The 5 Fun Golf Games That Every Player Should Know About

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a professional golfer. You don’t have to be a professional poker player either to enjoy a round of poker over the weekend with some friends.

Likewise, it’s not necessary for you to master the art of golf just because you feel like playing the game or being on the golf course. Golf is supposed to be a fun activity, isn’t it? So let’s make the sport more enjoyable for our fellow golfers or buddies on the golf course by playing fun golf games.

Fun Golf Games


There are many golf games that you can play on the golf course. So what I have done is made a list of the 5 best golf games of all time. Now is the time to go through each of them and then decide which one you’re most likely to play the next time you go golfing.



Fun Golf Games


Considered to be the most popular golf game in the world today, Nassau is fun and enjoyable to the very core. This game is broken down into three parts. These parts or bets are known as the low back 9 score, the low front 9 score, and the low total score.

When four players are playing the game, you get to decide on the $2 Nassau. The maximum amount that one pays when he or she loses all the bets is $6. And the golfer who succeeds in all the three bets gains $18. That means each golfer shells out $6 to the winner. This is one of those golf games that are always under control.

But it all changes when you bring in a press. Once this happens, the game goes out of hand pretty quickly. What is a press? It’s nothing but a second bet. This bet tends to run concurrently along with your original bet. The amount of money that you bet for a press is the same as your first bet.

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Fun Golf Games


Each hole is assigned a dollar amount or point value. And every player contributes a certain amount on each of these holes. Every hole receives the lowest score, and that emerges as the winner.

If there’s a tie on any of the holes, then the game continues. The player that ends up winning the subsequent hole emerges as the winner for that particular hole. He or she also wins the skins that were carried over.

There’s a reason why this game is fun. Players usually tend to struggle for the first few holes whereas these holes might be tied by other players in the group. Then suddenly a player birdies a sixth or seventh hole, which is the minimum score on that hole. And this is how he or she wins all the six or seven skins.

But it’s important for the winner to validate skin carryovers on the subsequent hole. What this means is that if you’re the winner, then you must be able to match your lowest score on your next hole if you want to collect all the skins.

And, instead of you, if another player achieves a lower score on that next hole, then he or she gets the skins. But that person too should be able to validate. But if something like this takes place on the last hole, then the game’s over.

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This is one of those fun golf games in which you must be careful. You form two teams, and each team has two players. You have to achieve a collective score on every hole. And this is where the twist comes in. Instead of adding the two different team scores, you combine them with the lowest team score being the first number.

This team score is nothing but a number that each team has earned per hole. You track the points throughout the entire round of golf and then pay off the differential in the end.

You can decide on the value of the points. It can be $1 for every point when playing with high rollers. Or simply a nickel for each point when playing with average golfers.

Just to keep the game in check, there is one crucial rule that must be applied. If you score a 10 or may be even higher, then that number should come before the lower score. For example, if you have a 6 and 10, then it’s written as 106 (instead of 610).



Fun Golf Games


One of the best and most fun golf games is the Rabbit. It’s pretty simple to understand too. The player that achieves a low score first wins the Rabbit. And if another player manages to make a low score on the next hole, then the Rabbit is released.

The player after this that earns an even lower score finally wins the Rabbit. So it’s important for the Rabbit to be released for another player to capture it again.

For larger payouts, what you can do is skip the step where you release the Rabbit. Instead, stick to the rule that makes the player with the lower score the winner of the Rabbit.


Bingo Bango Bongo

The fun golf games list would be incomplete without Bingo Bango Bongo. It’s a golf game that involves points. Bingo is the first point that a player gets when he or she lands the golf ball on the green. Bango is the second point that a player wins if his or her golf ball is nearest to the pin.

This is when all the golf balls get to the green. And the last point, Bongo, is awarded to the player that holes out first.

Bingo Bango Bongo​

Wrapping it up

The game of golf need not always be challenging and serious. It ought to be fun and exciting too, right? The whole point of playing golf is to relax your body and mind. And most importantly, have loads of fun.

So these fun golf games ensure that you have a great time on the golf course even if you don’t play like a pro. After all, it’s your golf group, your golf clubs, and your personal time on the golf course. So spend it as you like!

But what we want to know is your favorite golf game. Is it Nassau or Vegas? Or is it Bingo Bango Bongo?

Please share your wonderful thoughts with us in the comments section below. We would love to know what’s on your mind.

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