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Best 3-Wood – Buyer’s Guide

Certain types of golf clubs are considered to be very useful in any golfers’ bag. And this applies to the best 3-wood as well. The thing is that many players now look to this particular fairway wood as the best option for playing their 2nd shot on long par 4 or higher holes. The golf […]

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Best Blade Irons – Buyer’s Guide

Gone is the time when we used to call them just irons. But like everything else, including humans, even irons went through the evolution. Now you have multiple options to choose from, especially when it comes to blade irons. And the list keeps increasing every year, doesn’t it? So what are the best blade irons […]

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The Ultimate PING G30 Driver Review

As a golfing professional, I have practiced and played with several different types of drivers. And I’m assuming that, as a golfing enthusiast yourself, you’ve done it too. The thing about a golf club is that it’s the only piece of equipment that we change or experiment with the most. The reason why we do […]

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