What Is The Difference Between Graphite Vs. Steel Shafts In Golf?

When it is about buying a golf club, there are a number of things that needs to be considered. One of such thing to consider is the difference between graphite vs. steel shafts. The shaft is at present available in various materials, but two of the most important and popular ones are the steel and the graphite shafts.

While selecting among these two, there are a number of things to be taken care of. This is because both the steel shaft and the graphite shaft have its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider both the sides before choosing the correct one for your game.

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Are steel or graphite shafts better? SOMETHINGS TO CONSIDER

The Weight of the Shaft

The very first eminent thing that can be considered in the case of both the shafts is the weight.

  • This can have both advantages and disadvantages for both the steel ones as well as the graphite ones.

Steel Shafts

  • ​Much heavier.
  • There are many experienced golf players who feel comfortable with heavy shafts and hence will definitely go for the steel ones.
  • More vibrations up the shaft.
  • Fits the players with high swing speed.
  • Cheaper than graphite shafts.

Graphite Shafts

  • Lighter than steel shafts.
  • The new players or the beginners or the learners are much into using the less heavy shaft and hence they often go for the graphite ones.
  • More whip and flexibility.
  • Fits the players with lower swing speed.
  • Higher expensive (20% than steel shafts)

Also, there are many such experienced players also who play with the lighter graphite shafts.


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Swinging of the Shaft

The next important thing that can be taken as a point of comparison between the two is the swinging of the shaft. As graphite shaft is much lighter in weight and also much flexible in comparison to the steel shaft, there are many chances of getting a faster and higher swing than the steel shafts.

This does not mean that with the steel shaft you cannot have a higher swing. Of course, you can have, but the pressure exerted in the case of the steel shaft is much higher than the graphite one.

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The Swing Speed Resulting in Difference in Distance

The distance of the golf ball depends highly on the swing of the shaft. Faster and lighter are the swing, far the ball goes and reaches its aim. This is the reason many have a conception that graphite shafts are best for getting great and accurate results. In order to have a good result:

  • In the case of the steel shaft, you need to put in more force and also more focus.
  • In the case of the graphite shaft, of course, you need to have a focus on the ball, but the pressure exerted on the shaft is much lesser.

Thus, there are high chances of getting a good slice in the case of the graphite shaft. Of course, here also it depends on from player to player.

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Vibration the Shafts

This is one thing that many of the nongolf players are not aware of. When a shot is played, the player sometimes is aware of how much far the ball has gone and whether it has reached the goal or not.

This is because of the vibrations taking place in the shaft. When the ball is sliced, vibration is created in the shaft that is felt in the hand of the player. By feeling this vibration, the player many times gets to know about the performance.

If you are into the professional playing of golf, it is very important for you also to feel the vibration to understand your performance and to know about how you played. This is very much possible in the case of the steel shafts.

In the graphite shafts also the vibration portion is felt, but not as much that is there in case of a steel shaft. This is the reason there are many professionals who are much in steel shafts.

Difference between graphite Vs. Steel Shafts: Which should you choose?

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People with Chronic Pain

There are many gold players who suffer from some kind of chronic pain such as in the arms or in the knees or in the back. If such people even bend a bit or exert a lot of pressure, they may get a lot of pain in the areas with a chronic issue.

Of course, this is quite understandable that if they play with the steel shaft, then due to heavy weight, they have to put extra pressure and this can be very bad for the pain that the person is having.

In the case of the graphite shaft, due to lighter weight, the pressure exerted is much lesser and hence there is no such issue for people who suffer from any chronic pain. You must have seen many businessmen playing golf as a part of their hobby. Such people feel very much comfortable with the help of graphite shafts.

These shafts are lesser in weight and also players do not have to put extra pressure to get higher swings to make the ball reach its goal or somewhere near to the goal.

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The Price of the Shafts

When all the advantages and disadvantages have been noticed, it is also important to have a check about the price of the shafts. Though steel shafts are quite professional and are being used by some of the professional players, they are much lesser in expense in comparison to the graphite shaft. Reasons are still unknown for such a difference, but one of the reasons can be the light weight of the graphite shaft that makes it preferable for a number of people such as old people or even the learners.

Not just a few, but there is a huge difference in price of the steel shaft and the graphite shafts. The graphite shafts are almost 20% higher in cost than the steel shafts.


Thus, there are a number of differences that make steel shaft much different than the graphite shaft. So, if you are planning to get a golf shaft or a driver for yourself next time, first try to consider the points that you need to have in your shaft and then accordingly get the one for you.

Both have their own benefits and disadvantages, hence it cannot be said that which one is good or which one is bad, it totally depends on the players who are taking it.

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