some shade under your golf umbrella on a hot, sunny day can help you fight fatigue and sunburn. Long term, a good golf umbrella could even help protect against skin cancer which has afflicted a number of professional golfers.

Wind Resistance

Finally, another important feature is wind resistance. Gusts of wind can be really difficult to manage while golfing as golf courses tend to have a lot of open space with little protection from the elements. A weak umbrella will buckle and turn in on itself in a gust of wind. This ruins the umbrella and, obviously, makes it useless for the rest of the round.

Many golf umbrellas are reinforced to help the umbrella keep its shape in the wind. Look for an umbrella that will be able to hold out in gusts of wind so you don’t have to worry about damaging your umbrella and instead just focus on your game.

Once you find several umbrellas with the right size, waterproofing, sun protection, and wind protection then you can begin your comparison shopping.

No Need to Break the Bank


Once you have found some models with the features you need to fully enjoy your round of golf then it’s time to start comparing prices.

Much like other types of golf equipment, umbrella prices can vary wildly from relatively inexpensive to being quite costly. Generally, there is no need to go and open your wallet wide in order to get a good golf umbrella.

A very good golf umbrella that meets many of the needs listed above can be had for under $50. Players who are looking to save some more money can definitely find a serviceable umbrella for $35 or less. Under the $20 mark is when you begin to see a major drop off in quality or a lack of features like complete waterproofing.

With that said, golfers who are looking for some serious style to go with the function of a good golf umbrella will find that it’s quite easy to start adding to the cost of a basic umbrella. Some top-tier golf umbrellas from well-known brands can easily cost upwards of $70 or more.

Of course, these brands often include top-of-the-line features as well as incredible styling so it’s not like the cost is completely unjustified. Players with a little extra budget who want to look good while they battle the elements should expect to pay a little more but also get what they paid for.

Our advice for those who are thinking of shopping for golf umbrellas is to create a budget and stick to it.

A reasonable budget can open up a lot of options for golfers to choose from. If you set a budget then you have a sense of what is available to suit your budget rather than getting overwhelmed by the options and spending more than you hoped to.

Golf Umbrella Brands to Watch For


Do a search online for golf umbrellas and you will be inundated with a wide range of options. The selection can feel downright overwhelming. What brands should catch your attention and which ones should be ignored?

An umbrella is not exactly a revolutionary piece of technology. With that said, you still want to choose one from a brand that has a history of quality and a reputation for standing behind their products.



One big name in the golf industry that makes some of the best golf umbrellas available is SunTek. They are a brand known for quality, and their pricing is still similar to many other brands on the market. This means you don’t have to pay up just to get a SunTek umbrella.

Best of all, SunTek packs a lot of technology into their products. Their vented umbrellas are perfect for managing windy days and their umbrellas also feature UV protection up to SPF 50 to help you avoid painful sun burns on those days where rain is less of a concern.

There are some smaller details also included in most SunTek golf umbrellas that are nice to have but not essential. Examples of these features include lightweight construction and molded ergonomic plastic handles. While those features won’t necessarily make an umbrella amazing on their own, it is nice to see them included in an umbrella that also has the essential features we discussed above.



Callaway is another brand that is well known in the golf industry for everything from golf clubs to golf balls to even golf umbrellas. For those who want a little extra style packed into their golf umbrella on top of the usual features like waterproofing and UV protection, Callaway is a great brand to consider.

The golf umbrellas from Callaway definitely stand out among the usual black, white, or grey golf umbrellas on the market. Of course, this style comes at a bit of a cost. A Callaway golf umbrella can cost significantly more than comparable umbrellas from other brands.

However, if you are willing to pay a premium price then you can get a premium golf umbrella with a premium style to go with it. The ladies umbrellas are especially unique and stylish with patterns that you simply won’t find on umbrellas from other brands.



Finally, another well-known brand to look for when shopping for golf umbrellas is Adidas. A number of professional players on the PGA tour trust Adidas for their apparel and equipment including golf umbrellas.

What’s most surprising about Adidas umbrellas is the price. It would make sense for a top brand like Adidas to charge a premium price but their umbrellas are actually very competitively priced. If you have a Costco membership you may be able to find an umbrella from Adidas at an absolutely fantastic price.

Shop, Compare, and Play Golf


The most important thing when shopping for a golf umbrella is to ensure you don’t fall down a rabbit hole and lose track of time.

Don’t overthink your purchase.

After all, this is an umbrella.

Simply set a budget, compare the options, ensure you have the essential features, and then spend the rest of your time hitting the golf course.

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