Do You Know How Far To Stand Away From The Golf Ball?

Since ages, golf has been bringing the color of sophistication in leisure activities. Whatever be the time, the eighties or twenties, golf would always be a name that carries class and free spirit. And to light up your mood, it is very important that you know the basics of this game so that you have an excellent score after a rough day or week.

The most important things in golf include the club, ball along with the position and distance. No matter how expensive your accessories are, if you don’t calculate the distance correctly, you might like to slow down and analyze the significance of the distance. That’s why you need to learn about how far to stand away from the golf ball.

There are many things that have the direct impact on the distance from the ball and you. Here we will discuss the prime factors that we should consider while determining it.


Thumb rule:

For the best swing, the distance between the ball and you is very important. Most of the time we happen to hold the club far away which straightens our hands completely and we lock our elbows. This results in a bad move and the chances of missing the ball is very high.

So the general rule for calculating the distance is to stand as close to the ball as possible and then start positioning your body and hand comfortably according to your need. Club length and other necessary factors.


It may surprise you a bit but the golf legends and trainers always ask the players not to stand too close. Standing too close may be thought as the best observation point but staying too close to the ball will always ruin your game. They also quote that there are very few people available in the field of golf who believe in standing too close to that ball.

How Far To Stand Away From The Golf Ball



Here is a simple tip on how to determine the distance between the ball and the player. The basic step includes the address where you have to take a good stance. Here you need to manage your body in a wise way so that it can help you t take the stance. Follow the step discussed below:

1. Stand with your legs apart. The distance between two legs must be a shoulder width.

2. Keep your knees reflexed as knees play an important role in the swing.

3. Bend your hip naturally for the best outcome.

4. Your hands would hang freely, let them be at that position.

5. Now at the end, simply let them come closer without reaching out.

This would give you the perfect position which is completely balanced. This will help to get the nice and easy swing and the distance between the thighs and the end of the club is also determined here.

Golf Grip Right Hand Tip – Golf Tip 

Club selection:

Choosing the proper golf club will be always one of the best decision in golf. There are different types of clubs available with a different length of the shaft. And this length determines the distance between the ball and the body of the player. The end of the club should be at the right distance from the player or it will be an unsuccessful try.

There ae some rules related to club that we are going to discuss now.

  • If you are using 43 inches, long driver, then the length of the grip has to be 11 inches. This rough calculation helps in achieving the best position for golf, but it certainly depends on the height of the player. With changes in the height the calculations changes.

There is a hosel where the makers put a colored band at the top. If we pay attention properly we can see this. We need to measure the distance between the hosel and the lower end of the grip.

The distance is the length of the naked bare part of the shaft of the club and the value is about 28 inches. The distance discussed here is the gap between the tee and the line drawn between the two tips.

  • If your height is between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 4 inches, then the distance would be the actual value mentioned above which is 28 inches. There could be exceptions like abnormally alone or way too short hands or large waistline but otherwise in general cases this formula works fine.
  • A person who highs more than 6 feet 4 inches will stand closer to the club with the same reference driver where the person with height shorter than 5 feet 10 inches needs to stand a little farther from the driver.

Another measurement can be given to make the understanding easier. Any person with height 5 feet 8 inches will consider the distance to be 31 inches where 5 feet 6 inches player can be 33 inches away for a successful swing.

​OBX Golf Assoc – Golf Tip – Club Selection


The psychological balance is also very important for a player. Anyone thinking that s/he is standing way too close or way too far will be unnecessary conscious and may cause blunder. Keeping the ball too far away may cause to hit the ball with the toe of the club which is not desired.


After taking the proper stance at the address you can have a check on your position and gesture which would help you to determine the right position.

There are several tests that you can perform with your club to decide how far to stand away from the golf ball. This is no quantum physics and can easily be understood with the help of various guide book available in the market for learning golf basic better. This will give you the appropriate idea of the distance determination process while considering all the other factors.

Another thing we must remember that practice is very important in all kind of indoor and outdoor activities so it is advised to keep practicing to be confident about how far to stand away from the golf ball on the field for a successful, easy and decent swing.





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