DIY Golf Cart Tips: How To Build Your Own Golf Cart?

Who knew that you could build your own golf cart (DIY golf cart)! But do you know how it’s possible? Building a golf cart from scratch is something that you can do because of the amount of old ones lying around. These golf carts are beat-up in quality, so they’re just sitting and waiting for rust to do its job.

And it’s these old golf carts that you can use to build another new one. By going through the step by step procedure below, you’ll see how reliable and awesome they are to assemble. So let’s go it right away!

build your own golf cart -DIY Golf Cart


diy golf cart tips: How to build your own golf cart? 

To make the process easier for you to understand and perform, we’ve divided it into three parts.

  • Part 1 involves the golf cart frame plans.
  • Part 2 is dedicated to installing the equipment such as motor, brakes, etc.
  • And finally, Part 3 is all about customization and design. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? So time to get started!

Part 1

  • 1. To begin with, you need an unusable, rundown golf cart (buying a used golf cart).

And we all know what the first step is going to be, right? Tearing down this cart. Remove the different parts of the vehicle carefully. Remember that you can always sell this old equipment so don’t manhandle it while detaching it from the cart.

build your own golf cart - DIY Golf Cart build your own golf cart - DIY Golf Cart


  • 2. If you’re working with an electric golf cart, you need to remove the rear end. You will be replacing it with an entirely new retooled electric version.

But with a gas-powered model, the rearend doesn’t require any repair or change.

build your own golf cart - DIY Golf Cart

  • 3. You will also have to remove the factory battery rack installed in the golf cart.

This brings you to the end of Part 1. The golf cart frame is cleared out, and the vehicle is ready to travel through time and come back to life.

Part 2

  • 1. To get started, you can repaint the frame after cleaning it.

This is the right time to fit motor mounts onto the frame. These mounts will do an excellent job at holding the new motor in place.

build your own golf cart - DIY Golf Cart

  • 2. You can go ahead and install the basic wiring of the golf cart. This includes wiring for audio and lighting along with the clutch and throttle cables.
  • 3. At this point, the refurbished rear axle of any gas-powered golf cart is fitted with your cart’s suspension.

The suspension kit of the vehicle should include axle brackets, spindles, and lift blocks. It’s important to ensure that this kit is constructed with high-quality materials. It needs to last for a very long time even in the toughest conditions.

build your own golf cart - DIY Golf Cart


  • 4. After performing these steps properly, sliding in the motor and bolting it to the mounts will be a smooth experience.

Just keep in mind that these mounts come with Heim joints that you can easily adjust. This enables the engine of the cart to flex if and when required.

  • 5. Now it’s time to bolt the vehicle’s rear end. Attaching it to the leaf springs is not a difficult and time-consuming task, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Complete this step by adding spaces right above the hangers of the leaf spring. What these do is provide more clearance to keep the suspension and tires from rubbing against the fenders.

  • 6. With the final bolts and connections in place, it’s time to turn the spotlight on the cart’s front.

You can install bright-colored shock boots, which will look great with matching graphics (in part 3)

  • 7. The golf cart’s front steering equipment should be mounted in its factory location. At such a time, it’s best to use spindles. They offer a perfect fit while making the lifting process less complicated.

build your own golf cart - DIY Golf Cart


  • 8. The next step requires you to mount the upgraded brakes to the cart’s front region. 
  • This particular installation needs to be carried out properly. And that’s because it is responsible for handling the additional power of the motor.

  • 9. Now that the shocks, suspension, and spindles are in place, the front part of the golf cart is ready. 

So it’s time to bring in some graphics before bolting the body back in its place for the first test run.

Part 3

  • 1. This is the time to get creative, isn’t it? But remember not to go overboard with the customization. You don’t want your golf cart to look shabby now, do you?

So let’s begin by adding a combination of white and bright-colored graphics to the sides and front hood. But please make sure that they’re vinyl graphics. So you know that you can remove them in the future for another color scheme.

  • 2. Time to get the wheels on! These come wrapped in tires, right?

This combination of wheel and tire does more than just look good. It does an excellent job at providing the cart with the much-needed stance to cover long distances even on muddy surfaces.

build your own golf cart - DIY Golf Cart


  • 3. This is when you re-attach the body of the golf cart to its chassis. Following which you start working on electrical components like audio and lighting.
  • 4. A head unit, preferably 190-watt, and four 6-inch speakers are the two other components to install next.

And let’s not forget the LED headlights. These need to be extremely bright, so it’s easy to spot the cart at night or around large buggies and trucks.

build your own golf cart - DIY Golf Cart


build your own golf cart - DIY Golf Cart


  • 5. The final step is to take that cart out for a test spin. So wrap those hands around your steering wheel and get to the course as soon as possible. 

How to Build Custom Golf Cart?

Done with the building!

So this is how you build your own golf cart – the DIY golf cart. If you follow the instructions properly, you will not have to worry about the speed and control of the vehicle. Plus, the task of building a golf cart from scratch is fun and exciting too.

The chances of succeeding at the first attempt itself are pretty high. So don’t think about reasons why it won’t work. Instead, go through our step by step instructions once more and start working on your home built golf cart right away!

Have you ever tried building a cart on your own? If yes, then how did you go about assembling the whole thing together? And did it work?

We would love to hear about your experiences. So please feel free to drop in your thoughts and feedback below.

We hope the content was useful and instructions elaborate. Please do let us know if there’s anything important that we forgot to add.

Have a nice day folks!

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