Best Golf Swing Analyzer – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Any device that makes your match more improved, like the best golf swing analyzer, is a must. You’ll find lots of professionals with a golf swing analyzer to get accurate results. And since golfing has gained popularity over the years, such tools are very much in demand.

Before golfers even begin to play the sport, getting the right gear is crucial. One of the essential gears to buy would be the golf swing analyzer.

Who doesn’t want proper insights about their performance on the field?

This small, but efficient device provides all areas of performance on your smartphone. So you can improve your golf swing in areas where you lag behind and become proficient, in no time.

The streamlined interface, ease of use, and accuracy of analyzers are innovative. And to be able to quantify your progress makes you take more meaningful actions with no mistakes. That’s the kind of technology we’re going to review in this guide. So, let’s get started.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Golf Swing Analyzers

Golf Swing Analyzer



Our Rating

ZeppGolf 2 3D Swing Analyzer



Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System



M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer



Blast Golf 360 Swing And Stroke Analyzer



GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer



Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer



SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer



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best golf swing analyzer


Choosing the Top Golf Swing Analyzers

Before we begin, it’s essential to master the art of a golf swing. This way you can improve your speed and distance. A golf swing analyzer will give you accurate performance insights on all your swings. But to comprehend the basics of a golf swing is your responsibility.

1. ZeppGolf 2 3D Swing Analyzer – The Best All-Round Golf Swing Analyzer for Most Golfers

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

You know what’s great about the Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer? It comes with a smart coach training system with simple training bits. Don’t think you have the same training programs as other Zepp users. It’s all customized based on your performance on the field. So you’re excluded from the conventional methods of training.

That sounds even better with its various design features such as the 3D swing analysis. It also features color-coded ratings for checking specific performance components of your swings. You need this because it helps you better your performance for that perfect golf swing.

This best golf swing analyzer offers unyielding features to increase durability such as instant feedback for all your swing goals, including club speed, tempo, etc.

The interface and design are realistic. That said, its adjustability increases as you become better at the swing.

The only problem with the Zepp Golf 2 is the inaccurate golf swing analysis. Sometimes it shows high scores in the app when you could have made a better shot.

We Like

  • It features an excellent training program.
  • It offers an accurate scoring system.

We Don’t Like

  • The inaccurate golf swing speed metrics aren’t suitable for most golfers.


2. Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking System – The Best Golf Swing Analyzers with a Responsive Interface

Arccos Golf GPS Shot Tracker

If you are serious about improving your golf swing, we recommend the Arccos Golf Analyzer. You’ll get so used to it that you won’t imagine playing even a single game without it. It features a simple interface, yet so precise and seamless.

Once you connect this to your Apple device with a few sensors attached to your golf club, all you have to do is play. It tracks all key golf swing metrics starting from shot distances to club speed.

You can live and breathe golf by reviewing past performances as well. And if that isn’t enough, you can share your progress through its social sharing features. This golf swing analyzer is a smart device for the smart golfer. All you have to do is pair, play, and improve your golf swing. It’s that efficient and practical.

But you should know this. It is a battery drainer for your Apple device, especially when you use it for a long time. So if you have a portable charger, for your convenience, take it with you.

We Like

  • GPS and Apple Watch compatibility is very efficient.
  • It’s very easy to set up and use.

We Don’t Like

  • It drains most of your phone’s battery life.
  • It’s only compatible with Apple devices.

Arccos Golf: Connect to Your Game

3. M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer – The Best Golf Swing Analyzer with Advanced Features

M-Tracer MT500GII Golf Swing Analyzer

The M-Tracer MT500GII captures golf swing analysis in a precise and efficient manner. It features a patented core sensing technology. This helps you take shots with very accurate results of up to 1/10th of a degree. That does a lot when you have been struggling with your golf swings.

Moving forward, it’s compatible with all Android and Apple devices. Once you pair it with your phone, it gives you instant access to all key tracking metrics. To attach the sensor for performance insights, all you have to do is mount is on your golf club.

The 3D swing analysis lets you access your swing rotation for a complete view of the path. While its seamless app saves up to 300 swings metrics on the phone. The web app has a capacity of up to 2000 swings.

If you’re a beginner, using this analyzer may be a bit challenging for you. It uses advanced features to provide instant feedback for many metrics.

We Like

  • It offers quick and accurate swing checkpoints.
  • The swing comparison is efficient and practical.

We Don’t Like

  • The accurate swing analysis isn’t fluent enough for beginners.

4. Blast Golf 360 Swing And Stroke Analyzer – The Best Analyzer for Fast and Efficient Swing Analysis

Blast Golf 360 Swing and Stroke Analyzer

The Blast Golf 360 features a seamless design to help you connect to your smartphone. It offers all key metrics data including swing speed, rotation change, loft, etc.

There are many controls and performance insights golfers miss out on. This golf swing analyzer bridges that gap in an efficient manner. One of the most attractive features is the slow motion adaptive technology. This technology lets you review all metrics in slow motion to improve your golf swing.

While the Smart Video Capture, in automatic mode, detects and captures your performance. So you can view it as highlights to check your progress.

The only problem with faced with the Blast Golf 360 was the Android compatibility. It doesn’t show full graphic insights on the app, plus it does pose a few syncing errors.

We Like

  • It features a rainproof design for versatile use.
  • It detects all key metrics without you ever missing out on anything.

We Don’t Like

  • Its Android compatibility is weak.

Golf – Blast Golf 360 Commercial

5. GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer – The Best Golf Swing Analyzer with 3D Golf Swing Insights

GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer for iPhone, iPad and Android, White

The one that clips to any golf glove is the GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer. It offers a high-quality motion sensor and a downloadable mobile app for ease of use. It’s compatible with all devices with simple app download and sensor activation.

It features 3D visualized representation of all golf swing metrics. This means that you can not only review your insights but watch them through your smartphone. This includes head speed, hand path, tempo, position, rotation, etc.

And when that isn’t enough, you can review past performances in full 360 degrees. Along with the positives of this contender, there are some negatives to talk about. This golf analyzer is a battery drainer, especially for an Apple device. That said, you can prevent losing all your battery life by force-quitting the app.

We Like

  • Works for both right and left-handed players.
  • It offers a strong 5-hour battery life.

We Don’t Like

  • High battery drain due to background use.

6. Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer – The Most Reliable Swing Analyzer for Beginners

SkyCaddie SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

Sometimes the most basic features in an analyzer can prove its potential. We found the Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer to be one of the most efficient and simple to use devices for golfers. It is lightweight, portable, and very durable in design. It features a shaft mount design, right below the grip. You can even attach it to your golf club.

It features a simple 3D performance technology to address all your swing positions. Plus, it targets your angle of attack, face angle, swing tempo, and much more! You need something that doesn’t distract you away from your swing. And this golf swing analyzer is what you need. It offers instant feedback and natural alignment from the club face.

The Bluetooth connection on this swing analyzer is a bit tricky to work with. It drops connection from time to time, taking a few seconds to reconnect back to normal.

We Like

  • It features a durable battery life.
  • The zoom-in and zoom-out features offer accurate metrics.

We Don’t Like

  • The Bluetooth connection is weak.

SkyPro Commercial

7. SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer – The Best Budget Golf Swing Analyzer

SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer with Voice Feedback White

The SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer’s design and performance are worth considering. It comes in a decent size, is lightweight, and delivers feedback well. This is a good swing analyzer to buy on a budget. It offers a seamless and straightforward interface. The features are pretty intuitive, covering all key golf swing metrics. (Exercises to improve golf swing)

No matter how advanced the features get in an analyzer. It all boils down to how quick and efficient its feedback is. With an active Bluetooth connection, you can track your shaft angle, club speed, and much more. All at the hands of a durable sensor and audio feedback too.

The instant voice feedback works for tempo and speed metrics. This makes sure that you don’t pause to check the app each time you do your swing practice.

The software on the downloadable app does face some minor errors. But to sum it up, no major glitches that will interfere with your golf swing practice.

We Like

  • The instant audio feedback feature comes in handy.
  • It is very lightweight and portable.

We Don’t Like

  • The software of the app is prone to minor errors.

Buyer’s Guide to Golf Swing Analyzers 

best golf swing analyzer


You don’t want anything to interfere with your game, do you? Apart from data, there are many other factors of a swing analyzer that come into play. What you need to know is how to find the most convenient one that tracks records, is compatible, and portable.

As you already know, there is a sea of options available on the market. You’re one step closer to buying a golf swing analyzer; the next and final step is determining how to. That is why we’ve created this detailed guide for you. Everything you need to know about golf swing analyzers, you’ll find below.

Some Important Features to Look Forward to

  • Compatibility

The ideal golf swing analyzer is compatible with a variety of smart devices. This includes iOS and Android compatibility. All swing analyzers are virtual and are downloadable on a player’s smart device. This also allows you to download extra performance features for better insights.

  • Data

The second most important factor to consider is data. Without data, your golf swing analyzer is useless, don’t you think so?

The kind of data your swing analyzer has the ability to provide defers from device to device. But to sum it up, it’s not the kind of data you wouldn’t be able to understand. There are more advanced analyzers that make use of technical terms and metrics. So you must ensure what you’re buying is responsive.

A golf swing analyzer takes into account several versatile parameters including club speed. It also measures shaft distances, impact, swing speed, and backswing distance.

It’s essential that your analyzer finds the balance between too much and too little data. That’s when you’ll know you’ve got the perfect match for your golf swing performance.

  • Portability

Where do you want your golf swing analyzer? Different devices offer different attachment features. Some of the most common areas include your wrist, on the glove, or the club’s shaft.

You want your analyzer attached in a place offering convenience with no interference. You need it someplace where the metrics are easy to comprehend, control, and navigate. For instant feedback, where you attach your analyzer is crucial.

The second thing to make sure is that your golf swing analyzer is lightweight. So it doesn’t impact your swing and influence the weight of your club. The mounting position and weight of a golf swing analyzer can help you improve your golf swings.

Improving your Golf Swing Practice

best golf swing analyzer


It’s like this with every sport, long hours of practice and knowing where to improve. These two exercises are part and parcel of the game.

If you don’t put in enough hours to practice, you won’t get better at golf. Without practice, the best golf swing will seem further and further away. You will soon notice that with every attempt, your golf swing speed and accuracy gets better.

Do your hands feel sore after your golf swing practice?

Working the backswing, most rookies use their hands to produce the entire force. And this is not the right way to the best golf swing. This can also lead to many injuries. For you to make that perfect back swing, your arms must do the work to produce the energy.

That said, to work your way to the downswing, put your left arm to the test. Pulling your left arm when you’re working your way from the top down is essential. As opposed to when you take a clean arm swing for a back swing.

The last thing you must do to improve your golf swing practice is to make the perfect golf sweep. This involves your right foot and right knee work. Your right foot needs to be up, and the right knee should be pointing in the direction of your goal. This will put you in the proper posture for a successful sweep.


Golf is an easy sport to master once you have a golf swing analyzer by your side. Between your golf coach and a swing analyzer, the latter is more refined and easy to invest in. It’s clear that an analyzer is both time and money saver. And not everyone can invest in a golf coach considering how expensive golf lessons are, right?

Factors such as club speed, tempo, angle movements, etc. are the kind of insights one usually misses out on. Plus, the analyzer features an easy-to-read interface with downloadable tracking data and metrics.

If you’re new to the game, then you’re better off buying the best golf swing analyzer for every swing you take. That said, we recommend the Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer for its functional performance. It dives deeper to display more in-depth statistics that you can use to your advantage.

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