Best Sand Wedge – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews in 2017

Golf may be a fun game, but it’s hard to master the many skills of the sport. Even professionals find it challenging to combine the techniques of a short game, putting, and driving.

But you should know that the most efficient way of lowering your scores is by focusing on the short game. And the correct way to focus on a short game is by buying the best sand wedge.

When it comes to wedges, you get other options too. Like the pitching wedge and gap wedge or the putter. But none of these help as much as a sand wedge to improve those scores.

So if what you’re looking for is to add a high-performing sand wedge to your entourage of clubs, then today’s your lucky day. We’ve listed at least seven excellent options for you below. So let’s not waste any more time and get to them right away!

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Sand Wedges

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best sand wedge


The Best Sand Wedge: 7 Top Choices

The thing about club sets is that they sometimes don’t include a sand wedge. Instead, they go for the pitching wedge and the putter. But that’s not what you’ll find here.

The only golf club that we’ve discussed in the article is the sand wedge. So expect to learn everything there is to know about this magical stick to improve your short game.

1. Cleveland Golf Sand Wedge – The Best Sand Wedge for Professional Golfers

Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce Tour Satin Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, 52-Degree

Players who already know how to take advantage of their irons might love this sand wedge. The Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge offers a variety of shaft options. The graphite shaft delivers more flexibility for easy swing movements. And its steel counterpart is suitable for more professional purposes.

As far as spin technology is concerned, Cleveland has that covered. With this sand wedge, you can achieve maximum spin from a sand trap, fairway, or the rough.

And for consistency in spin, the club comes with zip grooves and laser and Rotex milling. These features enhance the face’s micro-roughness to provide consistency.

The only gripe is the sweet spot of the club. It seems as if it’s non-existent. But the sea of options for loft selection makes up for such a flaw. That and the rich satin black finish of the sand wedge.

We Like

  • Optimal weight with maximum flexibility.
  • Ideal for spinning full shots and greenside.

We Don't Like

  • The sweet spot is not satisfactory.

RTX 2.0 - What Goes Into It?

2. Wilson Staff Chrome Golf Wedge – The Best Affordable Sand Wedge

Wilson Staff Men's Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge, Right Hand, 56.0-Degree

It’s not just the remarkable features that make the Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge one of the best. It’s the unbelievable price too. When it comes to the loft of the club, you get three different options to select from. The safest bet is to opt for 56 degrees, which is suitable for bunkers and more.

The unique sole grind head design of the wedge enables you to open it up better. This adds more versatility and easy usability to the club. And that is ideal for both professionals and beginners. On top of that, the steel shaft gives you a positive feel.

The best part about it is the black chrome texture that minimizes sun glare. On the other hand, the worst part is the extremely lightweight design. But this doesn’t affect the club’s performance on the golf course.

We Like

  • The grooves offer sufficient spin to slow or stop the golf ball.
  • Suitable for more aggressive chipping.

We Don't Like

  • It’s lighter than it should be.

3. Pinemeadow Wedge – The Best Sand Wedge with a Large Face

Pinemeadow Golf Men's Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, Regular, 56-Degree

A cost-friendly price and large face is an impressive combination, don’t you think? This is what you should expect with the phenomenal Pinemeadow Wedge. The unique head design consists of a semicircle top edge. This gives you a larger surface area on the clubface. So beginners can strike the golf ball in a much easier manner.

These best golf wedges for beginners have a top quality steel construction with a sweet charcoal gray surface. The steel shaft is also suitable for average golfers or beginners.

And the loft options are aplenty so that you can decide depending on your set of skills and requirements. What’s not to like about the Pinemeadow Wedge is the poor quality of the finish. It tends to come off as you keep using the golf club. But this doesn’t impact its performance level.

We Like

  • The wedge lays the golf ball high enough for better aiming.
  • The feel of the club is excellent.

We Don't Like

  • The finish of the clubface doesn’t last for a long time.

How Golf Clubs are Made? Pinemeadow Golf

4. Ray Cook Golf-Shot Saver Alien Wedge – The Best Sand Wedge for More Accurate Strikes

Ray Cook Golf Shot-Saver Alien Wedge, Right, Steel, Wedge

This is the most revolutionary sand wedge on the market. And it’s the unique shape of the Ray Cook Golf-Shot Saver Alien Wedge that makes it so special.

The two-piece, oversized construction gives you a larger sweet spot and wider sole. This is useful in achieving a higher MOI (moment of inertia). And what such a characteristic does is offer more accuracy than the traditional wedges.

To make things even better, the Ray Cook Golf-Shot Saver Alien Wedge comes with a lightweight, firm flex steel shaft. So you get a solid feel along with additional accuracy.

You will also appreciate the non-glare clubface with a high chrome satin finish. But what you might not like is the low quality of the hitting surface. This makes it more susceptible to early damage.

We Like

  • The wider, larger sole provides higher bounce angle for easier shots.
  • It helps in preventing twisting during impact.

We Don't Like

  • The club’s hitting surface is prone to scratches.

5. Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind – The Best Versatile Sand Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind (Men's, Right Hand, 56-13, KBS Tour V Stiff)

Callaway took the Mack Daddy 2 version and designed it with better quality materials and a higher toe shape. And this is how the brand came up with the Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind. The sand wedge is suitable for all types of shots.

The structure is such that it lets you speed through the golf ball and chase every shot. So you can use this sand wedge on flops, thick roughs, and bunker shots.

You will be glad to know that the exclusive design of the Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind makes it appropriate for more aggressive shots. You get a larger surface area, longer grooves, and higher toe. These features make hitting deep rough shots much easier.

The part that’s slightly disappointing is the poor grip. But with so many benefits, this looks like something you can get used to quite easily.

We Like

  • The clubhead shape and grooves help in improving short game skills.
  • These are the best wedges for high handicappers.

We Don't Like

  • The grip is not satisfactory.

Callaway PM Grind Wedge - Designed by Phil Mickelson

6. Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge – The Best High-Quality Sand Wedge

Cleveland Golf Men's 38900 Tour Action Wedge, Right Hand, 56-Degree

Cleveland has created a reputation for manufacturing top quality golf clubs. These come with steel shafts, which make them suitable for beginners. And the Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge is no exception.

The average flex, stiffer material construction of the wedge goes a long way in providing consistency. You also get the opportunity to select from five different options for the loft. The best bet would be to pick the 58-degree loft wedge. This is ideal for delivering desired results when it comes to distance.

Now let’s talk about the design of the head. It has a stainless steel structure with an anti-glare charcoal gray coating. Plus, the sole, grooves, and face are CNC-machined to offer more precision.

So it comes as a big surprise when you find out that the wedge has a tiny flaw. It’s the lack of maximum forgiveness. And we all know what a huge disappointment that can be, right?

We Like

  • High-quality materials ensure maximum durability.
  • It provides an excellent feel with perfect balance.

We Don't Like

  • The clubface is not forgiving enough.

Cleveland Golf Wedge Fitting System with Graeme McDowell

7. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge – The Best Easy to Use Sand Wedge

Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Golf Sand Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, Wedge, 56-degrees

In terms of usability, you will find nothing better than the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge. The classic and efficient design of this best sand wedge increases backspin. This way you can get the golf ball to stop as soon as it lands. So you can use this golf club for shots from the fairway, sand, and rough.

You will be quite impressed with the medium flexibility of the steel shaft. Such a feature makes striking the golf ball easier. Hence, these are the best golf wedges for beginners.

The heavier sole grind allows better opening up of the clubface. And this, in turn, assists in achieving higher shots and more spin. The only drawback with this is the excessive weight. But this is something every player can get used to, don’t you think?

We Like

  • The club’s fine tour grinds make it suitable for various lies.
  • The grooves offer good spin.

We Don't Like

  • The clubhead is slightly on the heavier side.

Inside Wilson LABS - Wedges

The Buyer’s Guide to the Best Sand Wedge

best sand wedge


We can’t tell you how many times and how many golfers only consider the iron set, driver, or putter when they want to upgrade. This means that wedges rank the lowest on their priority list.

Not many players know and understand much about wedges. Even in the golf discussions and chats, you will hardly ever come across anything that’s not related to putters and drivers.

But it’s time to change that now, isn’t it? At least 1/4th of golf shots come from wedges, professionals have proved this point time and again. So let’s make the sand wedge the center of attention in our discussion today.

Now, we all know that a sand wedge is most suitable for sand bunker shots and traps. But many professional golfers have started to use this wedge even for shots from the fairway and the greens.

When to Use the Sand Wedge?

The club’s bounce angle is created in such a way so as to bounce it off to the soft sands. And this is why a sand wedge is the only appropriate choice for shots from the bunker. The sand wedge is also useful to bounce off the ball from muddy grounds or thick grass.

So what does this tell you? That the golf club has an incredibly versatile nature. You can put it to use on the fairway and the green. If the golf ball doesn’t lie on hard or firm surfaces, you can hit it with a sand wedge.

What Advantages Does a Sand Wedge Have Over the Other Wedges?

best sand wedge


High bounce; that’s the primary benefit of a sand wedge. And with a high bounce, you can achieve the following results.

  • The head of a sand wedge is heavier because of its bounce design. This causes the gravitational center to move forward and low, which results in a higher trajectory.
  • With a sand wedge, you get more flexibility when you’re addressing the ball. So you can line the golf ball better as the sole’s leading edge is above the ground.
  • The club’s bounce angle enables bouncing it off on soft sand, muddy ground, or thick grass. This makes the sand wedge suitable for shots from the bunker or any other shots that take the golf ball back to the greens.

What are the Essential Characteristics of a Sand Wedge?

This depends on what type of golf course you play on. When the sand is more shallow, you need a sand wedge with shallower sole, average bounce angle (7-11 degrees), and a D-5 to D-8 swing weight. Such a sand wedge is also suitable for play from a fairway green.

On the other hand, if you play on loose and grainy sands, then a D-5 to E-0 swing weight is more appropriate. This means additional bounce angle (12-15 degrees) and wider sole.

Now, let’s talk about powdery sands. For this, the bounce angle needs to be at least 16 to 20 degrees with an even broader sole. And as far as weight is concerned, you need something heavier, preferably D-7 to E-2.

And if you have a knack for changing courses, an all-round choice would be this. A sand wedge with a medium to average wide sole, bounce angle of 12-15 degrees, and swing weight of about D-5 to E-0.

The Loft of Sand Wedges

best sand wedge


More often than not, the correct loft falls somewhere between 54 and 58 degrees. On rare occasions, you can even opt for 60 degrees. But the minimum loft angle is 54 degrees while the maximum is 60 degrees. (The different wedge lofts)

The Final Note

When it comes to buying the best sand wedge, the seven options discussed in the article will be of great help. Plus, they’re affordable too. But it’s the Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge that ranks the highest regarding looks and performance.

The Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge offers an incredible feel with tour-specific qualities. These include accurate milled grooves and smooth turf contact. Such characteristics make the wedge suitable for improving short games. In fact, the CNC-machined clubface grooves deliver a better control tolerance level.

The durable stainless steel design comes with an anti-glare coating. On top of that, the sole grind delivers standard bounce to provide more consistency and a smoother turf interaction.

So feel free to add this best sand wedge to your favorite golf clubs set to play as well as look like a pro!

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