Best Disc Golf Bag – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The best disc golf bag has proven to be essential for the game. And if you’re not an occasional player, then you will need a decent bag to make the experience more comfortable and convenient.

Factors such as price depend on how often you indulge in the sport, right? But when it comes to this, there are other more important characteristics to keep in mind. These include durability and comfort.

That’s the reason why we’ve listed the greatest disc golf bags as well as backpacks for all types of players. Our team of researchers has spent several hours carefully selecting the best of the best to make the buying process easier. So let’s get started!

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Disc Golf Bags

Disc Golf Bag



Our Rating

Fade Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag



Latitude 64 Luxury Backpack Disc Golf Bag



Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag



FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack



NutSac Disc Golf Bag



Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack Disc Golf Bag



Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag



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best disc golf bag


The Best Disc Golf Bag: 7 Top Choices

Taking all your disc golf gear to the game can be quite a task. So this is where you’d appreciate a good disc golf bag. The seven different models discussed below include basic options for occasional or casual players as well as high capacity ones for the more experienced lot.

1. Fade Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag – The Best Lightweight Disc Golf Shoulder Bag

Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag - Slate Gray

Even though the Fade Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag can hold 12 discs, it is incredibly light in weight. And that’s because the canvas has a 600-D polyester material construction. This also means that the bag is waterproof.

The thick bottom with four small plastic feet offers the stability the bag needs to stand upright at all times. The drink pocket is large and insulated to provide additional convenience.

The design also consists of double putter pockets in the exterior, an adjustable and high-end shoulder strap, and a scorecards storage pocket. So when it comes to comfort, there’s nothing you need to worry about.

Well, there is this one tiny flaw. It’s the lack of separation slots for the discs. And we all know how beneficial these dividers can be when you want to organize your discs in a much better manner.

We Like

  • The padded shoulder strap offers great comfort.
  • The zippers and stitching hold up well despite regular use.

We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty storage.
  • It doesn’t have built-in disc dividers.

2. Latitude 64 Luxury Backpack Disc Golf Bag – The Best High-Quality Disc Golf Backpack

Latitude 64 Luxury Backpack Disc Golf Bag - Blue

The Latitude 64 Luxury Bag is considered to be the disc golf bag for tournaments. And there are many reasons why this is so. For one, the storage capacity is gigantic. The different pockets of the Latitude 64 Luxury Bag do an excellent job at providing ample disc storage.

With the Latitude 64 Luxury Bag, you can accommodate at least 20 discs in the main storage compartment. And once you utilize the remaining pockets as well, the bag can fit up to 28 to 30 discs in total. To make things better, its divider is removable.

Now let’s talk about another important factor. The Latitude 64 Luxury Bag also comes with a useful plastic sleeve at the bottom. This helps in keeping moisture away when you place the bag down on the floor.

The only gripe is that it might get a tad too heavy to carry. But that’s mainly because of the weight of the many discs you plan on storing inside it.

We Like

  • The pencil holders and umbrella pocket make the bag more functional.
  • The side walls are sturdy enough to handle the additional weight.
  • The drink carrier is sufficiently large.

We Don’t Like

  • It will not be light in weight once full.

Preston Johnson In The Bag

3. Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag – The Best Disc Golf Bag for Beginners

Innova Champion Discs Standard Bag, Camo

You can fit up to 8 to 10 discs in the Innova Champion Bag. It is incredibly light in weight, durable, and comfortable to carry at all times. These are the many reasons why it’s an ideal choice for beginners.

The addition of Velcro dividers adds more efficiency to the product. They make the process of splitting the discs easier. On top of that, you can fit 2 more discs in the exterior pocket. And the two other additional pockets also add more convenience to the whole experience.

The main problem lies with the oversized bottom panels. They tend to mess with the rigidity of the Innova Champion Bag.

We Like

  • The Velcro dividers are adjustable and removable.
  • The strong stitching offers maximum durability.
  • It has an excellent water resistant capacity.

We Don’t Like

  • The support panel at the bottom doesn’t lay flat.

4. FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack – The Best Heavy-Duty Disc Golf Backpack

FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack (Capacity: 25-30 Discs) (Woodland Camouflage)

The FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack has a very practical design. It can accommodate 25 to 30 discs. This means the backpack has the ability to carry tons of weight. Thanks to the sturdy 600D nylon material.

The FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack offers 11 pockets with double disc compartments. These compartments are removable to make the experience more comfortable.

The bottom comes with rubber pads to prevent damage. Plus, it has an extended support system to handle the weight of so many discs. (Disc golf rules)

The only feature that you might not like is the poor stitching. It tends to rip apart if you subject the bag to rough use.

We Like

  • The straps are well constructed to provide ease of movement.
  • The click and lock system of the pockets make the bag safe to use.
  • It has an additional storage compartment for sensitive electronics.

We Don’t Like

  • Poor durability.

5. NutSac Disc Golf Bag – The Best Compact Disc Golf Shoulder Bag

NutSac Disc Golf Bag

The NutSac Disc Golf Bag may be the smallest and lightest disc golf bag, but it’s extremely reliable. The high-quality material for construction is Cannonball canvas. This sturdy fabric offers the greatest durability.

The NutSac Disc Golf Bag has an interior compartment that can fit as much as 6 discs. And you don’t need to worry about them falling out even when its flap is undone. The additional front pocket offers enough space to fit your phone, keys, or other valuables.

The long strap of the shoulder bag makes it suitable to wear even when you’re throwing. But the quality and construction of the snaps are not as remarkable as the bag itself.

We Like

  • Perfect to carry for short, quick rounds.
  • The bag offers a snug fit, which prevents the discs from falling out.

We Don’t Like

  • The snaps and the fabric around them are susceptible to damage.

6. Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack Disc Golf Bag – The Most Spacious Backpack for Disc Golf

Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack Disc Golf Bag (Dark Gray)

The Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack is the only option on the list that ranks the highest in looks and performance. Along with fitting 18 discs, you also get a putter pocket with this disc golf bag.

It has double holders for beverages and plenty of room for the discs as well as other valuables. The internal pocket has a mesh construction, and the zippered pocket is deep enough. These particular design elements bring maximum comfort and convenience to the table.

You will also be glad to know that the straps are well padded to keep you comfortable while carrying the bag. The part that might let you down is the lack of rubber feet or rubber bottom for better stability.

We Like

  • The top pocket is spacious enough to hold additional discs.
  • Reinforced stitching at sensitive spots offers more durability.

We Don’t Like

  • The bottom panel doesn’t have rubber feet.

Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack Disc Golf Bag

7. Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag – The Best Affordable Disc Golf Shoulder Bag

Golf Bag Weekender 6 Discs

The best part about the Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag; it can carry discs without putting too much weight on your shoulders. It has a lightweight design that accommodates 7-8 discs in total.

You can even fit putters in the front pocket of the Discraftbag. Even though this portion has an elastic quality, it provides a snug fit.

The shoulder strap is adjustable, and the inner pocket has a well-constructed zipper. The former adds more comfort while the latter offers safety. (Disc golf vs. ball golf)

The drawback lies in the size of the Discraftbag. Before buying, please ask yourself if you want to invest in a small-sized bag. If yes, then the Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag might be an ideal choice. But if not, then purchasing this bag would be a mistake.

We Like

  • Due to the compact size, it’s easy and comfortable to carry.
  • Suitable for beginners and casual players.

We Don’t Like

  • The disc golf bag has a small size.
  • The shoulder strap is not padded.

Discraft Disc Golf World Champ Nate Doss Throws and Talks Gear

The Buyer’s Guide to Disc Golf Bags

best disc golf bag


The more interest you show in the game, the more golf discs you’re likely to purchase, right? It only makes perfect sense. The better skills you develop, the more you want to experiment with the different features of every disc.

What is Disc Golf?

You will be surprised to know that professional disc golfers carry as much as 15 discs with them at one time. And obviously, you can’t do that without the best disc golf bag. In fact, carrying one-third of that amount is also difficult if you don’t have the right bag for it.

So let’s find out more about why you need an excellent disc golf bag and how to select the best one.

The Importance of Buying the Best Disc Golf Bag

Proper gear is essential when it comes to sports, right? It makes the whole experience better, doesn’t it? And as far as disc golf is concerned, you require an appropriate bag to store all your discs. It helps in organizing the discs in the most efficient manner so you can easily spot each one better.

On the other hand, stuffing the discs in your gym bag will only lead to chaos and confusion during the game. It’s because gym bags don’t come with internal compartments that allow you to see each and every disc individually. What does this mean? It means that your discs in the disc golf bag will be on display at all times, right?

Gym bags are not like disc golf backpacks; they don’t have a design that supports the shape of golf discs. You can’t carry them around because they’re not as light in weight as disc golf bags. So to make sure that you focus on your game and nothing else, it’s important to buy a bag specifically created for the sport.

Playing disc golf is not only fun but also physically challenging. This means you need maximum strength to play better. And nothing should come in between that, not even be carrying your discs. This is why you need something with carrying straps that can mount on your shoulders comfortably.

How to Pick the Best Disc Golf Bag?

best disc golf bag


If you play competitively or indulge in the sport often, then buying a good disc golf bag might be a great investment. But there are a few important factors you should take into consideration to decide which option is more suitable.


You should know that the larger its size, the more golf discs the bag can hold. The largest disc golf bag on the market can accommodate as much as 18 discs. But you don’t need such a big bag unless necessary. Because more discs mean more weight.

With 18 discs in the bag, you will have to carry a weight of seven pounds on your shoulders. Now, this may seem like a small number, but it won’t feel this way when you have to walk on rough terrain for miles.

We’re not telling you to decide against purchasing a large bag. You can go ahead and buy one if you have or plan on buying that many discs. But if you don’t, then it’s better to opt for a comparatively smaller size.

Drink Capacity

This may seem like an unusual feature, but it is incredibly useful. Some disc golf bags consist of specially designed pouches for beverages. Because every player likes to have access to beer, sodas, or water when playing, right?

The game is supposed to be a fun activity. So you need a bag with that mesh space to store your refreshing drinks.

Backpack vs. Shoulder Strap

Disc golf bags have two designs; shoulder strap and backpack. The former are easier and more convenient to carry, and you don’t need to remove them during gameplay. But the unbalanced load might prove to be uncomfortable for some players. So they’re suitable for those who don’t carry too much weight with them.

On the contrary, backpacks provide additional storage and have a more balanced weight distribution. These types of disc golf bags are perfect for players who own a wide variety of discs. (Different types of disc golf throws)


Disc golf bags are waterproof on the outside or inside, and sometimes both. The benefits of buying an entirely waterproof bag are quite evident. So it’s important that you pick a decent disc golf bag constructed with waterproof or at least water-resistant materials.

The Final Note

It doesn’t matter what the price range is because buying the best disc golf bag should be looked at as an investment.

There are many popular disc golf bags currently in the news, most of which are listed here. So please make it a point to consider your options before reaching a final decision. The most important factor to keep in mind is the comfort. So please don’t forget that.

Now it’s time to announce the best of the best pick. And without the shadow of a doubt, we would recommend the Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag. This bag can accommodate as much as 12 discs.

It has an excellent lightweight and water resistant design. On top of that, the shoulder straps are adjustable, and the bottom reinforced to add comfort and stability.

The best part about the Innova Champion Bag is that it offers tons of storage space. Thanks to the several pockets and compartments integrated into the bag.

So if you like to carry light to medium weight, then the Innova Champion Bag might be an ideal choice.

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