Best Golf Mat Reviews – The 9 Best Practice Mats: Buyer’s Guide

Every golfer likes to practice on the real driving range. But more often than not, that doesn’t seem like such an affordable idea. And even if it does, things like unfavorable weather conditions come in the way. So these are the moments when you wish you had the best golf mat.

Golfing enthusiasts love to play golf even in the winter season or at any time of the day. So it’s especially for them that golf mats are manufactured.

But choosing the good ones from the bad is crucial. Because the difference them is the one between an excellent practice session and a damaged golf club.

Golf mats are considered to be fantastic training aids when it comes to swing practice. And our team of researchers understands the importance of the swing movement in golf. That’s why we bring to you nothing short of the most phenomenal and groundbreaking picks on the market.

Quick Comparison: Top 9 Best Golf Mat List




Our Rating

Callaway Ft Launch Zone Hitting Mat



36″ X 60″ XL Super Tee Golf Mat – Holds A Wooden Tee



Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat



PGM3660 3’ X 5’ Emerald Par Golf Mat



Golf Mat 4’ x 5’ Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat



Truedays Golf Mat 12”x24” Residential Practice Hitting Mat



Fairway/Rough Practice Mat



SKLZ Glide Path Divot Simulator Golf Mat



FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat



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Best golf mat: 9 top choices

A good quality golf mat goes a long way in helping you improve your game. It could be like a best friend. So let us introduce you to your nine new potential BFFs.

1. Callaway Ft Launch Zone Hitting Mat – The Most Cost-Effective Golf Mat

Callaway Golf Ball Hitting Mat

There’s nothing more to say when you hear the word Callaway. The most reliable brand has not failed to surprise us yet again with the Callaway Ft Launch Zone Hitting Mat. It offers the truest turf surface feel. This is helpful in simulating shots off the real fairway.

The high-quality construction and special tee holder are two features that make the experience more convenient. And thanks to the strong rubber backing, there’s tons of shock absorption. The only drawback is the small size of the Callaway mat.

We Like

  • The heavy rubber base prevents the mat from shifting or sliding.
  • The mat’s high quality makes it more resistant to damage.

We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for beginners due to a small hitting surface.

2. 36” X 60” XL Super Tee Golf Mat – The Best Golf Mat with a Hitting Area and Standing Platform


What you will love about the 36” X 60” XL Super Tee Golf Mat is its surface material. It’s constructed with nylon that’s completely spring crimped. This means you get a real hitting experience. The optimal thickness of the XL Super Tee mat combines with the great urethane backing. Such a combination delivers better shock absorption.

There are only a few golf mats that let you play with an actual wooden tee. And the 36” X 60” XL Super Tee Golf Mat is one of them. The design of the XL Super Tee mat is well constructed to prevent it from causing damage to the clubs. The only problem is the spongy feel of the turf. But that just takes some getting used to.

We Like

  • The mat offers a well-cushioned and thick feel.
  • It is made of high-quality materials, hence more durability.

We Don’t Like

  • It feels like you’re playing on wet turf due to the spongy quality.

3. Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat – The Most Advanced Golf Mat in the Game

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat 5' X 5'

The Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat is by far the most realistic option on the market. The artificial turf of the golfing mat produces the most authentic feel. It is built with forgiving and strong long fibers. Such a design increases durability and lowers chances of injury.

The Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat is the step-up pick on our list. All thanks to the high-quality and natural feel of the turf. It tends to close the large gap between playing on an artificial course and a real one. Although the golf mat takes a while to flatten out completely.

We Like

  • It doesn’t cause the golf ball to bounce.
  • The mat reduces risks of injury due to its very forgiving nature.

We Don’t Like

  • The surface flattens out after some repeated use.

4. PGM3660 3’ X 5’ Emerald Par Golf Mat – The Best Shock Absorbent Golf Mat

PGM3660 3' x 5' Emerald Par Golf Mat

The thing that reduces golf club shock is thick foam backing. And the PGM3660 3’ X 5’ Emerald Par Golf Mat is built with such a valuable feature. The heavy backing also allows you to use the golf mat on surfaces like wood or concrete.

You will be quite impressed with the strong woven nylon construction of the turf. This brings comfort and durability to the table. Another great feature is the addition of wooden rubber tee holder. This gives you the opportunity to use the golf mat to practice all your drives.

A golfing mat is supposed to be moisture resistant, right? But not this one. The PGM3660 3’ X 5’ Emerald Par Golf Mat tends to break down due to moisture.

We Like

  • The PGM3660 mat is extremely comfortable and dense to stand on.
  • It offers optimal cushioning and responsiveness to prevent injuries.

We Don’t Like

  • The mat’s base is not built to provide moisture resistance.

5. Golf Mat 4’ x 5’ Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat – The Best Multi-Purpose Golf Mat

Golf Mat 4' x 5' Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat FREE Golf Ball Tray, FREE Balls, FREE Tees

When we say multipurpose, it means that you can use it outdoors and indoors. The Golf Mat 4’ x 5’ Dura-Pro Plus Residential Golf Hitting Mat is equipped with many excellent features. It provides every golfer with the much-needed hitting area. This best golf mat has the ability to absorb maximum golf club shock as well.

The industrial bonding and thermal welding of the Dura-Pro Plus mat prevent it from delamination. You also get an excellent feel with phenomenal UV protection. As is the case with most golf mats, this one too has a base that tends to disintegrate.

We Like

  • The Dura-Pro Plus mat is dense enough to provide a better experience.
  • It comes with the extremely useful ball tray.

We Don’t Like

  • The bottom of the golfing mat wears out pretty quickly.

6. Truedays Golf Mat 12”x24” Residential Practice Hitting Mat – The Best Golf Mat with the Lowest Price Tag

Truedays® Golf Mat 12

It’s almost shocking how a product so cheap can perform so well. The Truedays Golf Mat 12”x24” Residential Practice Hitting Mat is built with high-quality rubber backing. What this does is prevent the golfing mat from shifting.

Unlike some of the low-priced golf mats, this one comes with the rubber golf tee. And we all know how beneficial that is when it comes to mats. You will also love the synthetic grass-equipped authentic look.

But what you might not like is the fact that the mat tends to roll up. Placing something heavy on it can solve such a problem.

We Like

  • It has a pretty sturdy and reliable construction.
  • The size of the Truedays mat is perfect to practice golf.

We Don’t Like

  • It is extremely light in weight, so it rolls up easily.

7. Fairway/Rough Practice Mat – The Most Versatile Golf Mat

Jef World Of Golf Fairway/Rough Practice Mat

When a golfing mat allows you to practice on different types of terrain, you know it’s good. The Fairway/Rough Practice Mat has a design that replicates long and short grass. It is equipped with rubber tees. So you’re free to practice every little aspect of the game from the backyard.

Let me tell you more about the tees. They come in different sizes. This gives you the opportunity to play with different golf clubs. The sole problem with the golfing mat is its size. As you can see for yourself, some golfers might prefer comparatively larger mats. But this is only a matter of choice.

We Like

  • The mat simulates various terrains.
  • It lets you practice fairway, rough, and tee shots.

We Don’t Like

  • The golfing mat’s design may be too small for some players.

8. SKLZ Glide Path Divot Simulator Golf Mat – The Golf Mat that has the Best Sliding Function

SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat

The SKLZ Glide Path Divot Simulator Golf Mat comes with an exclusive sliding feature. This is ideal for simulating the feeling and experience of producing a divot. Such an effect is created when you’re sliding through the golf ball. On top of that, the mat replicates the quality of natural grass.

The SKLZ Glide Path Divot Simulator Golf Mat is equipped with a thick turf. So you get a chance to practice the driver by sticking tees into the turf. Another great feature is the injury and shock resistant quality.

The only negative aspect of the SKLZ Golf Mat is the loud sound it produces each time you make contact with it.

We Like

  • The mat helps in generating true ball flight.
  • It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

We Don’t Like

  • The mat creates an unpleasant sound on impact.

SKLZ Launch Pad Hitting Mat Introduction

9. FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat – The Golf Mat that Offers the Best Ball Strike

FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat

The FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat is armed with unique sliding technology. This goes a long way in providing a realistic striking experience. The design of the FairwayPro mat makes it possible for you to hit fat shots with minimal impact and shock.

Golfers who love to practice short games will love the FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat. It offers true feedback with accurate ball flight simulation. The mat also does an excellent job at replicating the feeling of creating a divot.

The one particular problem with the FairwayPro mat; it tends to move forward without retracting automatically. This can prove to be troublesome after each shot.

We Like

  • It has a very forgiving surface.
  • The design of the FairwayPro mat is reversible (so left-handed players can use it too).

We Don’t Like

  • You will have to push the mat back into position after every strike.

FairwayPro Ultimate Divot Simulator Golf Mat

Golf Mat Buyer’s Guide

Buying the golf mat is responsible for making you a better golfer. But it’s important to select a reliable manufacturer when it comes to golf mats. Because poor quality golf mats with a more inferior hitting surface can damage your golf clubs.

So you should make sure that you know what to look for when buying a golfing mat to practice and hone your skills. (The difference between mats vs grass)

Factors to Take into Consideration When Selecting the Best Golf Mat


The chances are that you will be going at it all day with your golf clubs, right? So it’s better to buy a golfing mat that’s created to stand the test of time. And the way to ensure maximum durability is to purchase a mat made of high-quality materials.


The size of the golfing mat depends on the size of your golf clubs. It also depends on how much space you have to accommodate the golf mat. The goal is to be able to have enough room so you can move the golf ball around conveniently.


Every golfer likes to buy a mat that allows him or her to switch tees. So this is an important factor when purchasing the best golf mat. With such a feature, you can feel free to use a wide variety of tee sizes.


A golfing mat may be an artificial turf, but it needs to be authentic. What this means is that golf mats need to be more than just good looking. They must be able to reflect the quality of the real turf. This goes a long way in preventing unnecessary joint strain.

The Material of Golf Mats

The material is the most important factor to take into account when you want to buy golf mats. The sole function of a mat is to recreate the look and feel of an actual golf course.

Golfers that play on different turfs should select a golfing mat that offers the most natural and authentic feel. While golfers that are used to playing on one course need to find something similar to that.

Most of the golfing mats manufactured today are made of foam rubber topped with astroturf. This makes them comparatively denser and tougher than the real golf courses.

Then comes the base material of the golfing mats. There are two types of bases; rubber base and silicone base. The former should be thick enough. This adds more give and improves the mat’s quality. On the other hand, silicone mats aren’t as dense as rubber mats. But they tend to offer a relatively more realistic bounce and give.

There are many reasons why a silicone golf mat is considered to be better than its rubber counterpart.

  • Silicone mats offer a more authentic and natural feel.
  • They generate a less jarring impact.
  • These types of mats are more accommodating.
  • And lastly, silicone golf mats make it easier to translate your improvements to the real course.

Golf Practice Matts or Grass 

Wrapping it up 

You should know that not all mats manufactured today provide the same set of features. Some golf mats tend to cause harm and inconvenience. So it’s always a better idea to buy something reliable instead of trying something unique. In this regard, the Callaway Ft Launch Zone Hitting Mat might be an excellent choice.

The Callaway Ft Launch Zone Hitting Mat has an authentic turf surface. This replicates the feeling of striking from an actual tee box or fairway. The Callaway mat is made of high-quality materials with a solid construction. Hence, more durability.

The best part about the Callaway Ft Launch Zone Hitting Mat is the strong rubber backing. It delivers excellent club protection and shock absorption. The heavy backing also prevents the golfing mat from moving on impact. With such phenomenal features, there’s nothing you won’t like about the best golf mat for yourself.

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