The Best Putters On The PGA Tour: Great Ways To Improve Your Putting

Want to learn how to be the best putter in town?Watching the best putters play golf is a great way to improve your own golf game. Why is this? And which professional golfers should you be paying attention to?

Putting: One of the Hardest Parts of Golf

When you first start playing golf, you may be under the mistaken impression that putting is the easiest part of golf. After all, that is what miniature golf is all about – putting.

However, once you start playing a real game of golf and have to deal with inconsistent greens along 18 holes, you appreciate putting more.

If you putt well, then you will be able to succeed at golf where others fail. Your putting technique can and will make the difference between a good game and a bad game – a good golf score or a bad golf score.

If you putt poorly, then you can quickly inflate your golf score in a really bad way. You could have gotten to the green in two swings, but then spent seven swings trying to get the ball in the hole with your lousy putting.

Just a fraction of an inch off and your putt can go from in the hole to way far out to the other side of the green.

Putting can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are not naturally good at it. But you can improve your putting.

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Here are Some of the Best Putters on the PGA Tour

As you know, sometimes, the best way to improve your golf swing is to simply watch other people play golf. While putting is not quite the same – after all, it’s not so much of a “swing” as it is a light “tap” on the golf ball – watching the best PGA professional golfers can help. It can also inspire you to want to become a better putter.

Watching PGA golfers with their putts can perhaps also help you be a little kinder to yourself. After all, they are not perfect. You may have noticed that they flub their putts sometimes, even easy ones. It may also seem that sometimes, this bad putting is contagious, and even the professional golfers can go on a losing streak with their putting.

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So, do not expect perfection with PGA putting. However, the best of the best golfers have amazing stats when it comes to putting. What are they? According to one article:

“The best of the best make 98 percent of their putts from inside five feet and 90 percent of those inside 10 feet.”

Those are pretty amazing statistics, aren’t they? But, here are some people you can learn from, as compiled by various publications:

Ranking the 10 Best Putters on the PGA Tour is an article from 2014 that highlights several great putters, including Aaron Baddeley, Rory McIlroy, and Brandt Snedeker. Steve Stricker came out number one on this list.Golf magazine has its own list of 10 Greatest Putters of All Time from 2009. This list includes Dave Stockton Sr., Billy Casper, Brad Faxon, and Jack Nicklaus. Their number one putter of all time was Tiger Woods, who was intentionally left off the previous article because he got worse as he got older.

The Richest came out with their list of The 10 Best Putters on the PGA Tour – though the date is not clear since it says “May 09th” (which probably means 2018). The selection was based on performance over the past five years. Their list includes Matt Kuchar, Bryce Molder, Brian Gay, and Aaron Baddeley. Their number one putter on the PGA tour is Luke Donald.As you can see, you can find different ideas of who is the best putter depending on which publication you read and when the article was written. Sure, you will also find some overlap with the names. But, for example, while Tiger Woods was the number one putter in one article, he was not listed as a great putter in the other two.

And who else was missing? The women.

Finding the Best Pro Women Golfers who are Great Putters

Woman golf using putter

You may notice from those above lists that they are all comprised of male professional golfers.

What is disappointing is that it is very difficult to find lists of the best women putters on the PGA tour. When you search for best women putters, you are likely to come up with websites selling golf clubs.

The search “10 best women golf professionals in putting” on Bing actually came up with a bunch of videos on top with women in bikinis, noting the “hottest” women golfers, or the “hottest” Asian golfers. Other links included a “Most Beautiful Women in Golf” feature on (seriously?) and “The Top 10 Sexiest Women Golfers.” Another article sells the “Top 10 Hottest Women in Golf.”

Despite women golfers being qualified athletes in their own right, it looks like sexism and objectification is alive and well in the world of golf.If you think that’s bad in the world of “#MeToo,” Golf Digest actually had the nerve to put out an article called “Why Women Putt Worse Than Men.”

The article starts:“When Michelle Wie came remarkably close to making the cut at the PGA Tour’s Sony Open in Hawaii in 2004, missing by a shot as a skinny, 6-foot-tall 14-year-old, the undercurrent of commentary had one consistent (if politically incorrect) thread.She played like a man.”

Now, the article itself tries to explain the stats by saying that women aren’t getting quite the same type of training that men are. Women pro golfers should be able to putt as well, but statistically, they are not.Well, if you are a woman reading this, perhaps this will inspire you to practice and get better. We can’t have bikini-clad golfers be what comes up when searching for good women putters on the PGA tour!

How to Improve Your Putting in Creative Ways

We all know that if you want to get better at something, the number one thing you can do is practice, practice, practice. Nothing will replace good old-fashioned practice as the number one way to get better at a skill.The more time you spend on putting practice, the better you will get at it.

1. Understand What Good Putting Technique Is

frogs golf - best putters

Of course, it helps to have good technique. You can certainly benefit from the help of a good golf coach. He or she will probably tell you that you should keep your head down while you put, and don’t look up as you swing (as this will throw your putt off).

2. Know the Lay of the Land

green golf course - best putters

You may already know that one of the best ways to improve your putting is to get a good read of the surface you are putting on.

Like a surfer who has to learn how to read the incoming waves in order to select the best one to ride, you need to understand your putting green.

Does this particular green have a slight slant downwards to the right? Is there a little hill you might need to go over before getting to the cup?

Learning how to read the ground and knowing how different types of grass affect your putting can help you improve a lot.

3. Practice Putting on Different Types of Greens

animated golf course - best putters

Knowing the lay of the land also extends to understanding how different golf course greens will affect your putt. You may have a favorite golf course that has great, well-kept greens. But then, you may visit another golf course with a group of friends and have to deal with unkempt greens with crappy grass on them.

Sure, you can blame the bad green for your golf score, but consider it a new challenge. If you can learn how to putt well on inconsistent, muddy greens, you can certainly become that much better at putting on the best of the best.

4. Set Up a Home or Office Putting Station

golf course at home - best putters

You do not need anything high tech in order to practice putting at your home or office. If you have low carpet, you can putt directly on the carpet and use a plastic cup as your putting target.

You can also buy a miniature putting green for practice on slicker surfaces such as hardwood floors, tile or linoleum, or concrete flooring.Create obstacle courses for yourself to pass using golf tees or other objects to mark putting paths and goals.

5. Go Play Miniature Golf with Your Kids

golf miniature - best putters

Heck, even if you do not have kids, you can improve your putting with regular practice at your local miniature golf course.Sure, miniature golf is a “kids” game, but this is a great way to get better at putting in a relaxed environment.

As we all know, putting often works best when we are not trying too hard at it. When you are putting at a miniature golf course, you are likely to be more relaxed and not taking it very seriously. If you are with family and friends, you are looking at it as a friendly competition and not a judgment of you as a golf player.

6. Practice Putting by Playing Pool

guy-playing-billiard - best putters

This might seem like a crazy way to improve your putting, but give it a try. Billiards, or pool, is a game that is all about selecting the right angles for the shot.

Sure, you have a lot more options for manipulating your cue in pool than you do with your putter on a putting green. But, you have to use some skills that are similar to putting. You need to learn how to “eyeball” your target and figure out exactly where to hit the ball (and how hard) to get it into the pocket.

While the average pool table should, ideally, be level and straight, it is not. Pool tables, like putting greens, can have slight slants or disruptions in the fabric. You may find that a particular table has a tendency for shots to veer in one direction as opposed to the other. And the fabric on a pool table (also green, like a putting green) can be damaged or have random pockmarks in it.

All of this makes the game of pool a nice way to “cross train” and improve your putting skills.

How to Improve Your Putting with the Help of Technology

golf training - best putters

Companies such as TaylorMade Golf Company, Inc. are coming out with new technologies to help improve your putting. Some of these innovative clubs are “wired” smart clubs that can help analyze your putting swing.The Spider Interactive putter, which retails for $399.99, is one such golf club. Invented by TaylorMade, this smart putter actually has sensors in it that perform real-time capture of your putting technique using eleven different metrics.

These putting metrics are sent via wireless Bluetooth to your smartphone, where you can use the Spider Interactive app to review your past putts.The smartphone app also includes tutorials and practice drills to help teach and inspire you to putt better.

How is this possible? A BLAST Motion Sensor is built into the grip of the putter that measures what exactly you are doing when you are taking a swing.

You can probably expect that more and more of these types of smart putters will be on the market. Eventually, it may be that most putters will be smart putters, and it may become a standard for all golf clubs.

Learn from the Best Putters

guys watching a golf putter player - best putters

When you watch the best putters on the PGA golf tour, you are learning from the best. Whether you are male or female, you can improve your golf score by improving that crucial skill of putting. Keep on practicing, and you will improve and get better!

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