What Are The Best Golf Socks On The Market? 5 Top Choices For Better Comfort

Playing golf requires you to spend many hours on your feet. Sure, golf is a sport that helps in relaxing your body and mind. But that is only possible if you’re properly geared up for the occasion.

Typically, in a single round of golf, you have to walk at least 5 miles. That can be a pretty long distance for some. And when there’s long distance walking, there are the best golf shoes. And when there are the best golf shoes, there have to be the best golf socks too. Because every shoe needs a sock buddy. That’s just how it works!

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Golf Socks 




Our Rating

Swiftwick ASPIRE Zero Socks



Nike Golf Men’s Dri-Fit No Show 3-Pair Socks



Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks (Pack of Three Pairs)



KENTWOOL Men’s Tour Profile-Gameday Socks



PACKGOUT #1 MENS TOE SOCKS Soft & Breathable Five Finger Running Socks



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Best Golf Socks

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What Should you Know about golf before reading on?

On an average, playing two rounds of golf every week means walking 520 miles on the golf course every year. Now that’s covering a lot of distance, isn’t it? So it’s only a matter of time when your back, knees, and feet start to show signs of wear and tear.

And this is when you will consider giving these parts of your body the attention they need (golf workout routine). But why should we have such an unhealthy attitude towards our body? It’s time to take all the necessary precautions to prevent our back, knees, and feet from causing a problem in the first place. (Walking on the golf course helps you lose weight)

I know that they are only a pair of socks so how much can they help, right? As a professional golfer, I can tell you that they can help you go a long way. And I mean this only in the literal sense. The best socks for walking golf will assist in taking you longer and your scores higher.

Why do you need to wear golf socks?

Many golfers like me must have told you that you’ll enjoy your game even more if you put on golf socks. And you probably must have dismissed the idea due to being unsure about such a claim. Well, that’s exactly what I did before I strapped on a pair. And it was the best thing I could do for my feet on the golf course.

The best golf socks do more than just keep your feet comfortable on the turf throughout the day. They help in preventing the formation of blisters (the relationship of golf and blisters).

Now, we all know how painful blisters can be, right? Imagine riding 36 holes uncomfortable on the golf course all day. So if you want your feet to feel great, then you should wear the best socks for walking golf. (Benefits of walking golf)

And here’s another reason why you need these golf socks more than they need you. When you buy a pair of the best golf shoes on the market, why would you want to pair them with ill-fitted and poorly designed golf socks?

Your golf shoes may be expensive and even waterproof, so why not pair them with the finest pair of golf socks? Even if your shoes are not so fancy and waterproof, wearing great socks will provide that much-needed comfort and protection your feet need during your demanding golfing sessions.

The 5 best golf socks on the market

1. Swiftwick ASPIRE Zero Socks

Swiftwick Zero Aspire Socks (Large, Black)

The Swiftwick ASPIRE Zero Socks will be the most comfortable pair of socks you’ll ever put on your feet. They are equipped with a unique fiber technology. And do you know what this super practical feature does? It manages moisture and compression making the Swiftwick ASPIRE Zero Socks the best golf compression socks on the market.

They are the no-show, low-rise socks that help in keeping your feet not only comfortable but also blister-free.

The best part about the Swiftwick golf socks is its construction with olefin fabric. This material can resist deterioration that is caused by harsh detergents and natural perspiration. It is also paired with a nylon blend to add more moisture-wicking capacity to the socks.

The Swiftwick golf socks have a sculpted footbed design. This helps in providing a proper fit. And it also enables the toe region to prevent the formation of blisters. It does so by reducing bunching inside the toe box area. So these golf socks not only provide comfort but also lower foot swelling, increase endurance, and improve blood circulation. (The typical golf mileage)

We Like

  • ​The golf socks help in preventing hot spots and blisters.
  • They don’t cause the fabric to rub against the skin, which means there’s no friction.

We Don’t Like

  • The socks don’t have enough padding.

Making the compression socks

2. Nike Golf Men’s Dri-Fit No Show 3-Pair Socks

Nike Golf Men's Dri-Fit No Show 3-Pair Socks, White/Black, Medium

The Nike Golf Dri-Fit Socks are considered to be one the best mens golf socks on the market.

And why wouldn’t they be when the Dri-Fit fabric of the socks helps in absorbing maximum perspiration! You will not find a hint of cotton fabric in here. And why? Because cotton doesn’t do a great job at wicking away moisture. It does absorb moisture but does not let it evaporate.

So the socks can turn smelly and cause blisters in no time. But this is something you don’t need to worry about with the Nike Golf Dri-Fit Socks.

These best golf socks are equipped with a lining of Gore-Tex. This makes the socks 100% waterproof. The best part about them is the cushioning. You will be glad to know that the ball of your foot, as well as the heel region, is well-padded to provide support.

While the top part of the socks receives thin padding to allow maximum breathability. And the arch area is also less padded to hand out more support. All these valuable elements combine to provide the much-needed cushioning your feet need on the golf course. And this can go a long way in reducing fatigue. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? (Walking vs the golf cart)

We Like

  • ​Made for golfers with sweaty feet.
  • The golf socks are light in weight, yet they don’t slip off very easily.

We Don’t Like

  • They are not thick enough in the mid-foot region.

3. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks (Pack of Three Pairs)

Under Armour Men's HeatGear Crew Socks (3 Pair), Black, Large

If you want to buy the best socks for walking golf that provide excellent protection as well as support, then look no further. The Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks (Pack of Three Pairs) are designed to support your arch in the best possible manner.

Now this is something that not many golf socks can provide. These best golf socks have an embedded arch design that does the job of supporting your arch properly. They also help in wicking away all the moisture from your feet during your long rounds of golf. (Beat the heat on the golf course)

What you will love about the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks are the cushioned footbed and the company’s exclusive ArmourBlock technology.

The former contributes to providing your feet with absolute comfort. And the latter prevents the formation and spreading of bacteria in your feet. ArmourBlock also helps in reducing bad odor that is often the reason why we feel the need to buy a new pair of socks.

We Like

  • ​The golf socks are not susceptible to shrinkage after wash.
  • They don’t cause bunching in the toe box region. Hence, no hot spots or blisters.

We Don’t Like

  • The elastic tops of the socks tend to lose their elasticity with time.

4. KENTWOOL Men’s Tour Profile-Gameday Socks

KENTWOOL Men's Tour Profile-Gameday Socks, Red/Grey/Black, Large/X-Large

Riding 36 holes every time you’re on the golf course requires you to keep your feet fresh and comfortable all day long. Isn’t that right? So the KENTWOOL Men’s Tour Profile-Gameday Socks are designed with sufficient padding. This allows you to play 36 holes without feeling any discomfort in your feet.

These best socks for walking golf offer an excellent fit. And a snug fit adds to the comfort level of the socks. They are made of merino wool. The fabric goes a long way in keeping your hot, sweaty feet cool in the scorching heat of the summer. (Calories and walking vs pulling golf cart)

The Kentwool golf socks are designed with a blend of high-quality materials. And when this happens, you get remarkable durability. Also, walking on the golf course and playing the game can cause painful blisters to develop on your feet.

So the KENTWOOL Men’s Tour Profile-Gameday Socks are created to prevent such a tragedy from taking place. The best part about the Kentwool golf socks is the body windspun wool yarn, plaiting spandex.

This particular feature makes it possible for the golf socks to conform to the shape of your feet properly. Plus, the nylon vent system in the upper region contributes to providing maximum breathability to your feet inside the golf socks and shoes.

We Like

  • ​The golf socks do a great job at wicking away sweat and moisture.
  • They provide extraordinary support and cushioning to the feet.

We Don’t Like

  • The socks are not stretchable enough.

KENTWOOL TOUR the World’s Best Golf Sock Promo

5. PACKGOUT #1 MENS TOE SOCKS Soft & Breathable Five Finger Running Socks

PACKGOUT #1 MENS 5 PAIRS TOE SOCKS Soft & Breathable Five Finger Running Socks

The PACKGOUT #1 MENS TOE SOCKS Soft & Breathable Five Finger Running Socks are stretchable socks solely designed to provide exceptional comfort. They don’t have a heel design. Do you know what that means? No need to struggle with left and right socks.

And we all know how frustrating it is to put on the left pair in the right foot or vice versa. The PACKGOUT #1 MENS TOE SOCKS Soft & Breathable Five Finger Running Socks also offer maximum elasticity. Thanks to the five finger design.

These best socks for walking golf don’t cause the toes to rub against each other or the fabric. This means there’s no friction, which in turn reduces the possibility of forming blisters. Since the design offers fabric between the toes, the movement of your toes becomes more enhanced due to the additional sensory feedback.

The PACKGOUT #1 MENS TOE SOCKS Soft & Breathable Five Finger Running Socks are the only golf socks on the market that provide the toes with a proper push-off stride (improve your walking stride). This adds comfort when you have to walk those 5 miles during a single round of golf on the turf.

We Like

  • ​The thickness of the golf socks provides sufficient comfort and cushioning.
  • They don’t cause any irritation or rubbing on the feet and toes even if you wear them for longer hours.

We Don’t Like

  • The length of the socks is much lower than expected.

The final note

So now you know what golf socks to rely on to keep your feet comfortable and in good shape on and off the golf course.

The best golf socks can go a long way in providing that much-needed protection to prevent the formation of blisters, hot spots, or any other foot ailments. And out of the five best golf compression socks that I have listed above, the Kentwool golf socks rank the highest.


KENTWOOL Men's Tour Profile-Gameday Socks, Red/Grey/Black, Large/X-LargeCheck Price at Amazon.com

KENTWOOL Men’s Tour Profile-Gameday Socks do a great job at preventing the formation of blisters and wicking away moisture. With these socks, your feet will not be on your mind. So you can concentrate on achieving better scores on the golf course. They are thicker than any pair of regular socks.

This thickness provides your feet with maximum cushioning. And sufficient padding can help in reducing fatigue or foot pain at the end of the day. So if you’re tired of buying new or inappropriate socks now and then, opt for Kentwool golf socks as they offer a perfect fit and maximum durability.

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