Which Are The Best Golf Bags Available In The Market Today

Looking for the best golf bags? Here is a guide to help you find the right bag for your golf clubs.

Your golf bag is your carrying case for everything you need for your golf game. You want it to be functional and attractive.

The Evolution of Golf Bags

The game of golf goes all the way back to the Middle Ages. The inspiration for the game of golf was the French game “chole,” which thrived in the 1300s. Scottish soldiers learned this game in the 1421 Battle of Bauge and brought it back to Scotland.

Before Golf Bags

Chole involved the use of wooden sticks to hit a leather ball to a goal. There was no flight involved – the balls were mainly moved forward along or slightly above the ground.

The game of chole was banned for some years in Scotland because it was deemed too distracting for the military men who needed training. When peace with England happened in 1502, golf became its own sport.

The first golfers did not have fancy golf bags. They either carried their clubs or tied them up with a piece of rope.

The First Golf Bags

Once the modern golf ball was invented in the early 1900s, golf bags were introduced to carry the clubs. These were smaller than today’s golf bags, about the size of a “Sunday bag.” Made out of canvas, these initial golf bags had metal ends for protection with a four-inch opening for the golf clubs.

Golf bags started to grow in size as more and more specialized clubs were invented.

The 14 Club Rule

The year 1939 saw USGA (United States Golf Association) implement the 14 club rule for how many golf clubs a golfer could use in a competition. This guideline helped determine what the average size of a golf bag might be.

The BACK 9 Golf Carry Bag

A professional golfer from San Jose, California, Rick Reimers, founded the company Sun Mountain in the 1970s. They launched the first truly modern golf bag called the BACK 9 golf bag. Unlike previous golf bags, which were heavy and made from cotton and vinyl, this new golf bag was half the weight. The new golf bag was constructed from sturdy nylon fabric.

Sun Mountain then came out with the FRONT 9 golf bag in 1984. This was still a lightweight, strong bag, but it had the added benefit of a molded top and bottom. This bag design became the standard for golf carry bags.

Golf Bags with Stands and More

Two years later in 1986, Sun Mountain launched the ECLIPSE golf bag, which was the first golf bag to have built-in legs to keep the bag upright on its own. The company has continued to innovate by introducing bag shoulder straps, ultralight golf bags, a Roller Top handle, and the first waterproof golf bag in 2007.

Comparison Table


Staff Golf Bag

Guiote Golf Staff Bag PU Leather Lucky Clover Embroidery 10.5'

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Cart Golf Bag

Founders Club Premium 14 Way Organizer Cart Bag (Black)

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Stand Golf Bag

IZZO Golf Izzo Lite Stand Golf Bag - Black, Red, Green or Blue -...

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Carry Golf Bag

Mizuno 2018 BR-D2 Carry Golf Bag, Staff Blue

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Hybrid Golf Bag

Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag Black/Charcoal/Royal Chiller Hybrid...

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Travel Golf Bag

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag - Golf Club Travel Cover to Carry...

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6 Different Types of Golf Bags

best golf bags

Golf bags come in six basic variations, as follows:

Staff Golf Bag (aka Tour Bag)

Guiote Golf Staff Bag PU Leather Lucky Clover Embroidery 10.5"
  • Gecko Exquisite Embroidery,Superfine Crystal PU Leather,Comfortable Velour Linner,Portable Umbrella Sleeve,9...
  • Pockets:9 Total pockets including a velour lined valuables pocket and dual accessory pockets behind the billboard...
  • Top-cuff:5-way club dividers;Round top with 5-way mesh padded top-cuff and 3-way full-length dividers;Step-down design...

​This is the type of golf bag you will see in PGA golf pro tournaments. The staff golf bag is the biggest golf bags and you need a caddy to carry it for you. These bags are often made of leather and have a big logo on the side.

Cart Golf Bag

Founders Club Premium 14 Way Organizer Cart Bag (Black)
  • Club Management Design Top- Molded 14 Way Top Organizer protects irons from damage as well as keeping clubs from...
  • High Quality lightweight construction – This cart bag comes with a large, reinforced and sturdy base and several...
  • Equipped with 9 zippered pockets and 2 mesh pockets for ample storage for all your gear and accessories- Includes an...

​A cart golf bag is designed to be used either on a golf cart or with a rolling cart that you carry by hand. It may have a special “grippy” material on the bottom to keep the golf bag from sliding off of the cart.

Stand Golf Bag

IZZO Golf Izzo Lite Stand Golf Bag - Black, Red, Green or Blue -...
  • Lightweight design at only 4. 5 lbs. ; heavy duty nylon construction ensures long lasting durability
  • (5) club dividers keep clubs separated and secured; easy open/close magnetic ball pocket
  • Adjustable dual strap delivers the perfect fit for maximum carrying ease and comfort

​A stand golf bag has legs that open up to allow the bag to stand on its own. This is especially nice to have when you are practicing at the driving range and want to keep your golf bag accessible with your golf clubs handy.

Carry Golf Bag

Mizuno 2018 BR-D2 Carry Golf Bag, Staff Blue
  • 7 inch 2 way top cuff
  • 1 full-length Apparel pockets that allow for maximum storage
  • Waterproof, lined valuables pocket protects important items

​A carry golf bag is exactly as the name describes – it is a golf bag designed to be carried by the golfer during a game of golf.

Hybrid Golf Bag

Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag Black/Charcoal/Royal Chiller Hybrid...
  • 14-Way top with full-length Individual dividers
  • 8 total pockets
  • Removable insulated cooler bag holds four 12-ounce cans

​A hybrid golf bag is a combination of two types of bags. For example, you can get hybrid golf bag that can be used both as a cart bag and a stand bag. Or, you can get a hybrid stand/carry bag.

Travel Golf Bag

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag - Golf Club Travel Cover to Carry...
  • PADDED TO PROTECT YOUR EXPENSIVE GOLF EQUIPMENT - Our golf travel bags feature 5mm of padding throughout, to help...
  • DURABLE AND BUILT TO LAST - Our golf club carriers are built with 600D polyester and feature a vinyl base to protect the...
  • EASY TO CARRY & BUILT FOR COMFORT - This golf travel cover features padded, velcro-lcoking carrying handles. A padded...

​A travel golf bag is a bag designed to secure and protect your clubs for public travel, such as on an airplane.

Other Golf Bag Considerations

best golf bags

Don’t forget to consider these following variations in golf bags:

1. The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Bags

​You would think that in this day and age, we would not still be forcing female athletes to use pastel colors, as if all women loved pale pinks and baby blues when they do not. However, one of the main difference between men’s and women’s golf bags is the color selection.

Some women’s golf bags go even further with the female stereotyping and provide matching purses with the bags! Some of the bags may also be slightly smaller and lighter because women’s clubs tend to be shorter than men’s clubs on average.

In practice, both men and women can use any bag they want, if they like the color, size, weight, and feel.

2. Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed Golf Bags

​Some bags are designed for left-handed people and will have the strap and set up designed to make it easier to access the clubs for lefties.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Golf Bag?

best golf bags

A golf bag can last years if you treat it right, but it won’t last forever. Here is when you might consider replacing your old golf bag:

1. Your Old Golf Bag is Damaged or Dirty

Obviously, if your golf bag is damaged in some way, for example, the legs don’t work for the stand, it is time to upgrade. If your golf bag is dirty to the point where you cannot clean it well – say, it is covered with mildew in various areas – then it is a good time to upgrade.

2. Your Golf Bag Looks Shabby

​Maybe your golf bag is functional and clean, but it is just showing the wear and tear of its years. Now, this shabby look might not matter if you are just going out to the golf course with your old high school buddy.

However, if you are going on a golf date, or playing a game with a potential client, you might want to get something that doesn’t look like it came from Goodwill. (That said, sometimes you can get some nice golf bags at Goodwill!)

3. It’s Just Time for an Upgrade

You may be ready for a new golf bag when your current bag isn’t cutting it functionally. Maybe you need some extra pockets. Or, maybe you just bought some new golf clubs and need a different configuration of club slots.

Maybe you want to transition from a non-waterproof bag to a waterproof bag. Or, maybe you want to get a bag that is ultra-light and made from the newest synthetic fabric.

4. You Need a Different Type of Golf Bag

​Maybe you need a carry bag and you just have a stand bag.

Where to Buy the Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

You have a lot of options when it comes to your new golf bag purchase.

1. Your Local Golf Shop

​We strongly encourage you to support your local golf shop. These are the centers for golf community in the area outside the golf courses. This is where you can get expert advice, find golf coaches, and learn about what is going in the area.

These golf shops have taken a hit thanks to cheap online shopping, so they need your support.

2. Your Membership Golf Club or Public Golf Course

​If you are a member of a local golf club or regularly attend a publicly accessible golf course, you might be able to buy a golf bag there. Many golf clubs and courses have their own shops where you can purchase golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls, and other golfing equipment.

Many golf courses are shutting down these days due to costs, so purchasing a new golf bag from your favorite golf course can help support these places and perhaps keep them from going under and being turned into housing developments.

2. Big Box Retailers and Sporting Goods Stores

You might find golf bags for cheap at places like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, Academy, and other big-box retailers. While you can get cheap golf bags at places like these, potentially, you are not supporting your local golf community.

3. Online Stores

Sites such as Amazon and eBay will have golf bags, often at a discount. The pro of using these sites is that you will have a huge selection to choose from. The con is that you will not be supporting your local golf community with your purchase.

4. Manufacturer’s Websites

You can often purchase golf bags directly online from the golf equipment company. For example, you can buy golf bags directly from the Sun Mountain website.

5. Second-Hand Stores and Thrift Shops

You can sometimes find good deals on golf bags at second-hand stores and charity shops such as Goodwill. This is a good option if you are looking to get a bag for cheap. Some local golf stores sell used golf equipment as well.

3 of the Best Golf Bags

​Here are some of the best golf bags to review for your next bag upgrade:

Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag, Black/White
  • Five pockets, including: valuables pockets, full length Apparel pocket, water bottle sleeve, glove pocket, full size...
  • 5 way top divider System
  • Padded dual shoulder strap

​The Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag is an “Amazon’s Choice” product on Amazon, meaning it has met certain criteria of quality and customer satisfaction by customers. It sells on Amazon for $129.99.

The golf bag has five pockets for valuables, apparel, a water bottle, and golf balls. The Callaway golf bag has a five-way top divider system and features a padded dual shoulder strap. Included with the bad is a rain hood and webbed golf towel holder loop. The golf bag comes in a variety of colors.

Taylor Made Flextech Stand Bag

TaylorMade FlexTech CrossOver Golf Bag Black
  • Easily accessible insulated water bottle pocket
  • Keeps valuables protected from weather and scratching
  • Quick release, dual density strap

​The Taylor Made Flextech Stand Bag gets a full five-star rating on Amazon by customers. The prices range from $129.99 to $199.82 depending on color and style. This stand bag features “no club crowding” via full-length dividers. The golf bag is designed to withstand crushing through the use of tarpaulin reinforcements.

Here is a review from a satisfied customer:

“Based on my research the Flextech golf bag offers the greatest value in terms of quality, design, functionality, and performance. The construction materials, the number of pockets, the integrated standing system make this a bag for all seasons as it can be carried, placed on a pushcart, or strapped to a golf cart and all the features remain available. I compliment the Taylormade people in the thought they put into this bag. Now if it will reduce my score I will give it ten stars!”

TANGKULA Golf Stand Bag w/6 Way Divider Carry Organizer Pockets Storage

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag Lightweight Organized Golf Bag Easy Carry...
  • Wear Resistance: Made of polyester fabric, this golf stand bag is sturdy enough to avoid any additional wear and tear...
  • Reasonable Capacity: Featuring light weight of only 3.5lbs and portability, its 3 way dividers surprisingly offers you...
  • Considerate Added Values: Backpack-style shoulder strap for extra comfort provides you a convenient handle on the side...

If you are looking for an affordable option that gets good ratings, try the TANGKULA Golf Stand Bag. This bag gets an average four and a half stars and costs between $65.99 and $69.99 on Amazon. The bag includes water resistance and it weighs only 6 pounds.

Get the Best Golf Bags

When it is time to replace your golf bag, you have a lot of fantastic options to house your golf clubs. No matter how great (or not so great) your current golf game is, treat yourself with a nice golf bag. With the best golf bags, you will have an attractive, durable, and long-lasting bag to keep your favorite clubs organized and safe. See you on the green!

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