5 Best Golf Shoes Manufacturers – Buyers Ultimate Guide

Shopping for a new pair of golf shoes serves two purposes. First, you want to look good while out on the course. After all, golf is a game where you might not always play well but you can always look good while playing.

Secondly, you want a pair of shoes that are going to help you perform at your best – comfortable shoes for walking a long round of 18 holes. You also need shoes with good support and grip for keeping your body steady while you put all of your effort into hitting the ball.

Golf shoes that look great and perform well are what we are here to discuss today.

The golf apparel industry has been heating up in recent years. Major brands like Nike have given up on developing and producing equipment in favor of focusing on the much higher margin apparel side of the game.

As golf apparel becomes more competitive, golf shoes have been one way for manufacturers to set their brand apart from the competition. Many brands are foregoing traditional styles in favor of new, modern styles of golf shoes to help put their unique stamp on the game.

Of course, a great looking pair of golf shoes may not be the right pair to hit the links with. Poor quality shoes that look great won’t help you improve your game or feel comfortable while playing.

Finding a balance between style and performance is key.

If you are ready to go out shopping for new golf shoes but you’re unsure of where to start then we are going to arm you with the information you need to make the right decision to suit your needs.

Ranking the Best Golf Shoes


Before we jump into the rankings we want to provide some clarity on how we are going to be ranking the brands. After all, if you don’t know what makes a brand unique and worth recommending then how can you make an informed purchase?

First, we want to look at style. Which brands are making golf shoes that push the limits of style? Conversely, brands that use a traditional look but pull it off nicely will also get top marks. Boring shoes need not apply for this list.

Next, performance and features will be taken into consideration. The brands that put a lot of effort into designing the best golf shoes with the newest features will earn top marks compared to brands that simply just go with what has always been done.

Finally, we will consider price and selection. Not only do we want to see brands offering the best golf shoes but we also want to see a variety of golf shoes at all different price points. After all, the best golf shoes for one’s budget may not work for another person’s budget.

The 5 Best Golf Shoe Brands

1. Nike


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Nike decided to shift their focus away from the equipment side of the golf industry to focus more on apparel. As a brand that has always pushed the limits of style, Nike is known for making head-turning clothing and shoes.

Nike has put a lot of work into developing a nice range of golf shoes for buyers that have differing tastes in style and differing budgets, as well. Best of all, Nike has taken some of their best designs from other sports and incorporated those designs into their golf lineup.

For example, the Nike Roshe G shoe takes a lot of cues from Nike’s incredibly popular line of Roshe running shoes. Players could feel confident wearing this shoe out on the course, into the clubhouse, and to run some errands after their weekend round of golf.

The bold designs, bright colors, and sleek lines on Nike’s golf shoes are something to get excited about.

For people who want something more traditional, Nike has some shoes available that offer a bit of a twist on the typical golf shoe. Players can enjoy modern style and technology packed into a familiar package.

Most importantly, Nike has shown serious commitment to quality products. Whether you want a light, comfortable pair of shoes or a pair of shoes with a modern lacing system; Nike has something for you.

At the top end of their lineup, Nike is competing with some of the most expensive shoe brands on the market. However, there are several pairs of shoes that fit a number of different price points. This is great to see from Nike as it means that everyone can put some additional style into their game without breaking the bank.

2. Footjoy


Footjoy has long been one of the top brands in the golf shoe industry. The iconic Footjoy logo can be seen on the golf hats of a number of professional golfers which only helps build the reputation of the brand even further.

There is no debating the technology and research that Footjoy packs into each golf shoe. People who purchase Footjoy shoes can expect top quality water proofing as well as a lightweight shoe that feels comfortable from the first tee to the eighteenth green.

When it comes to style, Footjoy is no slouch either. The brand is known for making the traditional style of golf shoes but, in recent years, they have opted for more modern designs.

Today, you can find the traditional Footjoy saddle-style golf shoe alongside their lineup of colorful, sleek designs that rival the designs of brands like Nike.

For selection, there is no shortage of styles to choose from when buying Footjoy golf shoes. They have one of the largest selections of golf shoes of all the brands on this list. That is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s nice to have selections to choose from, but too much of those could be overwhelming. By the time you have finished viewing the last models on their website, the designs and features begin to blur together.

The other knock against Footjoy is their pricing.

Make no mistake – this is a premium golf brand and their products carry a premium price tag. You can expect Footjoy golf shoes to cost more than comparable competitor products unless you manage to find a pair of Footjoy shoes on sale.

3. Adidas


Much like Nike, Adidas is a brand known for their quality products outside of the game of golf. And, also like Nike, Adidas has clearly taken their design experience from other sports and applied that knowledge to their golf shoe lineup.

What you get from Adidas are stylish golf shoes that look like they could be worn out to any number of events including, but not limited to, a round of golf.

Of course, Adidas isn’t just about style. Their golf shoes pack in a lot of technology to create some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market.

Online reviews from a number of publications back this up: Adidas may be a leader in comfort when it comes to golf shoes.

That news should be music to the ears of golfers who tend to walk their round instead of taking a motorized cart. Instead of feeling relieved at finishing a round of golf, Adidas shoes will make you want to head out for another round right away.

Props also have to be given to Adidas for their line of shoes that cover all of the price points. There are comfortable and stylish budget options available for under $50 and top-of-the line golf shoes with bleeding edge technology and style that compete at a price point with the other top golf shoe brands on the market.

Ultimately, it was a no-brainer to include Adidas on this list.

4. Puma


Puma is one of the golf shoe brands that has been quietly making some of the best shoes on the market for years.

Their name is often lost among the big hitters like Nike, Adidas, and Footjoy, but that doesn’t change the fact that Puma makes some of the most stylish and comfortable shoes on the market.

One thing about Puma is that they are the kind of brand that golfers either love or hate. Their flashy style and modern designs are not for everyone. However, if you want a comfortable pair of shoes that will stand out on the course and look more unique than pretty much anything else on the market then Puma is the brand for you.

Puma golf shoes are known for being lightweight in addition to very stylish. Despite this lightweight design, Puma has still been able to work in essential features like waterproofing.

The brand has also turned heads in recent years with some more unique designs including high top golf shoes that were famously worn by Rickie Fowler.

Since those shoes were debuted, Puma has worked with Rickie to develop special edition shoes for charity that often rapidly sell out and become a very hot commodity among the sneaker heads of the golf community.

For those who are shopping on a budget, Puma golf shoes may not meet your needs. Puma has great mid-range and top-tier selection but they lack a lot of options below that. With that said, it’s not uncommon to find some models on sale and older styles being cleared out at a variety of retailers.

5. Sketchers


Sketchers is a brand probably best known for their ridiculous Sketchers Shape Ups. The shoe did not receive a great reputation in the fitness community. However, despite that reputation, Sketchers has made major strides in the golf shoe industry.

The brand was a virtual unknown in the golf industry even just a few years ago. Today, Sketchers golf shoes can be found at pro shops and retailers everywhere. Plus, there is no denying that their designs have come a long way since the infamous Shape Ups.

Sketchers has found a very nice place in the golf shoe market which is why we wanted to include them on this list. The brand caters to the low to mid-range section of the market with style and quality that would usually demand a much higher price tag if the shoes were sporting a different logo like the classic Nike swoosh.

Shoppers can find a wide range of golf shoe styles from Sketchers including more traditional shoes as well as modern “sneaker-style” shoes that have a more casual look.

Best of all, there’s something at every budget level. Even the most expensive Sketchers golf shoes are significantly less than top-tier offerings from brands like Footjoy.

The only downside to choosing Sketchers golf shoes is the reputation of the brand and, unfortunately, golf is a sport built on reputation and history. However, if you aren’t the type to be concerned about the logo on your golf shoes then Sketchers has excellent products at very competitive prices.

Who Makes the Best Golf Shoes?


How do you choose a pair of shoes from all of the brands listed above? It’s hard to nail down the best golf shoes because comfort, style, and budget are all very subjective.

Don’t get us wrong. All of the brands mentioned on this list make quality products that are worth the money.

Narrowing down your options will come down to your budget and who makes shoes that catch your eye.

For example, a golfer with a bigger budget and a love for the top brands in the game might lean more toward Footjoy. On the other hand, someone who wants to save some money but still get a quality shoe may look toward Sketchers or Adidas.

Ultimately, you should be able to find the right pair of shoes for you from any one of the brands listed above.

Of course, we make no promises about whether or not they will improve your golf game. At least if you have a bad round,you can look good doing it.

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