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Best Golf Clubs For Beginners Reviews – Buyer’s Guide of 2017

Before a beginner jumps into the decision of buying a golf set, it will be a smart idea to be clear of the things which should be given prime importance. Being on the golf course for a beginner may not be an easy experience.

Maximum forgiveness is one aspect which needs to be properly taken care of while choosing your golf clubs; this is necessary for a good consistency in the game. 

Let us take you through this article leading you to read about one of the best golf clubs for beginners which are available in the market today.

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How to Choose the Best Golf Club?

best golf clubs for beginner's men

Always look for a golf club which makes your ball striking abilities better; in short look for a club which might offer maximum forgiveness.

The one has to overcome the problem of inconsistent hitting then a big sized club having a large sweet spot is quite original. The shot which is hit on the toe can be hit truer with weighing in the place. Some factors which should be considered before buying your first golf club:

Getting maximum forgiveness is the goal, an ideal set would be the one that takes into account the swing and the hit issues faced by the beginners.

1. Oversized Club Head:

An oversized club head will fix the problem of missing out the mishits. For the irons, perimeter weighting makes those mishits go and hit the target straight. In order to get the ball high up, a wide sole may be needed; this helps to go through the turf at an easier pace. Shorter clubs are usually preferred for beginners to provide them with a better contact with the ball.

2. Managing The Swing Path:
Adams Golf Men's New Idea Hybrid Club, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular Flex, 25-Degree, #5

The clubface should be squarer to the target than to the open. A club head with adjustable weights can help to adapt the club to your particular swing patterns. The larger the surface of the sweet spot higher is the chances of missing any shot. The sweet spot on the clubface is increased by having the perimeter weight increased. This is very much helpful in getting a straighter shot.

3. Wood And Hybrids:

For long shots, a beginner should always go for a wood or a hybrid club with the most lofts possible. More lofts always help in getting the ball in the air and it is always likely to go further beyond. This also keeps the club from curving much and hence you get a straight shot.

4. Shaft:

This axle of the club, and it is always better to look for a good shaft as that ultimately leads to a better club. A wide soled club cuts off through grass with a lot of ease and throws the ball to a much greater distance, whereas a short club is better for making a good contact with the ball.

New Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 65 Shaft R-Flex w/ TMAG R11 R11S Tip Installed
5. Shafts Flex:

This is an important factor in selecting the clubs and it determines your swing speed. There are swing speed conversion parameters which can be measured out and hence the flex of different individuals can be tabulated. Shaft flex should be carefully selected and help should be taken for checking out the exact flex with the help of any person who in a present in the shop.

6. Loft Angle:

This angle has a major impact on determining the distance of the tee. A correct loft should be chosen for your driving club. The swingers with slow speed need higher driving clubs which are lofted.

What Makes the Golf Ball Go Far?

Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set-Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid, 5-PW Irons (Right Handed, Regular Flex)

This is a question which is always asked by beginners. There are 4 reasons why this happens:

  • It depends on the composition of the ball. There are some balls which go further and there are some which do not go that further. Any 100 compression ball always goes further than the 70 compressions driving range ball.
  • If there are fewer lofts for faster speed swingers there will be more distance and similarly, if the loft is slower speed swingers there is going to be more distance.
  • Thirdly, longer the club, the more distance it is going to provide.
  • Lastly, the more club head speed is generated by the golfer, the more the swing speed, hence more the distance.

Common wrong notion about the distance: It is often believed by some that metals like titanium Cyro plasma, cermet, maraging steel etc. have a very important impact on the distance. This is a wrong idea that has been spread as the difference in the metal has a minor impact on this factor. 

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How To Look For The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners Of Every Category?

The best thing about the game of golf is that it is a game for all and hence learners or rather beginners can be of any age. Here we have a list of beginners of all age group and the preferential clubs which they tend to choose for themselves.

Selecting the Best Golf Clubs for Beginner’s Men

Precise ES Men's Tall Complete Golf Club Set (+1

The length of the clubs needed will be different for men and is based on the height. This is an important factor for buying the best golf clubs for beginner’s men when you are a beginner as it may be intimidating for the users who are new, therefore always refer to the chart or the table or ask for help from the store person regarding the height of the club.

This is an important factor because the swing mechanism and the level of play majorly depend on this aspect of the club.

  • For men who have a height shorter than 5’5, they should be using a club ½” shorter than the standard.
  • For men whose height ranges from 5’5” to 6’1”, they can go to the standard golf clubs.
  • For men who are taller than 6’1”, they should have an over length club for themselves.
 These pointers are required for buying the best golf club for beginners’ men. These directions should be well followed or else it makes playing golf really difficult. 

The Best Golf Clubs for Ladies Beginners

Cobra Women's FLY-Z XL Golf Club Set (13 Piece), Right Handed, Raspberry

As the men have who have different stature have different clubs for themselves, same is the case with the ladies who are newbies at the game of golf.

  • For the women who are shorter than 5’3”, they require a petite length.
  • The women who are between the heights of 5’3” to 5’7”, they require a standard club.
  • The women who are taller than 5’7”, and then they should move into men’s standard length.

Keep these points in check to select the best golf club for ladies beginners. If these standards are followed as given then it will be a great help to the beginners and they can play golf by being comfortable with their respective clubs.

Selecting the correct length for your golf clubs gives you the right accuracy and distance. Women should always go for clubs which increases loft and distance as the swing speed of women is slower than that of the men.

Choosing the Best Driver for Average Golfer

NEW NGC Golf Club Right Hand Condor 460 SQ 10.5 Driver Graphite Shaft REGULAR & STIFF Flex (Stiff)

It is a well-known fact that looking for a perfect driver is somewhat equivalent to finding a needle from a haystack. The drivers which the average golfer needs are very much different than the ones needed by a beginner and definitely different than what a professional uses.

The sole of these clubs are specially designed to sit square at any loft and it allows the hand to be low, high, middle or any position as required by you.

The factor which should be carefully noted is the adjustable perimeter weightings and the other adjustable weights which aid the average golfer to shift the center of gravity and reposition it so that they can perform a good shot.

One more thing that should be looked for in the selected best driver for an average golfer is the adjustable hose, that lets you tweak with the clubs loft and the bigger and forgiving the club face is the more the off-center shots head the pathway.

The Best Golf Drivers for Seniors

best golf drivers for seniors

For Seniors Golf is a Game, and the Game is Fun 

Golf players who are of above the age of 50 should consider choosing their golf drivers carefully because with the advancement of age, the swing speed tends to become lower and lower.

If the body of the player is not in a good and constant flow then it is factual for a senior person to lose the flexibility which one needs to play golf. We go through certain points which should be taken care of when selecting the best golf drivers for seniors.

Launch angle is an important factor for being good in the game of golf; this is the degree of loft in the driver along with the swing speed and the shaft flex.

The swing speed can also be increased by choosing lighter shaft; it can also be done by changing the weight distribution of the shaft weight and also by picking up a shaft which is longer. One more factor that should be kept in mind id slower the swing speed, the more flex you would want in your shaft.

How to Select the Best Irons for Beginners?

	 Wilson Velocity HDX Men's Right Handed 8 Piece Iron Golf Club Set

Usually, improvement irons are oversized with a wide sole; this is helpful as it allows the club to slide across the ground a bit more. Oversized irons are the best as they have a bigger sweet spot. If the clubs are bigger then the weight of the club can be adjusted.

So, the best irons for the beginners are the ones which are more forgiving on the miss-hits. The “Super” Game Improvements Irons are made to hit the ball high and straight.

One of the grave mistakes done by people is choosing the iron that is a difficult one. A difficult iron should not be chosen if one is just a beginner at playing golf.

If you are to select an iron which turns out to be difficult for you then eventually your scores are likely to suffer. The choice is simply yours to select a player’s iron, game-improvement iron or a super game-improvement iron.

Knowing About the Best Driver for Beginners

Palm Springs Golf E2i 460cc MRH Reg Flex 12° Titanium White Driver

The first and the foremost point with the driver of a beginner is it should be larger in terms of head size so that the size of the hitting area and the club face are increased.

The launch degree should be at least 12- 15 degrees; this makes the height more for your shots. In order to increase the backspin loft should be added, this also reduces the risk of the left or right curves as mentioned previously.

The best drivers for beginners have a loft of 10.5 degrees in minimum, this makes the club more forgiving and this makes it easier to hit the target.

The stiffness of the shaft is again another reason which may pose a problem for the beginners. The shaft should be soft enough so that it can swing correctly.

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The Best Putter for Beginners

Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter, Right Hand, 35-Inch

This is one factor which is always overlooked but it is not realized that this is one of the reasons then people score low in the game of golf. Always select a putter such that it fits your stroke perfectly.

It must be carefully considered that putters are weighted differently to sit in different types of stroke. A toe weighted putter should be chosen if you have a conventional open-square-closed stroke.

A face balanced putter can be used if wants to have a straight back and straight through stroke.

To find the best putter for beginners finds the putter of right length of a perfect weight for beginners, right putter lies angle. You should always try a putter on first before you buy so that you know for sure it sits well.

Buying the Best Golf Set for Beginners

Callaway Women's 2016 Solaire Complete Golf Set with Bag (13-Piece, Right Hand, Black)

It can indeed be a very confusing for a beginner to buy the golf set. With so many brands and models available, it might daunt anyone. As you can allow 14 clubs usually but beginners can start with a driver, an iron set, a putter and a basic bag.

Buying a new set allows a golfer to have all the basic requirements at one go. The most important factors in shaft selection are the shaft makeup and the shaft flex. Players who have a faster speed for swing benefit from a stiff or regular shaft. The best golf set for beginners can be bought for a modest price.

The Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack)

Just like the best golf balls for beginners, golf discs are responsible for the flight path under various playing conditions. There are some of them which are designed to cover maximum distance whereas there are some which are structured to turn left or to turn right and some for extremely short distances.

If you are looking for the best golf disc for beginners then you may very well be disappointed as there is nothing as beginner’s disc. Similar ones are used by professionals as well as by the beginners.

Always look for stability in the disc, keep a check on the weight of the disc and it has a major hand in affecting the stability of the disc. It is recommended for beginners to start with some lighter discs.

Here are Some of the Fine Products We Have Listed out for You to Check:

1. Callaway Men's Strata Golf Club Set 

This is a full set of amazing combination of forgiveness and distance rightly made for you.


Callaway Men's Strata Set (12-Piece, Right Hand)-best golf clubs for beginners


  • Tt is a box of 12 pieces of men’s set clubs.
  • Comprising of 9 clubs, 2 head covers, and 1 bag.
  • This is a very appealing to the eye and very good for the beginners.

We Like

  • These clubs are very light and comfortable and it considered best for the beginners.
  • The steel material is of very good quality.
  • It is a 5H Hybrid hence all the range games be it high or mid, will include this club and thus, it is a bonus.
  • It provides a versatile bag which has a double zipper, bottom up or tops down, it is light and can also be used as a standing bag.
  • This far end equipment comes at a reasonable price compared to other companies.
  • The shipping is free and comes very fast within a good span of time.

We Don't Like

  • The golf clubs are not much durable.
  • The grip material has a rough texture and it becomes quite painful during the swings.
  • A proper guide is not provided with the package; hence, it may generate confusion among the beginners.
  • The clubs are ¾” shorter than the standard size of the clubs; it may create difficulty for the ones who are quite tall.
  • Misleading brand name as the clubs and the bags only mention strata and not Callaway.

2. Wilson Men's Standard Package Golf Set 

This beautiful set of a golf club is highly recommended for beginners and for the moderate players.



  • This set comes with a driver, 4 Hybrid, 3 fairly wood, Irons 5-PW and Putter.
  • It has a standard grip and the shafts are of Iron steels.
  • It is best made accordingly for the men standards of 6’2” and under.
Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Right Hand, Standard

We Like

  • It comes at a very reasonable price for the beginners.
  • The grips of the Wilson Men's 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set is quite commendable and the weight is also perfect for the learners. They are also easy to use markings provided in the grip.
  • The appearance is very decent and stands well against all the rough use.
  • The club sets are made of good quality material and the club swings quite nicely.
  • The bag which comes with the set is very strong yet light. It also has extra pockets to hold extra balls, and a clip is there to attach a bottle. It is also provisioned to have legs to place it in the standing position.

We Don't Like

  • Shipping comes as under packed.
  • The sand wedge is not present.

3. Confidence POWER Hybrid Club Set for Men

It is a golf club which provides you with all the necessary clubs, without you having to seek out to a bank.


Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag


  • The set of a golf club includes a driver, a 24-degree hybrid wood, and a steel shaft.
  • The cavity-backed iron clubs and the hybrid are built with a lot of forgiveness.
  • The set also comes with 6-, 7-,8, and 9 irons and also a pitching wedge along with it.

We Like

  • The price is very reasonable for a bag with clubs of such versatility.
  • Upgraded stand bag which has auto-pop legs. It also has a good number of external pockets and also a rain cover is provided.
  • The clubs are well built and customized for making it very comfortable to use for the customers.
  • The clubface is bigger and this is ideal for the beginners.

We Don't Like

  • The strap of the bag is of backpack style instead of a single strap and hence it becomes a little difficult to carry.
  • The description of the products is incorrect on the package as there is a driver present whereas it is written there is no driver.
  • The grip is quite thin and small. It will be uncomfortable if a thick grip is needed by you. The markings on the grip are misaligned with respect to few inches.

4. Intech Flora Junior Girls Golf Club Set

These quality-made amazing set of the golf club of beginners have some great features perfectly suited for girls aged between the ages of 8 till 12.



  • It comes with a stainless oversized driver with an offset 4/5 hybrid iron.
  • All the clubs have the graphite shaft, wide sole 8 and PW iron with the junior putter.
  • The bags which are provided have ample pockets and come in two beautiful colors of purple and grey.
Intech Flora Junior Girls Golf Club Set (Right-Handed, Age 8-12)

We Like

  • The clubs are lightweight, the extra iron includes an 8 irons or W.
  • The balance and the flex of the clubs are very good.
  • It is a good buy if one is looking forward to helping their young girls to learn to play golf and has received good reviews all over.
  • It is a great set of golf clubs at a fair price and children love the amazing color they come in as it a very good option for beginners.
  • The bags are very attractive and have a good number of holders for towels, bottles, and golf balls.

We Don't Like

  • There are wrong specifications mentioned in the box and the wrong sized product may be delivered to you even on placing the order for the second time.
  • When arrived, the package was not seen in great shape. It is not a good option to send them as a gift.

5. Pinemeadow PRE Men's Complete Golf Set 16-Piece


Pinemeadow PRE Men's 16-Piece Complete Golf Set


  • A very elegant collection of 16–piece golf set which is inclusive of all the things with a 10.5-degree driver, 21 degrees 3 hybrid, 12 degrees 3 wood, 4-PW Irons, Dual Strap Bag Driver, Pre Putter, 3 wood and hybrid which comes with headcovers.
  • All the clubs are engineered in such a way that it gives maximum distance and power.

We Like

  • The golf club set comes at a very affordable price.
  • A very good putter present, it helps to aim at shots and the cutout sections act as a good ball retriever. If the balls are to run into the pond or go outreach it can be easily obtained.
  • Bag is of good quality. The bag has provision for standing with a good number of pockets to hold all the valuables needed like a hood cover and a hook for an umbrella as well.
  • The iron is well crafted and using them is an easy task for a beginner, it provides an easy control to the user. It has a dual carrying bag with integrated kickstand.

We Don't Like

  • The strap buckles of the bag are made of cheap plastic and may get snapped quite easily.
  • The bag is not strong enough to hold the weight of all the clubs, and even on having them replaced the bags meet the same fate.


We have tried to list down all the helpful points which might help you to make a good decision from among the best golf club for beginners.

Check The Video Here:

If further inquiry is required by you in order to have a better idea then follow this link here. This guide has proved out to help a lot of newbies in the game of golf.


Callaway Men's Strata Set (12-Piece, Right Hand)


If we have to suggest the best golf club for beginners, we would go for the Callaway Men's Strata Golf Club Set With Bag (12-Piece).

This is an ideal golf set for the beginners with all the necessary features present to help the newbies in this game.

For a lower budget, Wilson Men's 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Standard is a great choice. The lightweight is perfect for beginners coupled with the fact that markings are provided for a better grip. The price of the product is also very reasonable; hence it makes an ideal choice for the beginners.

Hopefully, we have provided you with a helpful guide to choosing the best golf clubs for beginners which suit you.

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