7 Best Golf Websites That You Can Benefit From

Golf is a very popular sport. Otherwise, why would I be writing this article and why would you be reading it? Something to think about, isn’t it? No matter how popular the game is, it can be equally frustrating when you don’t know certain golf strategies and techniques.

Because without having access to some useful tips, there’s no chance you’re going to know better and get better at the game. And the best golf websites provide that kind of information more often than you can imagine.

Latest golf news, some of the best golf tips for beginners, how to improve the golf game, what you should know about professional golfers, and much more. These are the kinds of topics that are discussed on the major golf websites.

So instead of spending hours on the web searching for that one reliable and informative site, just go through this article. I have provided you with at least seven top golf sites.

Before you get started, let me make one thing very clear. The best golf websites below are not listed in order of rank or preference. Apart from imparting knowledge about golf, these top golf sites do have one other characteristic in common.

Do you know what that is? The fact that they all are worth your precious time. So let’s get started right away!

7 Best Golf Websites For Every Golfer


GOLF Link: www.golflink.com.au

Best Golf Websites

Credit: socialgolfaustralia.com.au

Members of golf clubs must have heard about GOLF Link. And why? Because this particular website keeps track of your golf handicap for you. What makes GOLF Link one of the best golf websites is the fact that it provides an excellent selection of some of the most famous golf courses for great tee times. It also has plenty of vouchers that you can gift to your fellow golfers.

How many times have you been denied to play at a competition at some of your favorite golf courses that are open to members only? Quite a few times, isn’t it? So what GOLF Link does is hold open competitions at golf courses that also allow non-members to participate.

So if you want to be a part of open games being played at some of the best golf courses, then you must make yourselves familiar with www.golflink.com.au.

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Golf Magazine: www.golf.com

Best Golf Websites

Credit: golf.com

I’m sure you must have read or heard about the Sports Illustrated magazine. It is owned by none other than the New York-based company, Time Inc. And it is the same company that started another publication in 1959.

This one’s known as the Golf Magazine. The kind of information that the website provides is suitable for golfers of all types of skills and levels. Tips, training, and techniques are some of the topics of discussion. The kind of golfing equipment you should be using and the types of courses that you need to be traveling to are also matters of discussion.

Every little aspect of golf is explained in detail on www.golf.com. There is absolutely nothing about the game of golf that has been left out on the website. You have access to PGA golf news, scores, schedules, leaderboards, and more.

As far as topics of irons, putting, driving, handicaps, and short game are concerned, the website generates sufficient and instructional information.

Entertaining content based on the top golf courses in the USA and around the world is also readily available. Many golfers who have a habit of traveling to golfing resorts across the globe will also find the Golf Magazine to be a very helpful publication.


PGA of Australia: www.pga.org.au

Best Golf Websites

Credit: pga.org.au

One of the best golf websites for the Australian golfing community is the PGA of Australia. This is considered to be one of the top golf sites for both professional and beginner golfers.

All the latest scores and news from the Australian golf tournaments is listed on the website. The PGA of Australia doesn’t only provide golfers with information, but it’s also responsible for organizing the country’s professional golfing tournaments. They run the junior golfing programs, Holden Scramble, and Pump Golf.

So if you want access to information related to all Australian golfing tournaments, then the PGA of Australia might be the best option for you. The website, www.pga.org.au, also provides helpful videos along with the latest reports and scores. And you know how helpful this content can be when all you want to do is understand the game a little better.

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Golf Digest: www.golfdigest.com

One of the most traditional American magazines for golf is the Golf Digest. Its first publication came out in 1950. This magazine is listed under the Conde Nast publications. Do you know that www.golfdigest.com releases a list containing the top 100 golf courses every year? They come up with the same list of golf courses outside the US as well as public golf courses.

Best Golf Websites

Photo credit: golfdigest.com

It is considered to be one of the best golf websites for many reasons. Golf Digest provides the most reliable information on getting better at the game. But the best part about it is the handicap tool.

This valuable tool helps many golfers to calculate their handicap based on the historical score details that they provide. Golfers can easily keep a check on their handicap; make sure that it’s always updated. This way it becomes easier to play a round of golf.

The kind of information that you will find on Golf Digest is related to golfing equipment, golf courses, and instructions. And articles such as improving golfing technique, the psychology of the game, and instructional videos are also a big part of the website.

Many golfers browse through various golf websites in search of the latest golfing news, right? So Golf Digest ensures that it has enough content related to golf news to keep you interested and informed.

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Golf Industry Central: www.golfindustrycentral.com.au

Best Golf Websites

Credit: golfindustrycentral.com.au

If you’re looking for the most helpful tips to perform better on the golf course, there’s nothing better than Golf Industry Central. It is one of the major golf websites when it comes to helping you perform better.

The Australian golfing industry has gained a lot of knowledge from the Golf Industry Central. Articles on some of the best and most talked about golfing techniques, strategies, and professional players are abundantly found on the website. In fact, it releases a quarterly online golf magazine that features articles about the greatness of the sport.

Golfers who wish to know how the golf club affects the game or how to make better choices on the golf course always seek some online guidance from www.golfindustrycentral.com.au.

Once you get on the website and read a few articles, you’ll undoubtedly grasp some useful information about the game of golf. And this information will help you play better the next time you’re on the golf course.


One HD Golf: www.hdgolf.com

Best Golf Websites

Credit: hdgolf.com

This is one of the major golf websites that does the job of providing you with useful information that you might not find anywhere else on the internet. One HD Golf is the best thing on Australian TV. They provide live coverage of events like WGC.

The golf section of the website is also pretty impressive. Valuable information like the latest golfing news, results, and videos are what make the site a huge hit among the community of golfers. And this is not just for professional golfers but also beginners and amateur golfers who want to learn a lot from the kind of content that websites like www.hdgolf.com provide.

Some golfers also really like to read interesting articles about topics that are not related to improving their game. I mean who wants to read the same stuff all the time, right?

So One HD Golf also creates content around matters like why Tiger Woods will never win again or the reason why Allenby is so annoyed. This type of material is a little out there, but I can assure you that it is going to benefit you in one way or another.


Golf Channel: www.golfchannel.com

Best Golf Websites

Credit: golfchannel.com

The original golf channel was launched in 1995 and has been a favorite among golfers since then. It has all types of golf-related programs available. Live coverage of many pro tournaments and various kinds of instructional shows for professional and beginner golfers. Now let’s move on to the website, www.golfchannel.com.

The website offers fantasy leagues so you can compete with fellow golfers online. This way Golf Channel gives everybody the opportunity to play the game and have some fun with friends even if they are not hardcore fans of the sport.

Apart from these goodies, there’s tons of useful content on Golf Channel that can help you become a better golfer. What makes this website different from the rest is the fact that most of its articles are accompanied by videos.

So you can easily watch what is also being explained with words. The type of golfing equipment you might need, the best places to travel to for golfing, how to travel there, and much more. The sea of information is pretty vast, so there are chances that you might get hooked on to the website without even realizing it.

Golf Channel on YouTube

The Final Takeaway

There are many more golf websites listed on the internet. But the seven that I have mentioned here are one of the best golf websites when it comes to informative and useful content. They ensure that your knowledge of the game and the way to play it are always top notch. Just like this article, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. I would advise you to go through all the seven websites thoroughly before you judge them.

Please tell us what your favorite golf website is. And what is your list of the top golf sites? Please feel free to share it with us here.

You can share the article with fellow golfers so they too can have access to these major golf websites on the internet.

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