The 7 Best Disc Golf Tips – Everything You Need To Know As A Beginner

When looking for the right kind of information, the web can be a confusing place. And I know you would agree because it was incredibly difficult for me to get hands on the most reliable disc golf tips when I was a beginner. I spent too much time sifting through the sea of options only to be overloaded with information. But that ends here.

If you want to learn the basic yet most effective tips for disc golf, then there’s nothing better than this article. I’m pretty sure about it. If you think there is, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. Go ahead; drop in that link, and I’ll retract my words.

But until then, let’s discuss the seven most important disc golf tips for beginners.

Best Disc Golf Tips


Disc Golf Tips for Beginners

1/ Select the Right Golf Disc

Best Disc Golf Tips


The weight of the disc plays a significant role, especially if you’re a beginner. Amateur disc golfers should opt for lighter discs until they acquire better skills and start playing like professionals.

This weight is present at the back or bottom of your disc. And the thing about lighter discs is that they offer more glide as well as distance with a straight trajectory. Heavier discs don’t provide this kind of a benefit. On top of that, beginners find lightweight discs easier and more convenient to control. (Four common disc golf driving mistakes beginners make)

Ideally, children use discs weighing not more than 120 to 145 grams. For teenagers and adult women, the most suitable weight is 150 to 170 grams. And men above the age of 16 can handle 170 to 180 grams.

2/ Find the Correct Grip

Best Disc Golf Tips


With the right grip, you can place all your fingers except the thumb under your disc. And the thumb goes near the edge. The goal is to secure a firm and comfortable grip. You should make sure that the disc doesn’t slip from the hands.

Instead, it should rip from the hold. And this is only possible if the grip is not too tight to restrict the movement of your wrist and forearm.

3/ Reach Back

Once you reach, it’s important to maintain a good balance and feel comfortable. At this point, you need to swing the disc in a straight direction. When driving in a flat line, all you have to do is place the hand on the same plane as your disc.

On the contrary, for hyzer shots, you can keep the hand under your disc. And anhyzer shots require you to position the hand in the opposite direction; at the top. (Disc golf rules)

4/ Proper Footwork

One of the most important disc golf tips is maintaining good balance when throwing the disc. You need to ensure that your steps are smooth, fast, and light. Heavy footwork tends to make switching the weight more difficult and leads to poor timing.

The best way to avoid this is to place the weight of your body on the front foot during the throw. Then allow the natural movement of the feet to use your hips for proper body rotation.

In this case, the X-Step run-up technique is the most efficient method to achieve accurate distance. All you need to do is place the right foot in front of you at an 80-degree counter-clockwise angle. Do this while rotating the body accordingly.

The left leg goes behind the right one at this point. Your back should be pointed towards the basket. Such a posture helps in moving the entire body in the most natural and efficient manner while throwing the disc. (Different types of disc golf throws)

Best Disc Golf Tips


5/ Practice Approach Shots and Putting

Let’s talk about putting first. It is considered to be a crucial aspect of the game. And that’s because putting helps in saving many strokes. When performing this action, it’s important to use your control grip.

Best Disc Golf Tips


The lead foot should face your target in a centered and bent position. The basket’s center is where you need to aim, right? And don’t forget to straighten out the arm completely while releasing the disc.

Now we can discuss the approach shots. What these do is make up for bad shots to achieve better scores. When taking approach shots, it’s best to target the bottom instead of the center of the basket.

All you have to do is perform simple arm swings with moderate speed. Throwing closer to that basket helps in hitting your target accurately.

Disc Golf Tips & Techniques : Disc Golf Putting Techniques

6/ Follow Through

One of the most helpful disc golf tips to avoid injury and achieve clean throws is a proper follow through. You need to concentrate on creating a strong finish. Clean pivot is what you should be aiming for in order to prevent knee injuries.

7/ Pull Through

Among the many disc golf tips for long distance, this one is the most effective. The pull through motion is when you start producing the much-needed power for longer distances. Pulling the arm through during the shoulder pivot goes a long way, and too at a greater speed.

It’s important to position your disc near the chest while also bending the elbow. The power for this shot comes from your elbow’s continuation during the final part of the throw. At this point, if the off arm is near the body, it will allow you to naturally turn as fast as possible.

Disc Golf Tips & Techniques : Official Rules & Techniques of Disc Golf

The Final Note 

Throwing golf discs like a professional is something that takes some time. But these helpful tips should guide you along the way.

Now you should know that these are not magical tricks that will make you a pro overnight. The transition from a beginner to an expert takes a lot of practice and experience. You should also know that buying the right kind of equipment is important too.

The best golf disc helps in achieving the required distance and accuracy. So keep these factors in mind if you’re a beginner.

Deliberate, consistent practice is the key to success. Don’t get discouraged after a few failed attempts and give up on yourself and the game. The sport of disc golf is supposed to be a fun activity. So whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy yourself on the field and make the most of every experience. Got it?

Practice Like a Pro: Disc Golf Driving Routine

I hope the article was interesting and informative. And I hope it helped in answering your questions about the game. If you think that I’ve failed to discuss any other valuable tips for disc golf, please let me know by sharing your feedback in the comments section below.

Hope to see you again soon!

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