Best Golf Cart & Push Cart – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Ditch the stress and push your best golf cart forward with this handy guide. Golf carts come in a versatile range of forms, including 3-wheel drive or a 4-wheel drive. You could even opt for a manual or electric one to best suit your needs.

You will take on a different perspective once you buy a golf cart to carry on and off the course. When you can buy a durable golf cart, you’ll make any excuse to use it.

So between wearing a bag with golf gear and riding an electric mini cart, this option fits the best.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Golf Carts

Golf Cart



Our Rating

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart



Clicgear Model 3.5-Plus Golf Push Cart



Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push Cart



Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart



Clicgear Model 8 Golf Push Cart



CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart



Pinemeadow Golf 3 Wheel Golf Cart



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Best Golf Cart

7 Essential Performance-Driven Golf Carts

What you didn’t already know about golf carts you can know it here. Instead of struggling with a heavy bag all day, you will feel more comfortable with a golf cart. They are very portable, efficient, and tended to push. Also, not to mention, they make excellent companions for all your storage needs as well.

1.CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart – Best All-Around Golf Cart for Most Golfers

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart, Black - Best Golf Cart

The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart supports extensive features. It is a lightweight and durable golf cart with a patented braking system in place. Made with high-quality components, this best golf cart tracks straight in a line. It even resists bumps and uneven terrain to get you to the course.

The solid steel frame comes with an easy assembly in place. For starters, this golf cart can accommodate all types of golf bags, heavy or otherwise. In case you’re playing somewhere on a hilly course, as durable as this cart is, it’s easy to push forward.

Also, it consists of an intelligent push to brake and release system. This ensures to prevent any wheel alignment problems. (Golf cart innovations)

Be that as it may, it’s hard to pin down its lightweight design. So if you have a small car trunk to fit this cart into, that may be a problem. Plus, it’s a tad bit heavy to lift for young adults or senior citizens.

We Like

  • The cart features a durable frame that’s easy to assemble.
  • It also offers an intelligent brake/release system.

We Don’t Like

  • It can sometimes take two people to lift and place in a car trunk.
  • Doesn’t fit well in tight spaces.

2.Clicgear Model 3.5-Plus Golf Push Cart – One of the Best Compact and Lightweight Golf Carts

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart, Blue - Best Golf Cart

What you didn’t already know about the Clicgear Model 3.5-Plus Golf Push Cart; it’s so compact! We love it for its portable and flexible benefits. Going hand-in-hand with the most excellent features one could hope for; this is the golf cart. 

It features an efficient hand brake responsible for limiting any wheel alignment issues. It takes up only a little space wherever it goes. It’s a great golf cart that’s easy to assemble and to maneuver. Backed by an extensive collection of handy accessories, it also maximizes storage space.

Another one of its benefits is the ability to keep your bag secure, in case you find yourself marching down a slope. For this, it features clip bag straps that can are adjustable based on your bag size.

But it does lack proper steering and handling performance. You might find a bit resistance while taking turns with your gear on.

We Like

  • One of the sturdiest golf carts.
  • The intuitive design features offer time-saving benefits.

We Don’t Like

  • The steering is a bit inadequate.

Clicgear Model 3.5+ UNFOLD/OPEN Guide

3.Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Golf Push Cart – The Most Functional Golf Cart on the Market

Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Push Cart, Matte Black - Best Golf Cart

For anyone who values efficiency and simplicity, the Bag Boy Express DLX Pro is what we recommend. It’s the best combination of price and performance. It features a quick-release adjustable handle, solid foam-free tires, and a sturdy frame.

This lightweight golf cart is a simple clip-and-go product for most golfers. It requires no extra accessory. This means you can store your smartphone, scorecard, and other items in it as well. With easy to adjust height options, you’ll find success with your game.

The brake system works well even on hilly courses. What’s more, this best golf cart is also good for pulling, thanks to its reversible wheeler system.

Be that as it may, a little more compactness for storage would have made this an excellent choice.

We Like

  • It offers impressive ruggedness in quality and performance.
  • A well-built functioning golf cart with lots of storage options.

We Don’t Like

  • It isn’t compact after folding.

Bag Boy Express DLX Push Cart Demo

4.Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart – The Most Durable Golf Cart to Use

Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart, Black - Best Golf Cart

If you’re looking for an adaptable pick with excellent features, go for the Spin It Golf Products GCPro II. This best golf cart is a lot more than what we’ve seen. It features a foot brake, adjustable handles, and durable tires. This 3-wheel drive even boasts of comfortable storage space for all your essentials. And we don’t only mean your golf gear.

You can fold and unfold this cart in a matter of seconds, and you’re ready to go. And what about tires? Gone are the days when you had to check and re-check your tires to see if the pressure’s intact. With this cart, you get airless tires so little or no maintenance as needed. Some extras include rubber-coated handles, umbrella and a water bottle holder.

While some of you regard this golf cart as the most superior one, it does have some bad qualities. They’re not a deal breaker, but it’s always good to be aware. For example, it features a fixed front wheel. This is bad because it restricts mobility on uneven terrain.

We Like

  • It features airless tires.
  • Has plenty of storage space.

We Don’t Like

  • The fixed front wheel’s hard to maneuver on rough terrain.

5.Clicgear Model 8 Golf Push Cart – This Golf Cart is a Real Bargain with Essential Features

Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart Charcoal - Best Golf Cart

If a superquick assembly is what you want, there’s nothing better than the Clicgear Model 8. It’s the final upgrade you’d want for a successful golf game. With a patented slide-to-close feature, it’s easy to assemble and store.

And by the looks of it, it is a stylish and sleek golf cart to suit your aesthetic, if you have one. The dual-wheel mechanism boasts of a brake and wheel alignment system. This also helps you adjust certain wheel angles, in case you’re playing on a hilly course.

When compared to other similar models, this best golf cart is gold! It handles its brakes and sturdy frame in an impressive manner. (Golf cart rules and etiquette)

But you might find a problem with your golf bag as not all sizes are fit for this cart. But there is plenty of durabilities when you’ve got a bag strapped on.

We Like

  • It offers incredible resistance against bumps on uneven terrain.
  • The wheel alignment and brake system are on point.

We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t fit all golf bag sizes and shapes.

Clicgear Cart 8.0 Unfolding

6.CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart – The Most Straightforward Golf Cart for All Kinds of Courses

CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Dark Grey - Best Golf Cart

The CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3-Wheel is a feature-packed golf cart to look out for. It offers a lightweight, durable frame. Easy to fold, assemble, and navigate on all kinds of terrain. If convenience is what you’re after, this best golf cart is what we recommend. It comes with an innate umbrella, cooler, scorecard, and drink holder.

What’s more, it’s made up of simple, but rugged components so rust is out of the question. If you’re thinking about brakes, it features a smart press-to-brake system. So, there’s nothing this golf cart cannot take with it. The mesh net and patented basket design are impressive too. It steals the show if you ask us.

The only drawback to this golf cart is the lack of proper locking mechanism to keep your vehicle in place. This can be a hassle in case you have heavy gear strapped on.

We Like

  • It offers very straightforward and easy assembly.
  • The sturdy aluminum frame is durable and easy to clean.

We Don’t Like

  • It has no stable locking mechanism in place.

CaddyTek CaddyLite EZ 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

7.Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cruiser 3 Wheel Golf Cart – The Best Golf Cart for Beginners

Pinemeadow Golf Courier Crusier 3 Wheel Best Golf Cart

Don’t leave without looking at the Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cruiser 3 Wheel Golf Cart. It enables you to make the most of your time by anti-slide wheels and a lightweight aluminum frame. This solid construction can fold down to the perfect size in a matter of minutes. Plus, thanks to its durable front wheel, it can you can extend and retract it in any position you like.

This front wheel is also removable while folding down, so portability is not the issue here. For storage, it features a waterproof scorecard holder. Not to mention, the dual shut design makes navigating on rough terrain easier. Even more so because of the anti-skid wheels and nylon bag straps.

The biggest downside to this golf cart is that it lacks an efficient braking system. So taking it on hilly courses may be a bit of a problem.

We Like

  • Features anti-skid, durable tires for smooth steering and handling.
  • It offers greater stability and control over your golf bag and other essentials.

We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t offer a suitable braking system.

What You Need to Know

As your golfing sessions become more intense, lugging around a bulky bag is hard. So it’s time to upgrade to convenience and say ‘yes’ to golf carts. (Benefits of walking the golf course)

Golf Push vs. Golf Pull Carts

Golf Push Carts

These are a great alternative for most golfers. Plus, they’re popular too. A push cart features more storage space, wheel control, and stability.

To better understand why you need these now more than ever, let’s look at some definite advantages.

  • They’re way cheaper than the electric mini versions.
  • ​Pushing a cart forward is easier than pulling for directional control and stability.
  • ​With a push cart, all your belongings are visible right in front of your eyes. So in the case of a spill or accident, you don’t lose sight of your essentials.
  • Push carts are lightweight.

  • In case the golf cart is supporting heavy gear, it can be difficult to push forward on grass.
  • Push carts are lighter but bigger than golf pull carts. Hence, making it a more space-consuming product for portability and storage

Golf Pull Carts

These are the traditional manual golf carts with a 2-wheel drive. These are also the smallest and most basic types of golf carts. So if you’re a beginner, you’d want to go with something as valuable as this. In simple words, it’s perfect for those looking to exhaust little effort in bringing gear.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of golf pull carts over push carts.

  • They are the lightest and cheapest golf carts on the market.
  • They offer very simple features to go with your golf gear.
  • Pull carts are very quick to assemble.

  • Golf pull carts lack proper storage space.
  • They’re harder to drag behind, especially on uneven terrain.

Benefits of Using Golf Cart

Best Golf Cart


You said you wanted the best of the best products, right? These benefits will get make you more excited to buy a golf cart right away.

Golf carts are so accessible that they have an influence on your speed. What this means is that a golf cart offers plenty of storage and portable features that make it easy to access. So if you’re on the course, you can have this cart by your side without it interfering with the game.

As with other carts, especially an electric one (charging a golf cart battery), you’d have to park it a few minutes away from your stance. You can have a golf cart as close to you as possible.

Even though it’s recognizable, but golf carts are the cheapest alternative. It’s for you if you’re unwilling to spend an exorbitant amount on something that will only carry your gear.

That said, something very expensive is also heavyweight. This invites more trouble to your physical health. A golf cart reduces the pain of dragging heavy bags and lessens the burden of handling a stick.

Don’t you think having caddies on the field is irrelevant? Having said that, you wouldn’t want a person to stick with you, carrying your gear, everywhere you go all day. This not only costs redundant labor but money and risk of misplacing gear. With a golf cart, you’re the only one responsible for your equipment.

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry all your belongings in one portable golf cart? Your golfing gear is essential along with other basics like car keys, wallet, and a mobile phone.

And you never know, when playing golf you might have urgent need of your phone while it still sits in your car. Leaving the course and fetching your phone all the way to the parking lot is no joy ride, right? You can store all this in a golf cart and keep it seconds away from you on the field. Great, isn’t it?

Features of a Golf Cart

Best Golf Cart


If you have a golf cart, it no longer means you’re unfit to take on the game. It means you said ‘yes’ to convenience, style, and efficiency.

What that in mind, let’s look at some important features of a golf cart to find what’s best for you.


Reliable, accessible handles are essential. The only way to know through a good golf cart is an excellent grip. This means you should be able to maneuver the vehicle both on and off the course. Plus, the material and padding of the handles should feel smooth against your skin. This prevents blisters and cuts from use.


A golf cart features either a 3-wheel or a 4-wheel drive. This helps keep it upright since you’ll be pushing the cart forward, and not backward.

Most carts with small wheels are easy to maneuver on even surfaces. But you need something with large wheels to handle uneven terrain such as on grass. They reduce the risk of punctures even if you encounter bumps along the way.

Collapsible Design

Golf carts with a collapsible design have a significant advantage. This increases portability and the cart can fit into all sorts of car trunks in a fluid motion.


If you have a golf cart with brakes, it’s an incredible benefit. It means that the golf cart will not wander away while you play your game. There are lots of reasons why your golf cart can drift off in another direction. So it helps to have the strong stability to the wheels on uneven terrain.

That’s a wrap! 

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, turning to a golf cart to handle all your storage needs is wise. As its name suggests, a golf cart is something you can push forward, carrying all your golf gear. Not to mention, if you want a break from carrying bags, a golf cart is way more efficient.

We’ve rounded up seven versatile choices, but the most reliable one is the CaddyTek SuperLite. None we found could keep up with its reputation and performance, even when it comes to durability.





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