Best Golf Towels – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Every golfer carries a golf towel to the course. And if you don’t, then maybe it’s time to buy the best golf towels, so you don’t feel left out.

Cleaning the clubs is what you do with a golf towel, right?

And this helps in keeping them in good condition, which is necessary given how expensive golf clubs are.

But you can’t go around buying golf towels that are not of any use. They need to have certain qualities such as a suitable size, material, design, etc. to meet your requirements. Otherwise, what’s the point!

So we’ve compiled a list of the seven best towels every player can take with him or her to the golf course. You can go through each option to know more about what it has to offer.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Golf Towels

Golf Towel



Our Rating

NCAA Embroidered Golf Towel



Green Towels Microfiber Golf Towel



Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel



NFL Embroidered Golf Towel



Callaway Tri-Fold Mens Towel



Nike Microfiber Golf Towel



MLB Embroidered Golf Towel



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best golf towels


The Best Golf Towels: What golf towels do the pros use?

You may think that there’s not much to take into account when selecting something as essential as a golf towel. Now that’s where you’re wrong. Using a bath towel or any other type of towel is also not advisable. And you’ll understand why once you read all the seven golf players towel reviews discussed below.

1.NCAA Embroidered Golf Towel – The Best Cotton Golf Towel

NCAA Nebraska Cornhuskers Embroidered Golf Towel

Team Golf doesn’t fail to surprise us with its beautiful collection of the best golf towels. The NCAA Embroidered Golf Towel, in particular, has an appealing design. And not just that, it’s also got some excellent features.

For one, the golf towel has a 100% cotton construction. This means high absorption, right? Secondly, it has a special scrubber pattern, which makes the process of cleaning the clubs faster.

You don’t even need to worry about attaching or removing the towel from the bag. The solid swivel clip takes care of that.

The only problem with the NCAA Embroidered Golf Towel is not its durability. Thanks to the top quality materials used for construction. But it’s the fact that you can’t unfold the golf towel that might bother you.

We Like

  • The material is thick enough to offer maximum absorption.
  • It comes with a textured section to make cleaning easier.

We Don’t Like

  • The towel doesn’t unfold.

2. Green Towels Microfiber Golf Towel – The Best Microfiber Golf Towel

3 Pack of Orange Crush Microfiber Golf Towels

The thing about golf towels is that the cotton ones are perfect for personal use while microfiber is more suitable for cleaning clubs and balls. But that’s not the case with the Green Towels Microfiber Golf Towel. Because this golf towel is ideal for both cleaning and personal purposes.

On top of that, the appearance is also another unique selling point. You will be quite impressed with the size and shape of the golf towel. It is small enough to fit in the pocket, which makes carrying it around easier.

And just because it’s small doesn’t mean that the towel is not capable of wiping dirty clubs and balls. Thanks to the microfiber material, you can rest assured that the job gets completed. In fact, what’s not to like is the durability factor. Washing them often causes the towels to fray.

We Like

  • The soaking and drying capacity of the towel are excellent.
  • It comes with a sturdy carabiner clip for convenience.

We Don’t Like

  • The towel falls apart quickly.

Microfiber Towel Advantages, Travel Towels, Sports Towels

3. Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel – The Most Convenient to Use Larger-Sized Golf Towels

Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel 16

What you might love about the Pack of 3 Greenside Microfiber Golf Towels is that they come in different sizes. And all the sizes offer superior comfort and convenience on the golf course.

There’s something you probably don’t know about large golf towels. They consist of two parts. The white portion is for cleaning your hands while the dark part is for the clubs. So now you know what golf towels do the pros use and why.

You can attach this golf towel to your bag, basket, or push cart. So there’s no fuss about storing it quickly and getting on with the game. The best part about it is the microfiber weave fabric. This type of material absorbs quickly and cleans easily.

But there is one downside to theGreenside Microfiber Golf Towels. The black towel from the pack tends to bleed. So it’s better to store and wash that towel separately.

We Like

  • They come with two snaps for better clipping.
  • The thick texture has an excellent moisture wicking capacity.

We Don’t Like

  • The color of the black towel fades with time.

4. NFL Embroidered Golf Towel – The Best Golf Towels for Professional Use

NFL Green Bay Packers Embroidered Golf Towel

There are many reasons why the NFL Embroidered Golf Towel is considered to be the best for professional players. The high-end design of the towel consists of excellent features. And these are perfect for serious rounds of golf on the course.

The golf towel has a soft cotton construction and a compact shape and size. The latter makes storing and carrying the towel easier. To make things even better, it has a swivel-style clip. So you can conveniently attach the thing to the cart.

But the most impressive part is yet to come. It’s the embroidered logo of the golf towel. Now that’s another feature that makes you look like a pro!

Just like every other product, this one too has a drawback. The clip of the golf towel is of plastic quality, so it might break sooner than you can imagine.

We Like

  • The embroidery and stitching of the towel are strong features.
  • It has extra patterning to get rid of mud and grass from the clubs.

We Don’t Like

  • The plastic clip is not durable.

5. Callaway Tri-Fold Mens Towel – The Best Affordable Golf Towel

Callaway Tri-Fold Towel

When it comes to affordability and durability, Callaway Tri-Fold Mens Towel offers the perfect combination. It has a top quality microfiber blend design. Such a material does an excellent job at removing odor and dirt from clubs and balls.

You should also know that this microfiber fabric is light in weight. This characteristic helps in preventing the club from getting damaged during cleaning. On top of that, the towel consists of antimicrobial properties, which means goodbye bad odor.

So it comes as a big surprise when the clip of the golf towel rips off easily. This means that you need to handle the clasp with care.

We Like

  • Despite being soft, the towel offers maximum absorption.
  • The high quality remains intact even after several washes.

We Don’t Like

  • The clip is susceptible to early damage.

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6. Nike Microfiber Golf Towel – The Best High-Quality Golf Towel

Nike Tour Microfiber Golf Towel, Dark Grey/Volt

Nothing beats Nike when it comes to quality, right? And that’s what you should expect with the Nike Microfiber Golf Towel. It has a soft microfiber pattern, which means high absorption. And that’s always good news, isn’t it?

These best golf towels fall under the large-size category. So you get a wet and dry part to work with. The most striking aspect of the towel is the Swoosh embroidered logo of the brand. It is present on both the sides to add a more professional look to the whole experience.

When it comes to cleaning, the Nike Microfiber Golf Towel has it covered. So you can easily use the towel to clean your clubs as well as your arms and forehead. The only part that’s slightly disappointing is the lack of hook or ring to attach the towel to the bag.

We Like

  • It stays wet for a long time, which is perfect for cleaning.
  • Despite the large size, the towel is convenient enough to carry around.

We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with an attachment clip.

The Nike Golf Club Collection

7. MLB Embroidered Golf Towel – The Bonus Pick

MLB San Francisco Giants Embroidered Golf Towel

The thing about the golf towels built with the cotton material is that they’re perfect for personal purposes. Keeping yourself dry and comfortable on the golf course goes a long way in improving the level of performance. So that is what you get with the MLB Embroidered Golf Towel.

You will be relieved to know that the towel has a scrubber pattern also to clean dirty clubs and balls. On top of that, the tri-fold design makes it possible for you to fit the towel wherever you like.

And as for appearance, the embroidered logo has that covered. So there’s nothing that might disappoint you drastically. The only negligible flaw is the average quality of the MLB Embroidered Golf Towel.

We Like

  • The absorption capacity of the towel is excellent.
  • It has a perfect soft and thick combination to provide a better experience.

We Don’t Like

  • The towel doesn’t offer the greatest durability.

Golf Towels Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying a towel, you have many options to choose from. But if you’re anything like me, a true golfer, then you’ll always opt for the golf towels.

You must be wondering why golfers don’t use a head towel, bath towel, beach towel, etc. Why would someone make an effort to buy a golf towel when he or she can easily use any other type of towel for the job, right?

So here’s why. The thing about golf towels is that they come with the useful carabiner clip. This particular feature makes it possible for you to attach the towel to the golf bag. And the material of such towels is highly moisture absorbent. So they’re suitable for golfers who like to play for longer hours under the sun.

What is a Golf Towel Used for?

1. Cleaning the Golf Clubs and Drying Them

best golf towels


Golf towels have a microfiber blend material construction. This means they are super absorbent. The weight and size of these types of towels are small. So it’s easy to carry them around. On top of that, the clip that comes with it makes using the towel more convenient.

The primary purpose of a golf towel is to use it to clean your golf equipment. This includes clubs and balls. Tackling the dirt in the iron’s grooves, de-sanding the putter, and buffing off the grass stains present on the golf balls. These are some of the many uses of a golf towel. All you have to do is place it in the pocket or clip it on the bag.

Nobody like to look at a set of dirty clubs, right? Not only do they look bad but they also tend to mess with accuracy, which leads to bad shots. At such times, a golf towel seems like a blessing in disguise.

Cleaning the dirty golf clubs with a damp towel keeps them from losing their shine and adding more years of durability.

2. Personal Use

You can use one towel for cleaning the clubs and drying them. And the other for making yourself feel comfortable on the golf course. We all know how hot it can get even during a single round of golf. And sweat trickling down your skin can cause itchiness, which might interfere with your performance and concentration.

So to keep yourself sweat-free and dry, high-quality golf towels are the way to go!

3. Cooling Towel

best golf towels


If you’ve ever wrapped a cooling towel around your neck, then you know what I’m talking about. What a cooling towel for golf does is regulates the rate of evaporation. This provides you with a cooling experience that lasts for several hours.

On a hot summer day, these cooling towels will not make golf seem like an unpleasant or uncomfortable sport. But it’s important to know that using this kind of a golf towel to clean clubs ends up damaging the equipment. So it’s only suitable for personal use.

What Features to Take into Consideration When Buying Golf Towels?

best golf towels


  • Absorbency

When it comes to moisture absorption, there’s nothing better than materials such as microfiber blend or 100% cotton. These types of fabrics do an excellent job of absorbing water and moisture.

  • Cleaning Ability

The cleaning ability of microfiber is better than cotton. It’s because microfiber acts as a superb dirt magnet. The material has a gentle quality. So cleaning expensive golf balls and clubs with such a towel is not an issue.

  • Convenience

Golf towels are created to make your experience on the golf course comfortable and convenient, right? And to provide this, they come with easy to close and open clips.

Players who attach towels to the bag benefit the most from a swivel-style clip. All you need to do with this one is grab the clip and pull it before releasing.

  • Feel

Nobody wants to use a golf towel, or any other towel for that matter, that feels hard and rough against the skin. The best golf towels are the softest with an excellent moisture wicking capacity.

And the only fabric that offers this kind of comfort is cotton. So it comes as no surprise that golfers opt for cotton for personal use and microfiber towels for cleaning their clubs.

  • Size

Smaller-sized golf towels are suitable for more relaxed rounds of golf during moderate weather conditions. While more challenging games and hotter weather require the use of larger towels. They offer more absorption so that you can use them for long hours under the sun.

Wrapping It Up

Selecting the right equipment for golf makes up half of the battle, right? And this applies to all kinds of sports and activities. It’s important to choose the right gear to make the most of the experience. But you also need to keep factors such as budget in mind. So when talking about the best golf towels, it’s the NCAA Embroidered Golf Towel that fits the bill.

It has a soft cotton design with a checked scrubber pattern for easy cleaning. The swivel clip that comes with the towel offers quick removal and attachment to the golf bag. Plus, the tri-fold structure of the towel offers more convenience. And the cherry on top of the cake is the professionally embroidered logo of the brand.

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