Best Putters For High Handicappers (Complete Guide With Reviews)

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter (Right Hand)

The most valuable stroke in every golf game is none other than putting. Yet, as avid golfers, we practice it the least. And that’s because it seems pretty straightforward. All you have to do is get the golf ball in the hole. But this is easier said than done if you’re a high handicapper. In that case, welcome to the article that tells you everything you need to know about the best putters for high handicappers.

More often than not, for high handicap golfers, putting tends to ruin the round.

For this reason, golf equipment manufacturing companies decided to craft putters to eliminate the disadvantage. These putters offer tons of forgiveness and true roll. And you don’t even have to strike the useful sweet spot to achieve those benefits.

So it’s time to get to know the best picks of the golfing industry!

Best Putters for High Handicappers: 10 Top Choices


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All the putters listed below are specifically designed for a high handicap player. And we know this because each of them has a larger sized sweet spot. That’s not it. Even the maximum weight has been moved to the rear wing of the club. Such a structure gives you a higher MOI (moment of inertia).

So here are 10 best putters for high handicappers!

Putter Name

Type of Putter

Unique Feature

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter

Blade Putter

Micro-injected face insert

Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter


Two-way design

Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter

Mallet Putter

High-MOI head design

Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 1 Putter

Blade Putter

Laser-milled face insert

TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter

Mallet Putter

Double alignment lines

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter (Editor's Choice)

Mallet Putter


Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter

Mallet Putter

Bi-color contrasting sightline

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter

Blade Putter

Blade Putter

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter

Mallet Putter

Wide sweet spot

TaylorMade Golf 2017 Spider Tour Putter

Mallet Putter

Angled grooves

1. Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter – Best Blade Putter for High Handicappers

	 Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter, Right Hand, 35-Inch

You can put an end to your hunt for the highest rated blade putter within the high handicapper category. The Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter is a club that both experts and beginners can use. And that’s the most excellent part of the product. It doesn’t impose any limitations in that aspect.

The putter features micro-injection (multiple densities) face inserts. These polymer inserts are responsible for providing great feel upon impact. Even the oversized, vertical-seamed grip brings tons of comfort into every round of golf.

What’s more is that the Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter has a pretty neat physical appearance. The horizontal lines and black/grey clubhead make alignment convenient and simple. And here’s the best part, you get options for both right-hand and left-hand play.

It is plenty forgiving, so beginners and high handicappers have nothing to worry about. As for the weight placement of the heel-toe region, it is considered to be the most impressive quality. Such a design allows greater MOI, which considerably improves performance.

It might seem unfair if I don’t highlight the polymer inserts of the Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter. These are microinjected with multiple density to offer a huge advantage. And that is to enhance feel during contact. This way, you can train to develop better golfing skills over time.

But there is one major drawback to take into account here. The Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter does feature unique face inserts that improve feel. However, such a structure tends to the hinder the bounce factor. So you might not achieve an ideal bounce off action when putting with this club.

We Like

  • ​The Wilson putter has the perfect oversized grip.
  • ​The design makes alignment convenient.
  • It is compatible with right & left-hand orientation.

We Don't Like

  • The weight is too light for professional golfers.
  • The inserts offer poor bounce.
GearUp Putting Alignment

2. Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter – Best Affordable Putter for High Handicappers

Two-Way Putter - Left and Right Hand

The product name is Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter. What does two-way mean? It implies that the golf club is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed players. And this in itself is one of the most attractive qualities that set the putter apart from the crowd.

The Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter has a durable construction despite the low price tag. So you don’t need to think twice about the quality and build of this particular model.

When the best putters for high handicappers are equipped with a lengthy handle, they give you the upper hand. And how is that? The longer handle makes performing actions like hitting, swinging and gripping easier. And if you’re a beginner or high handicapper, this sounds like good news, doesn’t it?

Unlike the traditional design, the Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter has a symmetrical structure. The reason behind this is to make the putter easy to use for all kinds of golfers. The rubber grip is also another excellent addition.

In all, the performance factor is quite reliable. And the case that both left-hand and right-hand play is possible makes the putter seem even more desirable.

It’s not only the features but the price of the Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter that speaks volumes. There aren’t too many options like this in the golfing arena. A combination of high-performance, durability, and affordability is hard to find on the consumer market. In that sense, you’ve hit the jackpot!

When testing the Quolf Golf Two-Way Putter, I noticed one serious flaw. The length of the club is perfect for golfers with an average or less than average height. But if you’re any taller than that, you might find the putter a little uncomfortable to strike with.

We Like

  • ​The QuolfGolf putter encourages responsive swings.
  • It is convenient to carry.

We Don't Like

  • The weight is slightly on the heavier side.
  • Not suitable for tall players.

3. Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter – Best Mallet Putter for High Handicappers

Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter, Black, Right Hand, 34-Inch

Ask any professional golfer, and he/she will tell you how trustworthy the brand Cleveland Golf is. And this doesn’t mean that the golfing giant has nothing to offer to beginners or even high handicappers. If that were the case, they wouldn’t manufacture clubs like the Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter.

It carries a double square design. Now, this is something that you don’t find even in some of the other best putters for high handicappers. Such a component contributes to better alignment and more consistent roll than any 2-ball style putter.

You need to know that putters with such a structure are crafted to offer more consistency in the area of alignment. Your goal is to get more putts into that cup, right? So there’s nothing else more accurate than the Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter in that department.

Moving on, the club carries excellent face inserts. These do a swell job at producing high-quality feel and sound during impact. As for the large mallet head, it evenly distributes all the weight. So the overall feel of this putter is balanced pretty well.

During the testing period, I experienced something quite unusual, in a good way. Aligning the golf ball inside those squares of the Cleveland Golf Putter boosted my confidence level. And that led me to focus on nothing but swing speed. As a result of which, I was able to achieve that perfect roll of the golf ball.

The thing about the Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet Putter is that it has a large head. Some golfers don’t seem to have a problem with this. But if you don’t fall into that category, you might find the clubhead slightly heavier than it should be.

We Like

  • ​The Cleveland Golf putter delivers more consistency for strokes.
  • ​The grip offers a natural feel.
  • The club design improves alignment.

We Don't Like

  • The head is comparatively heavier and larger.
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4. Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 1 Putter – Best High-Performance Blade Putter for High Handicappers

	 Odyssey Men's White Hot Pro 1 Putter, Right Hand, 35-Inch

If you want to know what perfection looks and feels like, you should get the Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 1 Putter. This particular club is specifically designed to live up to the expectations of high handicappers and beginners. And there are many features responsible for that.

To begin with, the insert is re-engineered to improve feel, performance, and sound. It’s confusing to decide whether the insert is to be held responsible for the success of the Odyssey putter or the next three features. These include neck hosel and shaft offset along with weight placement of heel/toe.

All these components are what make such clubs the best putters for high handicappers. You can even expect the Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 1 Putter to offer tight tolerances during gameplay. This way, achieving consistency is not such a difficult task.

As for forgiveness, it comes in the form of proper weight placement of the heel/toe region. And lastly, the contrasting alignment does an excellent job at enhancing stroke consistency and accuracy. Like I said, expect nothing short of high performance with this thing.

Do you know that one characteristic that adds tons of convenience when using a putter? It’s adjustability, especially for the weighting system. So that’s another huge plus point with the Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 1 Putter.

When dealing with golf clubs, sound and feel are crucial to the process. So it comes as a huge disappointment to know that this putter doesn’t offer anything more than just a satisfactory feel and sound. While this may work for some golfers, the majority prefer better results.

We Like

  • ​The Odyssey putter reduces glare.
  • It has a high-quality construction.

We Don't Like

  • The feel and sound at impact are only average.

Odyssey White Hot Pro

5. TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter – Best Adjustable Mallet Putter for High Handicappers

	 TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter (35inch, Steel, Right Hand)

The best mallet putters in the industry are created to surprise you in many ways. And the TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter is among them. The traits that this club offers are unbeatable on the market. So it’s time to find out what they are!

For one, the Surlyn, PureRollinsert is an excellent addition. What the technology does is encourage the golf ball to roll forward. And that too as quickly and smoothly as possible.Furthermore, the insert has a metal construction. So you know that the putter feels good and sounds good at the same time.

Not many people know this but metal inserts also have the ability to offer another significant advantage. And that is to make the task of controlling distance much easier.

Now let’s talk about the most popular feature of the TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter. The black and white alignments. These components allow you to easily align the putter for both short and long putts. And they come in the form of two rails pointing straight at the target.

Additionally, the bend hosel of the club also contributes to the whole alignment process. I even found the additional center weight of the TaylorMade Fortheputter to be quite impressive. Thanks to the adjustable nature of the component. Now I know why this is considered to be one of the best picks on the market!

The part that steals the limelight is the putter’s lower half. It is incredibly durable and solid in terms of quality. And performance-wise, it does an excellent job at resisting twisting during every putting stroke.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. The flaw of the TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter comes in the form of a big head. But this applies to the majority of mallet putters, doesn’t it? The only additional cause for concern is the large weight of the club due to the massive head.

We Like

  • ​The TaylorMade putter features black alignments.
  • ​The center weight is adjustable.
  • The lower region prevents twisting during putting.

We Don't Like

  • The physical appearance is undesirable.
  • The bottom weight and head are quite large.
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6. Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter – The Easiest to Align Putter for High Handicappers

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter (Right Hand)

The best putters of all time are those that offer the perfect platform for alignment. In that regard, you’ll appreciate the color combination of the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter. It makes eye alignment not only possible but more convenient too.

On top of that, the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter has a “tour-weighted”clubhead. That means you get extra weight on the head. This particular weight is offset or well balanced by soft feel to present yet another major advantage. And that is to deliver faster green results.

Another noteworthy inclusion is the customizable PGX headcover. So your club doesn’t lose all its charm any sooner than you’d expect.

To sum it up, the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter delivers forward-spinning, smooth results at impact. And that too with minimum skid! Even factors such as tour weighting and alignment aids contribute to improving putting performance on the turf.

When you invest in a putter that has a “tour-weighted” head, it gives you an excellent feel. And in this case, such a structure combines with the soft, metallic clubface to offer something even better. The combination makes the putter an ideal pick for those quick greens.

Unfortunately, the consistency factor is what lags behind. The clubface is not as consistent as you, as a high handicapper, would like it to be. So to make up for this, you have to swing slightly harder to strike the ball properly. But such an action is easier said than done for some golfers.

We Like

  • The Pinemeadow putter offers good balance and weight.
  • The white clubhead provides easy alignment.

We Don't Like

  • The clubface lacks consistency.
  • Forgiveness is quite limited due to the small sweet spot.

PGX Putter by Pinemeadow Golf

7. Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter – Best High-End Putter for High Handicappers

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover

What I immediately noticed is how affordable the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter is despite its budget-friendly price tag. And that’s the most striking aspect about these best putters for high handicappers. But there’s a lot more you don’t know, so it’s time to change that.

The Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter has a high-quality structure. In fact, it’s the high-MOI equipped design. So you don’t need to stress about the putter delivering maximum forgiveness. At the same time, the soft feel TPU clubface inserts are like the cherry on top. These go a long way in improving the overall feel of this club.

Now let’s talk about the alignment aid. Without the presence of such an important feature, even the best putters for high handicappers fail to perform well in all aspects.

With that in mind, you can rest assured knowing that the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter features a contrasting sightline. Plus, the white and black bi-color combination is located exactly behind that sweet spot.

At the same time, the hosel provides enough offset. And this is useful for golfers who prefer placing their hands just before the ball.

If that wasn’t enough, Orlimar has also packed a headcover with the putter. So there’s more to look forward to apart from the unique high-end design and technology of the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter.

The feature that might get your juices flowing is the exceptional combination of feel and balance. The biggest advantage of such a mallet putter is that, with time, it starts to swing on its own. This is how maximum consistency becomes a part of the whole golfing and putting experience.

If you’re a high handicapper or beginner, you prefer playing with a lightweight putter. Am I right? In that case, be ready to make room for some disappointment with the Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter.

We Like

  • The Orlimar putter offers smooth roll.
  • ​It helps to exert control over feel and distance.
  • The high-low profile on the sightline enhances alignment.

We Don't Like

  • The weight is slightly on the heavier side.

8. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter – Best Tour-Tested Putter for High Handicappers

	 Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter (White), Right Hand, 34-Inch

Let me begin by describing the insert of the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter. The tour-tested quality material of this particular component is a huge success. The re-engineered insert is responsible for improving performance, feel, and sound. So you should expect nothing but that when using the putter.

Even the ball roll that you achieve is reliable. Combine this with top-spin to get unrivaled feel during impact.

Another major inclusion is the unique EyeFit system. It simplifies the fitting process. So you enjoy aclubhead shape entirely based on ball setup. A head tailored to suit your needs and requirements is something that all best putters for high handicappers should provide.

So if what you’re looking for is a solid option to improve putting game and skills, you know what to buy.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter screams high-quality from head to toe. And why not when it has been subjected to the process of laser milling!

Unlike some other putters on the list, this one’s a tad too light in weight. So if you’re used to working with heavier clubs, the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter might not be an ideal choice.

We Like

  • The laser-milled design delivers consistent performance.
  • It is crafted for both right & left-hand play.

We Don't Like

  • The Odyssey putter is too lightweight.
  • It takes a while to get accustomed to.

Which Odyssey Putter Is Right For You?

9. Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter – The Most Forgiving Putter for High Handicappers

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter, 35

When the manufacturer is Ray Cook, expect an incredibly wide sweet spot. Isn’t that great news for high handicappers and beginners? With such a sweet spot, you can achieve consistent ball roll. And that’s not it, there’s a ton of other benefits to look forward to.

The striking black physical appearance features white and red clubface detailing. Then comes the beautiful, high-performance mallet clubhead design. This particular region consists of premium curled and cast bumpers that deliver a fantastic feel.

The next feature in line is the grip, which is another noteworthy element that enhances the comfort factor. The shaft of the Ray Cook putter contains full offset. And this is paired with the plumber-neck structured hosel connection. In simple words, all these components translate into high performance.

Now comes the part where I rave about how well-balanced the putter is. The weight of the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter is installed in all the right spots. On top of that, the cast aluminum clubhead offers optimal stability for every stroke.

So it’s not just the club’s sweet spot that you might value the most when putting with the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter.

Upon testing, there’s one particular action that I truly appreciated. During impact, the golf ball tends to release off the blade quite serenely. And that too with little friction!

So as a high handicapper, you got some great news!

The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Putter features a single line for alignment aid. And this means getting only average performance from that department.

We Like

  • The Ray Cook putter delivers excellent ball roll.
  • The grip is oversized to provide a soft feel.

We Don't Like

  • The club’s alignment aid isn’t very useful.

10. TaylorMade Golf 2017 Spider Tour Putter – The Bonus Pick

	 TaylorMade Spider Tour Platinum Right Hand Putter, 35

For the purpose of presenting an additional putter, I can think of no other better manufacturer than TaylorMade. The TaylorMade Golf 2017 Spider Tour Putter is one of those advanced clubs crafted for brilliance. As you can see, it has a unique clubface design equipped with angled grooves.

Also, note that TaylorMade has also added alignment aids. Even though it’s a single line, the contrastive effect makes a huge impact.

But it’s the clubhead size of these best putters for high handicappers that steals the show. Normally, you don’t expect the head to go such a long way in boosting your confidence level. But, fortunately enough, that happens with the TaylorMade Golf 2017 Spider Tour Putter.

At the same time, behind the clubhead are weight pods that increase MOI. Thus, offering more forgiveness and maximum stability. When you combine such an advantage with angled grooves, you get consistent, tight rolls. So it doesn’t matter what part of the clubface comes in contact with the ball.

The invaluable sweet spot of the TaylorMade Golf 2017 Spider Tour Putter is pretty difficult to miss. With that in mind, you might not come across a club as forgiving as this one here!

To my surprise, I found the TaylorMade Golf 2017 Spider Tour Putter to be too light in weight. This tends to offer zero fluidity during putting. However, if that seems like a negligible flaw, you have nothing else to worry about.

We Like

  • The TaylorMade putter has PU foam for consistent feel and sound.
  • It offers tight, sweet roll across the surface.
  • The sightline is long and incredibly useful.

We Don't Like

  • The clubhead shape is not for all golfers.
  • It is not heavy enough.
Introducing the Spider Tour Putters

Buying Guide of the Best Putters for High Handicappers


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You should know that the best putters for newcomers and high handicappers have a lot in common. Whether you’re a newbie or high handicap golfer, the putter will always be one of the most important clubs. But in order to improve your skills, you need to practice regularly with it. And if you’re making that effort, then you better do it right, right?

With that in mind, selecting the best putter is necessary. And now that I’ve covered the reviews section, it’s time to move on to the guide.

Putters: 3 Different Types


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Golf putters might not function as you think. So it’s always a better idea to know how they work. And the best way to do so is by understanding their classifications.

When buying the best putters for high handicappers, how do you decide which model to choose? In that context, let’s find out how each type of putter functions.

  • Mallet Putter

Many beginners and high handicappers fail to use the putter’s toe effectively. So at such times, what you need is the mallet putter. This particular golf club features an efficient construction and even weight distribution in the toe region. And these characteristics allow the putter to work towards making the experience more convenient.

  • Toe/Heel Weighted Putter

In simple words, this kind of a putter is crafted with a substantial sweet spot. Do you know what that means? A large sweet area offers even weight distribution in both the toe and heel sections.

So if you’re a high handicap or beginner golfer aiming to achieve consistently accurate strikes, nothing works better than this.

  • Blade Putter

Many players fail to hit the putter’s sweet spot. Instead, they strike the heel region. So if that sounds familiar to you, being a high handicapper or beginner and all, here’s the best solution. All you need to do is opt for a blade style putter. The club’s sweet spot region is located close to the heel itself. (Blade vs Mallet Putters)

Best Putters for High Handicappers: Features to Take Into Account


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  • Weight

The roll of the golf ball depends on the putter’s weight. When you’re on the course, things like wind and grass interfere with your ability to control the ball. Even if you’re an occasional golfer, you know what I’m talking about. So anyway, in such moments, your goal should be to master nothing but direction control.

Keeping that in mind, it’s the blade style putter that offers an ideal weight distribution. This particular type of club is specially designed for newbies and high handicappers. And what it does is make the act of putting that golf ball easier.

  • Length

Let me begin by stating that for the task of choosing the best putters for high handicappers, you need to wear golf shoes. Buying the right kind and size of putter involves taking your height into account. How tall you decide, how long your putter will be, right?

Average height golfers are good with regular putters. But if you’re very tall, you can’t hit with the regular version. Instead, what you require is a customized golf club.

But in the case of high handicappers and beginners, the belly club length is an ideal choice. And that’s because they don’t need to use their wrists for the task of putting. So the belly club makes the whole putting experience a lot more convenient.

  • Loft and Face

The loft plays a significant role in the arena of golf ball bounce. And your body structure and form decide what kind of loft you should select. But as a rule of thumb, beginners and high handicappers ought to play with the milled design.

This kind of an insert is not subjected to the hardening, cooling, or heating process. That means the putter clubface will not go through any structure modification on its own. Such a design does more than just increase the ball speed. It even has the ability to improve speed consistency.

And since you’re a high handicap golfer, doesn’t that sound like a huge plus point?

The Final Choice

My Choice: Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

The goal is pretty straightforward. The best putters for high handicappers are the ones that you find comfortable to strike. Once you find that ideal club, improvements in your putting game and skills are inevitable. So the only option that comes to mind as an all-rounder pick is the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter.

These best putters for high handicappers feature a clean white finish. And this particular design stands out pretty well during the final position against the green turf. That helps with alignment, which sounds like a huge benefit.

The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter also has a “tour-weighted” clubhead. On top of that, achieving a forward-spinning, smooth ball roll at impact is not such a difficult task either.

And to be fair, most of the best putters for high handicappers offer these kinds of features. So feel free to try as many as you can in order to make an informed decision.

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