Which Is The Best Golf Ball For The Money?

Every golfer wants to get the best value for quality equipment, so which is the best golf ball for the money? I’ll tell you, but first, let’s talk about how golf ball construction makes the brands different.

In the old days, when golf was just getting traction in Scotland, the ball that was used was usually made of a crude packing of goose feathers wrapped in cow or horse hide.

These days, however, golf balls are designed with some of the most advanced technology by the best physicists. Everything is taken into account including weight, spin, traction, aerodynamics, and coating. Standing in front of a wall of golf balls and deciding which is the best golf ball for the money can leave you scratching your head.

What Goes Into Building a Golf Ball?

There are many different types of golf balls, each suited for a certain kind of golfer. Some have tense, quick swings that work for accuracy. Others have relaxed, slow swings that emphasize power and distance.

The first step to choosing the golf ball that fits your style is to find what you value most in your shot. Do you enjoy having a greater amount of control over your swing, or are you more focused on getting the ball to the green?

Distance is how far the ball travels after you make contact with it while control deals with distance management and backspin. Having backspin on your ball limits how far the ball rolls or bounces once it’s landed.

A golf ball is made up of a rubber core and its hard-coated shell. There are two main types of cores that you can choose from:


Best Golf Ball For The Money

Multi-layered cores have between two and four levels of high-tech rubber that vary in hardness. This allows for kinetic energy diffusion throughout the layers and gives the golfer more control, but the diffused energy means you sacrifice distance. The more layers, the more spin and control you have and the more distance is lost.


Two-piece golf balls have a single rubber core surrounded by a shell. This setup allows the energy from your swing to be transferred directly to the center of the ball’s gravity, giving you varying distance depending on the hardness of the rubber material used in the core. While you can definitely send a two-piece ball flying, you end up sacrificing control and it can be more difficult to place your shots.

Best Golf Ball For The Money

The second part of a golf ball’s composition is the outer shell which is most often made of a hard substance called Surlyn for distance or the softer Urethane for high spin control. This is another factor to consider when finding the ball that meets your needs.

The surface of the ball is covered in dimples to reduce drag and facilitate your backspin, allowing the ball to travel farther and stop sooner after landing.These dimples came about when golfers started noticing that old, beat up balls flew further than new smooth ones.

Best Golf Ball For The Money

This is because of the two streams of air that flow over the surface of the ball as it flies: laminar flow and turbulent flow. While the laminar flow has less initial drag, it can easily be separated from the ball and from small eddies that increase the drag

The turbulent flow starts with more drag but stays close to the object to prevent eddies. This reduces the drag in the long run and is facilitated by having an uneven surface. This is what the dimples provide.

Certain golf ball brands have large and shallow dimples covering the shell to make the ball fly higher after contact while others have smaller and deeper dimples for more lateral movement.

What is Secret Inside a Golf Ball?

Best Golf Ball for the Money: 4 Factors Determine the Price

Now that we know what makes certain golf balls different from others, how do we know which is better?

Well, first you should have already identified your golfing style and found the aspects of the ball that you need to fit that style. So start by replacing the word “better” with “more appropriate” when shopping for a ball.

The price is determined by:

  • The brand name.
  • The type of core.
  • The material used for the shell.
  • The quality of the rubber used in the core of the best golf ball for the money.

The rule of thumb here, like with many other products, is that you get what you pay for. If you’re willing to shell out a bit more, you’re going to get a more quality product.

Which Ball do the Pros Use?

Tiger Woods uses a custom-made Nike One Platinum balls while Rory McIlroy was using Titleist Pro V1 balls to win his second PGA Championship. 

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While buying the same ball as the big shots might seem like a good idea, the type of ball that suits their play style may not suit yours. Every golfer approaches the sport differently and your equipment should reflect that diversity.

Which Golf Ball Is the Best for You?

If you are a heavy hitter who is concerned with gaining those few extra yards on your drive, then a two-piece core with a Surlyn shell and shallow dimples is the right fit for you.

If you’re looking to place your shots better while being comfortable shaving a few yards off your distance then a 3-piece core with a Urethane shell may suit you.

You may also want to consider using a hybrid of multi-layered cores and finding the amount of layers that you can work with to customize the feel of the ball. These, however, tend to be more expensive than two or three piece cores in my experiences.

If you are an intermediate player who is looking for the best golf ball for the money, most forums and tutorials will encourage you to focus on developing your control rather than your distance. If you can hit the ball half a mile but have a tendency to hook-and-slice, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

With that in mind, investing a little more into a three-piece or multi-layer ball is the best way to have a well-rounded shot. You can find some good brands and good prices for three-piece cores HERE on Amazon.com

If you’re looking for the best golf balls that fit your needs, maybe you also need to know about the best golf clubs for beginners.

(By Carlos Rivera – Felicia Taylor)


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