Best Disc Golf Driver – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

If you indulge in the sport of disc golf regularly, then you know why the game is gaining momentum over the past few years. And with every kind of competitive activity, you need to get your hands on high-quality equipment. In this case, we’re talking about the best disc golf driver.

Disc golf is not difficult to play. On top of that, it offers plenty health benefits. Since you play without golf carts, walking the course can be a great exercise.

So in the article, we’ve discussed the five best options in the industry. These include disc golf drivers for beginners as well. Because it’s important to buy equipment that pairs up well with your performance as well as skill level.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Disc Golf Driver List




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Innova Blizzard Champion Beast



Discraft Titanium Golf Disc



MVP Fission Photon Drive



Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc



Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc



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The Best Disc Golf Driver: 5 Top Picks

If you’re already good at the sport, then you should be playing with the best gear. But what if that’s not the case? What if you’re just a beginner at the game? In such a scenario, it’s imperative to start out with something reliable so that you can learn better and faster.

The five disc golf drivers listed below are suitable for all kinds of players. So go through them thoroughly to select one that suits your needs and requirements the most.

1. Innova Blizzard Champion Beast – The Best Disc Golf Driver for Distance

Innova - Champion Discs Blizzard Champion Beast Golf Disc, 130-139gm

The Innova Blizzard Champion Beast is solely created to achieve more distance. It has a broad rim, which is responsible for gaining the additional distance with minimum power.

The plastic construction consists of little bubbles throughout. What these do is make the disc extremely light in weight. And this, in turn, gives you a straighter trajectory with more control.

The best part about the Innova Blizzard Champion Beast is that it’s incredibly stable and fast. But the only disappointing factor is the poor durability of the device.

We Like

  • The disc flies straight with a soft landing.
  • It offers consistency in the flight path.

We Don’t Like

  • The disc wears out quickly.

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2. Discraft Titanium Golf Disc – The Best Maximum Distance Driver Disc Golf

Discraft Titanium Golf Disc, Nate Doss Buzzz Mid-Range Driver, 174-178gm, Assorted colors

Discraft doesn’t fail to surprise us with its amazing collection of disc golf drivers. And it has done so yet again with the Discraft Titanium Golf Disc. This one’s considered to be the best maximum distance driver disc golf.

It comes with a thick, wide rim as well as excellent adjustable aerodynamics. These features go a long way in increasing distance. On top of that, the high-quality plastic construction makes the disc plenty durable.

The Discraft Titanium Golf Disc is created for experienced and intermediate players. This is because it has a heavy design. Such a quality makes the disc golf driver a tad too complicated to control. Do you know the upside to this? It’s better accuracy. (Disc golf driving tips)

We Like

  • With maximum power, the disc travels farther with a flatter trajectory.
  • It offers maximum durability.

We Don’t Like

  • The disc is not effortless to control.

Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Distance with Dion

3. MVP Fission Photon Driver – The Perfect Disc Golf Driver for Experienced Throwers

MVP Fission Photon 165-170g

The reason why the MVP Fission Photon Driver is suitable for experts is because they have the ability to generate more power. And this is what the disc needs for further distances and longer glides.

The MVP Fission Photon Driver may be comparatively thinner, but it comes with an excellent grip. On top of that, the lightweight disc also offers sufficient stability.

To make the most of the unique design, you need to be able to throw with maximum power. So the MVP Fission Photon Driver is not suitable for beginners. You should also know that since the disc is so light in weight, its flight path might get affected by high crosswinds.

We Like

  • The narrow rim and slim profile make throwing the disc easier.
  • It comes with an excellent grip.

We Don’t Like

  • It is not heavy enough to withstand crosswinds.

4. Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc – The Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners

Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc, 145-150 gram, (Colors may vary)

It’s the lightweight design of Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc that makes it suitable for newbies. With such a quality, you get an excellent range. And we all know how important distance is when it comes to the sport of disc golf.

You will be quite impressed with the narrow rim of the device. Because it contributes to giving you a stable flight pattern. But nothing beats the distance factor. So for beginners, this might be an ideal choice.

The only drawback is the poor durability of Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc. But despite this flaw, it has become the go-to option for beginners.

We Like

  • It gives you a predictable trajectory with longer flights.
  • It is easier to control.

We Don’t Like

  • The disc might show signs of wear pretty soon.

Disc Golf Tips : The Innova Champion Valkyrie Disc

5. Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc – An Ideal All-Round Disc for All Types of Players

Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc, 167-169 grams

Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc is the only option on the list suitable for both beginners and experts. The best part about it is that it offers accuracy in all kinds of conditions. And it is constructed with high-quality materials. This means better durability too.

You will love just how easy it is to use. With such a quality, you get a straighter and more consistent flight path. So it doesn’t matter how you throw Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc, it will fly straight and land where you want it to.

So what’s the problem with Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc? Well, there’s only one issue with these disc golf drivers for beginners and experts. And that is a lack of control.

We Like

  • Since it is mid-range, it offers exceptional accuracy.
  • The disc delivers consistent upshots.

We Don’t Like

  • It is extremely flexible, which compromises control.

Discraft Disc Golf World Champ Nate Doss Throws and Talks Gear

The Buyer’s Guide to the Best Disc Golf Driver

best disc golf driver


As far as disc golf is concerned, buying new discs is a common practice. Because over time, the old ones tend to lose their integrity. Due to collisions against large, immovable objects, discs become susceptible to dents and warping.

And this might have an adverse impact on the flight pattern. So there are a few important factors you must take into consideration when buying these discs.

But before we get into that, you should know one other thing. Disc golf drivers may all look the same, but they don’t function that way. There are three different kinds of discs built to serve three distinct purposes. So let’s find out what they are!

Best Disc Golf Driver: The Different Types

1. Maximum Distance

These fly at the highest speed, which means they have the ability to travel extremely far. The best maximum distance driver disc golf is primarily created to reach closer to your basket. It’s just like regular golf, isn’t it? Everybody uses a driver so they can get the golf ball onto or close to the fairway. (The three disc golf shots to maximize distance)

2. Fairway

These types of drivers are also known as control drivers. Instead of distance, what they have to offer is stability, tons of it. This gives you a straighter flight path with more control. Now we know why fairway drivers are considered to be the disc golf drivers for beginners.

3. Mid-Range

When it comes to accuracy, there’s nothing better at delivering that than the mid-range device. And along with precision, they also provide maximum control. This comes at the cost of aerodynamics and distance. But for the former, you have fairway drivers. While maximum distance drivers are more suitable for distance.

Best Disc Golf Driver: Two Important Factors to Consider

Flight Ratings

Disc golf driver numbers may be significant, but they aren’t deemed to be standard. Because the flight pattern of each disc depends on different variables. These include disc quality, thrown speed and pattern, and wind speed.

There are four categories in this department; fade, turn, glide, and speed. Speed is the disc’s capacity to slice through the air. Glide refers to the ability to remain high up. Turn describes how hard or how far right a disc turns. Fade is the opposite of turn, which means the left side but at a slower speed.

(The basic backhand technique in disc golf)


How hard a disc turns, how straight it travels, and how early it falls, all depend on the disc golf driver weight. You will find most models on the market falling somewhere between 100 and 200 grams.

Distance drivers are comparatively heavier than their fairway counterparts. But mid-range discs are the heaviest. So lighter disc golf drivers give you a straighter flight path with more control while heavier ones offer better accuracy.

The Final Note 

Stepping on the golf course with the best disc golf driver goes a long way in enhancing your skills. It can turn defeat into victory in a very short span of time.

Golf discs are like golfing clubs. This means they have different variations, right? With disc golf drivers, you get mid-range, fairway, and maximum distance models. So you need to decide what’s more important to you; accuracy, straighter trajectory, or distance. Depending on that, you can select the type of disc best suitable for your skill level.

So now it’s time to list our final recommendation. It’s the Discraft Titanium Golf Disc. This is regarded as the best maximum distance driver disc golf on the market. Do you know what that means? It means that it has the ability to travel farther.

You get lengthy turnovers with the Discraft Titanium Golf Disc even with medium speed. The best part about the disc is that it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced players. The kind of stability and speed the Discraft Titanium Golf Disc offers is unbeatable by any other model in the industry.

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