What Are The Easiest Irons To Hit? The Most Forgiving Irons

Did you know that irons are the kind of golf clubs that a golfer requires the most on the golf course? I’m sure you do. So don’t you think you might be making a huge mistake if you’re investing in fancy irons that don’t suit your golfing skills and game at all?

The easiest irons to hit are the ones that every golfer, especially a beginner golfer should have in the golf bag if he or she wants to get better at the sport and master the swing movement.

The beneficial qualities of both the most forgiving irons and game improvement irons are abundantly found in the easiest irons to hit. And that is why many beginners, as well as professionals, opt for these kinds of irons. But they are very difficult to come by.

Mainly because one has to keep in mind several factors that contribute to making these irons comparatively and remarkably easier to hit than the other irons or golf clubs.


Let’s go through all the essential features in detail below so you can clearly tell right from wrong.

The easiest irons to hit: Type of Iron – Cavity Back Design

Generally speaking, there are two types of irons on the market. One is a blade and the other a cavity back. When it comes to choosing the easiest irons to hit, the latter gives better results than the former. But nonetheless, I am going to talk about both the designs. Because it’s better to be well informed so you can make a wiser decision based on your current golfing skills and techniques.

Blades are the kinds of irons with a very basic and simple design. But they don’t have a cut out from the club head’s backside. Even though blades have a truly remarkable and neat physical appearance, they are extremely difficult to hit. And that is why blades are used by professional golfers as it gives them more control.

Principle Golf Men's Foam Cavity 3 Iron, Right Hand, Steel, Regular

So if you’re a beginner, then blades might not be suitable for you unless you have the skillful ability to take full advantage of the maximum control that they offer.

The best option for you would be irons with cavity back design. Why? Because these are the most forgiving irons that you, as an amateur golfer, will ever come across. Do you know what perimeter weighting is? It is the club head’s mass that gets equally distributed along the edges. So cavity back designs create this perimeter weighting.

And this is exactly what makes these kinds of irons easier to hit. The perimeter weighting causes the club head to resist twisting during impact while the abundant mass found at the bottom of the golf club significantly contributes in getting the golf ball to fly higher into the air. That’s reason enough to buy cavity back models, isn’t it?

Type of Shaft – Graphite Shafts

There are many golfers who simply opt for graphite shafts when it comes to their drivers. But as far as selecting game improvement irons or the most forgiving irons are concerned, the importance is given to both graphite and steel shafts equally.

But as a professional player, I would like to tell you that choosing graphite shafts over steel shafts can go a long way if you want to play with golf clubs that are easy to hit.


With graphite shafts, off-center hits tend to be less sharp and more forgiving. Graphite shafts that have soft tips have the tendency to get the golf ball up into the air in a much easier manner.

Many golfers believe that in order to achieve long distances, you should always and only opt for steel shafts. But that is wrong. As long as you have an accelerated swing speed and don’t want to compromise on distance, you can select any shaft that has an appropriate flex and weight for your particular needs and requirements.

Japan Wazaki WL-I 4-SW Stain Steel Graphite Shaft Irons Golf Club Set(pack of 8)

Club Head Size – Large

Golf club buying tips 101 – select golf clubs with larger club heads. And why? So you get abundant space to hit a decent shot despite missing the sweet spot. I can’t tell you how thankful my beginner-self was to golf clubs that came with a larger club head design.

Now this doesn’t mean that you opt for irons that are built with the “largest” club head. Instead, what I mean to say is that the easiest irons are the ones that are not very tiny.

Square Two Agree II Pro Design 8 Iron Golf Club, Ladies Steel Shaft, RH

The best way to test the club head design and the sweet spot of any golf club is to try them out on the golf course or at your local golf store. This will give you an idea of how well you can use them in order to perform better at your next game or practice session.

While choosing the club head size, it is important to understand that every golfers’ swinging movement and speed is different and unique. So the results that you produce with a certain club head size will not necessarily match up with the results that another golfer achieves with the same club head size.

Iron Play – Proper Setup & Swing for Clean Contact

As a professional golfer, I would recommend you to stick with the tried and tested methods, especially if you’re a beginner. So in this case, it is a larger club head design. Because irons with a comparatively larger club head design are considered to be the easiest irons.

Final note

The next time you’re at your local golf store, remember to keep these three essentials features in mind while buying the best golf irons.

  • Irons with a cavity back design.
  • Irons with a graphite shaft.
  • Irons with a larger club head design.

There will be plenty of options to choose from even after you waive out the set of irons that don’t have these particular characteristics. Without a shadow of a doubt, I can tell you that every golf club manufacturing company creates at least 2 to 3 easiest irons to hit.

Now these may also be known as the most forgiving irons or game improvements irons. Call it what you may, the ultimate goal is one and the same. And that is perfectly fitting your game as well as swing movement in order to achieve better results every single time you get out there on the golf course. (The different types of golf clubs and their advantages)

If you still aren’t sure, then it’s never a bad idea to talk to the salesperson at your local golf store and seek his or her expert advice and help that will undoubtedly lead you on the correct path. The path of glory!

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and found it useful. Have you ever thought about these features when buying your golf clubs? Is there any other quality that I may have probably overlooked?

Please don’t be shy to share your thoughts in the comments section below. I truly appreciate the feedback, any feedback.

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