The Top 7 Best Golf Balls For Your Game

Every golfer has been at their local golf retailer, shopping online, or standing in a pro shop in front of a wide array of golf balls. Each ball promises more distance, better spin, straighter ball flight, or a softer feel. Prices range from “downright cheap” to “golf balls actually cost that much?!”

Choosing the right golf may not seem like a big deal to many but the truth is that a golf ball can have a huge impact on your golf game. The right feel, the right features, and the right price all play into how much you enjoy your next round.

With so many options, how do you make the right choice? Do you simply buy the most popular brand name, spend the most money possible, or pick whatever is on sale?

Instead of letting you go golf ball shopping with a blindfold on, we wanted to provide some direction for golf ball shoppers. Here are the best golf balls that you can buy in this year.

How We Determine Our Rankings

Ranking golf balls is not an easy task. Each ball is directed at a specific type of golfer and, therefore, the best golf balls for one person may not be the same as the best golf balls for another person.

With that said, there are some general factors that should be considered in every golf ball ranking.

First, we want to consider the features and technology packed into a golf ball. Companies that are putting effort and research into their golf balls are the companies that you should be considering when shopping for new ammunition.

Next, we will take a look at the price. Which golf balls offer the most performance per dollar? Some people want to spend to the top of their budget while others want more of a bargain.

Finally, public perception of the brand will be put into consideration. A well-known brand with proven results will get a better rating than a lesser known brand with no reputation to fall back on. Reputation isn’t everything but, all other aspects being equal, reputation will play a role in our ranking system.

Without further delay, let’s jump into the rankings.

The 7 Best Golf Balls You Can Buy

1. Callaway Chrome Soft

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This golf ball from Callaway has only been on the market for a couple of years but it has already firmly put Callaway in the number two position for top-selling golf ball. That’s an impressive feat in a short amount of time.

If you thought Callaway would sit back and enjoy being the second most popular golf ball, then you would be mistaken. The company has doubled down on research and development to try and make the Callaway Chrome Soft the number one ball in golf.

For this year, a layer of graphene has been added to the Chrome Soft golf balls making them the first commercially available golf balls to do this. For those that have never heard of graphene, the material is a scientific marvel; thin, lightweight, strong, and flexible.

In addition to their investment in improving their golf ball, Callaway has a sterling reputation in the golf industry as well. This is not some fly-by-night company promising better equipment.

The only downside to choosing the Callaway Chrome Soft as your golf ball is the price. Weekend warriors may be shocked by the high price tag while avid golfers simply see the price as the cost of having the best golf balls on the market.

Make no mistake: Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are premium balls at a premium price.

2. Titleist Pro-V1

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Titleist Pro-V1 golf balls have been the top-selling golf balls for a number of years. With names like Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Paul Casey, and Henrik Stenson all representing Titleist on the PGA Tour, it should come as no surprise that the brand is flourishing among amateur golfers.

Titleist’s parent company owns a number of golf ball patents that allow them to continue creating revolutionary golf balls that continually deliver top results for players. In fact, their patents have become the subject of a number of lawsuits against small golf ball makers.

The Pro-V1 offers exceptional spin for advanced golfers who want control when shaping shots and stopping the ball on the green. With a Pro-V1 at your feet, you have a green light to attack the flagstick.

Every few years, Titleist will change the construction of their popular golf balls to keep up with industry trends and improve performance. This year, Titleist has aimed to increase distance with the Pro-V1 golf balls while reducing spin that can cause players to lose distance on mishit shots.

Whether you have the model of Pro-V1’s in your bag or an older model, you can feel confident you are playing one of the best golf balls available.

3. Srixon Z-Star

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Srixon is a well-known brand among avid golfers but it lacks the popularity of brands like Titleist and Callaway. This causes many people to pass over Srixon golf balls in favor of more well-known brands. However, those people may be missing out on an exceptionally performing golf ball.

In 2017, Srixon redesigned their flagship golf ball to include more dimples. This helped to reduce drag and increase distance off the tee; something all players would love to have a little more of.

On the outside, Srixon has a soft cover they call a “Spin Skin.” This urethane cover is designed to spin faster than other golf balls around the green. For experienced golfers, this means better control on chips and approach shots.

Like many golf ball manufacturers, Srixon has been moving to a softer feel for their premium golf balls. This means the compression of the core is lower than previous models. For players, this amounts to a softer, more comfortable feel off the club face.

While Srixon may not have a household name like Titleist or Callaway, they make a fantastic premium golf ball with a price tag slightly below some of the top premium options on the market. For players who want to make the jump to a better golf ball without spending top dollar, Srixon Z-Star golf balls are a perfect choice.

4. Bridgestone B XS

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Bridgestone is probably best known among non-golfers as a company that makes tires for vehicles. However, golfers will recognize Bridgestone as one of the top golf ball manufacturers in the industry. The company has a range of golf balls to meet the needs of a variety of players.

Bridgestone really took a step forward in the industry when Tiger Woods chose the golf ball to replace his Nike golf balls. When Nike chose to stop making equipment, sponsored players were free to seek out new equipment deals. That meant that big names like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy were potential free agents for brands to sign on as supporters of their product.

Of all the brands courting his iconic name, Tiger Woods chose the Bridgestone B XS as his new golf ball. If you have ever played this golf ball, then you will understand why.

The low compression core is one of the lowest compressions of all high-quality golf balls on the market. This offers an exceptional feel for players and appeals to players that may have a slower swing speed.

All of the technology that Bridgestone has packed into the B XS golf ball is aimed at providing premium control around the green. For players who want their approach shots to stick close to the pin, this is a great choice. Plus, the price of the Bridgestone B XS is a step below many of the premium golf balls on this list. They are a great choice for players who want an amazing golf ball without spending a lot of money.

5. Titleist NXT Tour

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This is the second time Titleist finds one of their products on our best golf balls list. This time, it’s their NXT Tour golf ball, designed to be a better choice for amateur golfers who may not be able to tap into the performance of a premium golf ball.

The NXT Tour is meant for players with slower swing speeds which covers most amateur golfers. The spin of the driver face is lower than other golf balls. This means players have less ability to shape their shots, but mishits will also tend to spin less, reducing the severity of the hooks or slices.

Ultimately, this ball is meant to be predictable for players who lack the ability to control their shots like better players. Weekend warriors who want great performance but aren’t quite ready to jump up to the Titleist Pro-V1 will find a great offering in the NXT Tour.

6. Taylormade TP5x

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The Taylormade TP5x is unique on this list because it features 5 different layers where most golf balls have 3 or 4 layers. The promise of these many layers is to increase distance off the tee, reduce spin off the tee, and increase control around the green. Sounds like the perfect ball, right?

The ability of players to make the most of these golf balls will ultimately come down to their skill level. Highly skilled players may actually dislike the lowered spin off long clubs because it affords them less ability to shape their shots or stop long approach shots on the green.

However, players with low handicaps but some flaws in their game will likely enjoy the predictability of the Taylormade TP5x even if that means giving up some control.

The higher compression of the TP5x compared to some other balls like the Chrome Soft and Bridgestone B XS may make the Taylormade offering feel hard or firm in comparison. If you get a chance to try this golf ball, you absolutely should. Players will either love the 5-piece construction or prefer their old golf ball. However, at a premium price point, it’s a somewhat expensive trial when compared to other balls.

7. Bridgestone E6

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Wrapping up our list is a fantastic ball for amateurs who want to hit more fairways and spend less money. With the E6, Bridgestone promises straight shots and more distance. Players who suffer from hooks and slices will appreciate the Bridgestone E6’s tendency to fly straight down the target line a resist the urge to curve off-target.

The Bridgestone E6 is constructed of a soft core and cover to give amateur players a premium feel without a premium price tag.

Of course, no golf ball is perfect and that’s especially true of a golf ball at this price point. Players will sacrifice spin and control in favor of predictability with the Bridgestone E6. This means it will be harder to control approach shots and chips around the green. However, for players who tend to lose strokes off the tee, the Bridgestone E6 might help them lower their overall score.

The Bridgestone E6 golf balls are far from being bargain-bin priced, but they are very reasonable when compared with many of the other options on this list. For amateur golfers who need straight distance, this might be the best option.


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Our Final Thoughts and Buying Recommendation

It’s hard to make an absolute recommendation about any of the best golf balls mentioned on this list. There are many golfers with a variety of playing styles and abilities that no single golf ball can fit every type of player.

Choose the right ball for your game and budget. The Callaway Chrome Soft is a fantastic golf ball but less experienced players may not make use of the features built in and would prefer a less expensive golf ball like the Bridgestone E6.

All of the golf balls mentioned on this list are fantastic options. Try a few, find the right one for your game, and enjoy the links!

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