The Best Golf Drivers For Seniors: What Is The Correct Shaft?

There’s absolutely no difference between best golf drivers for seniors and best golf drivers for slow swing speeds. In fact, more often than not, the former means the latter. And that goes to show that age isn’t the deciding factor. But, nevertheless, let’s keep it simple and talk about golf drivers for golfers over 50.

From what I have seen, seniors have a pretty low swing speed and that is the only reason why they need to invest in golf drivers that can assist them with improving their swing and, ultimately, their game.

The kind of strength and flexibility that one needs in order to play the sport is what people over 65-70 years of age lack. And that’s the reason why their swing speed reduces down to 110 mph and with some golfers, even lower.

But that doesn’t seem so bad when you have access to the best golf drivers that have proven to maximize accuracy along with distance for all golfers over 50.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Golf Drivers for Seniors

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Which Golf Driver Seniors  Should ​Use?

What you should know before reading on

Launch Angle

It is very important for you to understand the concept of launch angle before you read the rest of the post. It is pretty much what you think it is.

Launch angle is the angle at which the golf ball flies in the air when struck by the club face of the driver.

Ultimately, the launch angle determines how powerful your shot is and it also helps in deciding the spin rate.



So if you want to improve your launch angle, consider this guideline to pick the most suitable driver for your particular skills and stamina.

  • 60 – 70 mph = 13 – 15 degrees launch angle
  • 70 – 80 mph = 12 – 14 degrees launch angle
  • 80 – 90 mph = 11 – 13 degrees launch angle
  • 90 – 100 mph = 10 – 12 degrees launch angle
  • Over 100 mph = 9 – 11 degrees launch angle

Please don’t get confused. Just remember these 3 rules when it comes to launching angle:

  • The more swiftly you swing the club, the lower the loft you require.
  • As far as the spin rate is concerned, the more swiftly you swing the club, the higher the spin rate.
  • And as we all know now, the higher the spin rate, the less distance you’ll cover.

There’s a reason why the shaft of the driver is given so much importance. It’s because an appropriate shaft has the ability to reverse this effect, which can prove to be extremely beneficial for senior golfers. Let’s discuss that at length below.

How Senior Golfers Can Increase Distance?

What is the right kind of shaft?

The golf drivers for seniors as well the best golf drivers for slow swing speeds have a shaft that is built with the following characteristics in order to counter the effect that I’ve mentioned above.

Lighter Shaft

New Cleveland 588 Altitude Driver 12.0* Comp CZ R-Flex Graphite RH

Golfers over 50 want a driver that will not only improve their swing speed but also offer them more control over the club. And a lighter shaft helps them achieve that. Senior golfers don’t normally play with a heavy shaft as it tends to lower the spin rate. Pair this with a lack of clubhead speed and you get a very low shot, with more slicing. So a heavy shaft is completely out of the picture.

Instead, lighter shafts such as graphite shafts have the ability to enhance your swing speed without lowering the spin rate. Pick graphite shafts that weigh not more than at least 50-55 grams.

Length of the Shaft

TaylorMade R11s Aldila RIP Phenom 60 Graphite Wood R Flex Golf Shaft

You can choose to go long or keep it short, the choice is yours. It all mainly depends on your golfing skills or how well you can hit the golf ball. The thing about the length of the shaft is that the longer the shaft, the more width, and distance you can cover. But this is only possible if you know how to center you strike or how to correctly strike in the dead center of the golf ball.

If you don’t possess this particular golfing skill, then you’re better off without an excessively long driver. Otherwise, the number of mishits will increase and you’ll lose a great deal of distance too. So evaluate your golfing skills first and then choose wisely.

Shaft Flex

Best golf drivers for seniors

Let me begin by stating that the lower your swing speed, the more flexible the shaft should be. So it all boils down to how low your swing speed really is.

Senior golfers have a swing speed as low as 110 mph, which makes regular shafts (these are the most flexible ones) perfect for them. And if your swing speed is anything above 110 mph, then an X (extra stiff) shaft seems like a sensible choice.

Does Shaft Flex Make Difference or Not?

Shaft Weight

The distribution of weight in the shaft can undoubtedly go a long way in the maximizing distance along with improving accuracy. The comparatively lighter drivers for seniors should ideally have a slightly heavier weight at the grip end than at the driver end.

Club fitters will be glad to make this change for you. All they have to do is change the weight distribution from a D:3 to a D:0.

Top 5 best golf drivers for seniors

1. Callaway Men’s XR Driver

Callaway Men's XR Driver

If there are any golf drivers for seniors that have the ability to strike the golf ball farther down the fairway without a single failed attempt, then it’s the Callaway Men’s XR Driver.

This magical driver is equipped with a larger sweet spot, which is exactly the kind of characteristic that helps in creating longer distances. Even when senior golfers play a mishit with this driver, the golf ball will still be able to travel that extra distance.

Suitable for senior golfers with a swing speed that doesn’t exceed 100 mph, the Callaway Men’s XR Driver has a shaft that creates an optimal shaft load during the downswing movement. And this, in turn, has the capacity to automatically transfer more energy to the ball in order for it to travel longer than expected.

Senior golfers will be happy to know that this driver is built with a 10% lower face weight. This can really help you with achieving more active energy transfer, which is what most senior golfers struggle with in order to play the game more efficiently.

Two more exceptional features are Speed Step Crown and an advanced aerodynamic head. I really admire these two features considering how drastically they contribute in increasing speed and decreasing drag when you’re swinging the driver.

We Like

  • Aero efficient.
  • Provides exceptional distance and accuracy off the tee.
  • Produces the perfectly loud and solid sound upon impact.
  • Easy to adjust.

We Don't Like

  • Excessive loft.
  • Very stiff in the hands.

2. Titleist 915 D2 Driver (460cc) Right 9.5 Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 70 Graphite Stiff 621RG1S95

Titleist 915 D2 Driver (460cc) Right 9.5 Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 70 Graphite Stiff 621RG1S95

You’re a senior golfer and that means you know how wonderfully reliable the brand Titleist really is. They manufacture some of the best golf drivers as well as some of the best golf drivers for slow swing speeds. It means one and the same thing but, in this context, it’s worth mentioning.

The Titleist 915D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Driver is possibly the only best driver for golfers over 50 that is specially created to optimize the launch angle. It delivers a comparatively lower spin rate, which is always great for senior golfers. And despite also delivering more curve, the distance covered with this driver is far more than what you’d expect.

Some senior golfers have a swing speed of even less than 100 mph and that makes the Titleist 915D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Driver even more suitable for golfers over 50, as it caters to a swing speed as low as even 85 mph.

The driver is supplied with ARC technology, which can really help you with increasing the speed. Another great feature is the thick-centered face insert. This particular type of construction is great because it helps in providing additional distance, even on off-center strikes.

The Titleist 915D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Driver might be an ideal choice for those senior golfers who want to obtain the lowest spin rate with improved speed.

We Like

  • Offers a good combination of carry and roll.
  • Produces consistently straight shots.
  • Sturdy and metallic at impact.
  • You can exercise more control over the club.

We Don't Like

  • Not so practical to use.
  • Its slow slot doesn’t save low strikes.

3. PING G25 Graphite Regular Driver

Ping G25 Driver 1w 10.5* Graphite Regular Right 45.5 Inches

The PING G25 Graphite Regular Driver is one of the best golf drivers for seniors due to its customizable loft settings that are built to improve launch conditions. This can prove to be extremely beneficial when you want to achieve greater distances.

There are several factors that make this driver suitable for senior golfers or even for those who are struggling to achieve more accuracy off the tee. The first feature is the unique Trajectory Tuning Technology. The second exceptional feature is the addition of a large, forgiving head.

And the last one is the driver’s speed-inducing shaft. The valuable combination of all these 3 features can go a long way in assisting senior golfers to improve accuracy along with distance. So now it doesn’t matter how slow your swing speed is.

Since we’re talking about swing speed, you’ll be glad to know that the PING G25 Graphite Regular Driver is as versatile as it is efficient. What this means is that not all senior golfers have a swing speed of less than 100 mph, right?

Now while some of the best golf drivers are built only to cater to that particular speed range, the PING G25 Graphite Regular Driver is an ideal choice for senior golfers with a fast swing speed as well.

We Like

  • Comparatively larger sweet spot.
  • Adjustable loft settings.
  • Well-constructed shaft.

We Don't Like

  • Not so fancy physical appearance.
  • Large clubhead.

4. TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver

TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver

If it’s important to you to find a golf driver that is built to provide maximum forgiveness, the TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver might just be the most acceptable choice for you. Many senior golfers with slow swing speed want a driver to not only improve their swing speed but also produce shots with a club that offers plenty of forgiveness. The more the merrier, isn’t it?

As we all know by now that achieving long distance stems from the unique combination of high launch angle, fastball speed, and low spin rate. So that’s exactly what the TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver has to offer.

With this driver, you get the wonderful opportunity to redistribute the weight of the club. And that’s highly beneficial for senior golfers considering how important it is to have more weight on the grip end than the driver end of the club.

It helps in improving accuracy and distance. In this case, the TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver is built with sliding weights that can be adjusted accordingly and quite easily in order to achieve better results.

Another excellent feature found in this driver is its Loft Sleeve Technology. Adjustable loft in a driver has the ability to greatly impact the swing speed of the golfer. So as an enthusiastic senior golfer or a golfer with a slow swing speed, the TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver is perfect for you if what you’re looking for is great feel along with playability.

We Like

  • Provides a really low spin rate.
  • Offers maximum forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • Remarkable weight and lie adjustments.

We Don't Like

  • Heavier in size.
  • The driver hooks out of control.

Driving Tips for Seniors

5. Adams Golf Men’s Speedline Super S Driver

Adams Golf Men's Speedline Super S Driver

The sweet spot of the Adams Golf Men’s Speedline Super S Driver couldn’t get any sweeter than this! Senior golfers will immediately notice the slot design built in the sole of the driver, which adds to the size of the sweet spot. That means more straight hits and maximum travel distance. It is the longest driver you’ll find on the market, which further enhances the travel distance, provided you know how to correctly hit the golf ball in the center.

So if you’re a senior golfer who has a swing speed as low as 100 mph along with some basic yet well-executed skills, then you’ll be even more pleased to have acquainted yourself with the Adams Golf Men’s Speedline Super S Driver. Reason being, when you have a low swing speed, you want the weight of the shaft to also be moderately low.

And this driver meets that particular demand. It has the required D:0 swing weight, as opposed to the standard D:3 swing weight. Golf technology is evolving faster than you think, and the Adams Golf Men’s Speedline Super S Driver stands as strong evidence.

We Like

  • Produces consistently good shots.
  • Stiff shaft.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Adjustable loft.

We Don't Like

  • The shaft has a lot more flex than is required.
  • Doesn’t offer optimal forgiveness.

The Bottom Line

To figure out what are the best golf drivers for seniors, you must first know how slow your swing speed is. That will help you decide which golf driver is the most suitable one for you. But if you want something that doesn’t require you to make that effort, irrespective of how slow or fast your swing speed is, then I would recommend the Titleist 915D2 Driver Right 9.5 Graphite Stiff .

The Titleist 915D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Driver has the perfect shaft length so you get the opportunity to create more width and, ultimately, more distance. Shots taken with this driver travel like they’re on a straight line, which is truly appreciated by senior golfers.

With maximum forgiveness and optimal weight distribution towards the grip end than the driver end, the Titleist 915D2 9.5 Graphite Stiff Driver lets you take the “driving” seat instead of the passenger seat. More control always equals more room for improvement. And that’s what you ultimately need, isn’t it?

Bonus: Do Golf Driver Wear Out​

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