The 3 Surprisingly Easy Golf Swing Secrets – What Every Golfer Should Know

Every golfer wants to work on his or her swing, isn’t that correct? But many go about it the wrong way. Looking for quick tips or some magical cure is not going to improve your swing. But learning proper golf mechanics will. If you want your swing to help you get better distance than ever before, you must know all about the easy golf swing secrets.

Muscle activity, ground reaction impact, and motion analysis are essential when it comes to improving your swing. Hitting the golf ball farther and reducing strain on the joints should be the primary goals.

I have discussed 3 secrets to obtaining an effortless golf swing. So let’s get into that right away, shall we?

But before we do that, you should understand the importance of the golf grip.

Easy Golf Swing


What you need to know before reading on

When it comes to golf grip, you will find plenty of information about it on the internet. So it can get confusing to decide what to follow, right? That is why I have listed only two key points to keep in mind as far as the golf grip is concerned.

Point #1

When buying the best golf grip, make sure that it enables you to produce a swing with speed. Swinging the club with optimal speed should be the greatest priority.

Point #2

Comfort is a factor that must be taken into consideration when buying all kinds of golf equipment. So forget what your instructor or some golfing expert said to you. Pick a golf grip that you feel comfortable with.

Easy Golf Swing


Apart from these two key points, there is another factor that helps in providing a better grip. Bulking up the golf grip by adding extra tape ensures a thick, tight grip (golf grip sizes). You can also choose chunkier grips instead of the standard ones on the market.

Think about baseball bats, tennis rackets, hammers, etc. What do they all have in common? Thicker handles. So what does that mean? More speed and power with better grip.

3 secrets to the easy golf swing

#1 Swing the Arms and Hands to Achieve Maximum Power

Easy Golf Swing


You should spin the body if you want to generate maximum power, right? I’m sure you must have heard this from many golfers. But that is wrong information. Turning or spinning leads to producing weak slices. This body motion is entirely unnecessary. And it also makes the already challenging game more complicated.

Focus on the arms and hands is essential when you’re throwing any ball against the wall with maximum force. While doing this, your body inevitably moves. But this movement is only a reaction to the arm and hand action.

When you generate an action with a complete focus on the “big muscle” you tend to complicate the throwing motion. This causes you to spin as well as over-rotate. You will find many golfers doing something like that every time they play.

But when it comes to producing maximum power, you need to swing with the arms and hands. In this case, the body will act as your support mechanism and not vice versa.

Such an easy golf swing technique can be explained with an example. Let’s talk about controlled backswing. In such scenarios, all golfers HAVE TO swing their arms. It’s the only way to hit the golf ball farther, right? With such a swing movement, your body tends to work with it instead of working against it.

#2 Timing Should be Spot On

Easy Golf Swing


For an easy golf swing, the timing needs to be perfect. So how do you identify the points to get the perfect timing for your swing? Here’s how:

  • Timing is perfect when the club head travels along your target line for longer.
  • When the clubface is pointing at your target for a longer time.

Once you learn how to do this, you get an unfair yet valuable advantage. It helps in boosting your confidence level. Plus, the golf ball tends to travel straighter and longer. Better biomechanics in golf is always an excellent idea, isn’t it?

#3 Hit the Golf Ball Effortlessly

Easy Golf Swing


You don’t need to hurt or strain your body in order to generate more power. An easy golf swing is one that requires you to make the minimum effort. So how can you hit the golf ball farther with little effort?

  • Focusing on a comparatively shorter backswing leads to increasing the swing’s length. When you don’t exert too much strain and stress, it helps in getting into proper position. And this goes a long way in reporting better results.

Drills on How to Shorten Your Backswing : Golf Tips

  • Allow the bending of the left arm, if you’re a right-handed golfer. This helps in minimizing strain and creating an easy golf swing.

You also get a paramount mechanical advantage. Bending the left arm lowers MOI (moment of inertia) and increases swing speed. And when was that ever a bad idea!

  • Winding the body does not help in producing more power. So there’s no need to turn the body tight or even as much as you’re able to.

An effortless golf swing requires you to be comfortable and relaxed. It’s only logical. You can’t expect to swing better when you’re forcing your body to get into uncomfortable positions.

Create an Effortless Golf Swing


As a professional and experienced golfer, I can assure you that this is the three easy golf swing to learn. It’s always a better idea to choose the simplest golf swing technique over the complex ones. It helps in learning proper golf mechanics, especially if you’re a beginner.

Just keep in mind that practice is essential. Try to repeat the same swing movement with a well-balanced finish. And perform such an effortless golf swing with all types of clubs. This goes a long way in achieving timing and tempo consistency.

How about you? Do you follow this method to generate the easiest golf swing movement?

If not, then tell us all about your simplest golf swing technique. You can share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

I hope the article proved to be useful in terms of improving your swing. Is there anything else that you would like to add? Please feel free to drop in your thoughts.

So swing away and have a nice day, fellow golfers!

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