The 7 Best Golf Instruction Books To Make You A Better Golfer

The game of golf is a sport that requires constant learning. It’s an ongoing process that gives you both traditional and modern perspectives on the different golfing techniques. And the best golf instruction books are responsible for enhancing your mental style of play. Because knowledge always plays a significant role in dealing with the game’s sharp learning curve.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or professional, these books are a must read for every golfing enthusiast.

All of the books listed below are easily available on the market. And each of them contains instructions that will help you go a long way. You will find tons of valuable information that you can easily incorporate into your golfing game.

So I would advise you to grab two to three useful concepts from each book to move towards the right path.

The 7 best golf instruction books ever written

1. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons

Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of GolfCheck Price at

If there’s any Bible for the game of golf, then it’s Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons. It is considered to be one of the golf instruction books ever written.

In this book, the champion Ben Hogan talks about the specific details of the game, unlike other golfing books. You will find no other book that discusses the game’s finer points in such a concise yet simple manner.

You will come across several PGA professionals teaching concepts and ideas explained in this book. We all know what a legend Ben Hogan was, don’t we? So learning about his five secrets can help us in moving towards the right direction.

2. The Golfing Machine – Edition 7

The Golfing Machine, 7th Edition (2006)Check Price at

You might feel like you’re back in high school learning geometry when you read The Golfing Machine – Edition 7. What the book does is break down the whole concept of the golf swing. This is one of the golf instruction books for a golfer who likes to explore the technical aspect of the game.

So if you lack the basic understanding regarding golf swing mechanics, then you’re in the right place. The Golfing Machine – Edition 7 will help in answering all your questions.

3. Golf My Way

Golf My Way: The Instructional Classic, Revised and UpdatedCheck Price at

Are you a beginner? If yes, then you’ll be glad to know that Golf My Way is among the best golf instruction books for beginners.

The author, Jack Nicklaus has won 18 major championships. So you know that he has a lot to teach about the game of golf in this book. It is considered to be a must read for all golfing enthusiasts who just can’t enough of the sport.

Top 10: Essential Jack Nicklaus

4. Extraordinary Putting: Transforming the Whole Game

Extraordinary Putting: Transforming the Whole GameCheck Price at

Most golfers tend to make putting sound like an incredibly challenging task. But in reality, it is not so. The activity of putting depends on your attitude and confidence. All you need to do is hit the golf ball into the hole, right? Well, it’s easier said than done. But it’s not as difficult as some golfers may lead us to believe.

So if you want to change your perspective on putting, let me introduce you to Extraordinary Putting: Transforming the Whole Game. In this book, you’ll come to terms with the fact that putting requires you to be present in the moment. You will get to learn several useful drills and tips that will transform the way you putt in golf.

5. How I Play Golf

How I Play GolfCheck Price at

When it comes to the swing, Tiger Woods is the champion. He’s the king of the swing, isn’t he? Tiger Woods is the only golfer who’s managed to change his swing plenty of times during his entire golfing career. His instructors have also changed pretty often.

So don’t you think it’s a brilliant idea to learn from someone who knows what he’s talking about?

The book, How I Play Golf was penned down when he was at the peak of his career. And it was during this time only that his swing movements were considered to be exceptional.

In this book, he discusses everything from his exercise routine to his swinging technique. These are the things that you can easily integrate into your game of golf.

The Evolution of Tiger Woods’ swing

6. Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons And Teachings From A Lifetime In GolfCheck Price at

Harvey Penick was considered to be the best student of golf. He started off working just a caddie at the age of eight. And he passed away teaching golf at the Austin Texas Country Club. While there, he worked with great golfers like Betsy Rawls, Ben Crenshaw, and Tom Kite.

In his book, you’ll notice how his teachings are well-grounded and accurate. The book consists of several topics on the different aspects of golf. He talks about subjects like backspin and the left heel. And the best part about the book is that every topic is discussed at length.

7. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

Golf is Not a Game of PerfectCheck Price at

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect is a book for tournament golfers. The game of golf requires you to utilize more mental energy than physical, agreed? The way you perform depends on how you deal with pressure and how you pick the shots.

The author of this book, Bob Rotella is a renowned sports psychologist. He has helped many PGA Tour golfers in improving their mental capacity for the game. So that’s what you get with this book. It discusses everything you need to know about the diligent professional touring practice.


You will find many other books on the game of golf. But the seven listed in the article are the best golf instruction books ever written. Before you dismiss all of them, remember this. Knowledge can help in dealing with the sport’s high learning curve.

You can be an expert already or just a curious mind, doesn’t matter. Because these golf books have something valuable to add to your game irrespective of how skilled you are.

The goal is to move at least a step closer to getting better at the game. And preparing for it mentally will go a long way in prepping you up on the real golf course.

So I would advise you to read at least two books out of the seven discussed above.

They have not been listed in any specific order. So pick the one that you think might benefit you the most, and just go for it!

Tell us what you’re more likely to end up reading? Are there any more suggestions that you would like to make?

Please feel free to drop in your comments in the section below.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. And I hope you decide to read at least two books from our list. If not, then all you can do is remembering the names. In case you change your mind!

Happy Golfing!

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