Best 60-Degree Wedge – Buyer’s Guide

Wilson Staff Men's Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge, Right Hand, 60.0-Degree - Best 60-Degree Wedge

Are you a high, mid, or low handicapper? You know what, the answer doesn’t matter. Do you know why? It’s because all golfers aim at achieving a clean and accurate strike of none other than the 60-degree wedge. Also known as a lob wedge! So what is the best 60-degree wedge on the golfing market?

Buying the best lob wedge means having access to the ultimate weapon for improving a golf game. You should know that wedges are considered to be highly productive clubs. They are used to hit at least one-third of the total shots in a single round of golf.

So with that in mind, it’s time to move on to the reviews section.

Best 60-degree wedge: Top 10 Choices

Best 60-Degree Wedge

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The comparison table below presents the 10 highest performing lob wedges in the golfing arena. And below that, you’ll find a detailed description of each product. I’ve discussed all the features responsible for giving them the distinction above the others.

Wedge Name

Shaft Material/Flex


Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge


56 degrees

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Callaway Forged Wedge (Dark Chrome)


56 degrees

Check Price

Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge


52, 56, and 60 degrees

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Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge (Editor’s Choice)


56 degrees

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Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Cavity Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge


52 degrees

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Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre Nickel Wedge


56 degrees

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TaylorMade TP ATV Wedge

Steel/KBS Wedge

56 degrees

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Mizuno Golf S5 Forged Blue Ion Wedge


56.1 degrees

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Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge


56 degrees

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Cleveland Golf Men’s CBX Wedge


52 degrees

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1.Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge – For Best Feel and Balance

Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge - Best 60-Degree Wedge

When using any golf club, the two things that matter the most are balance and feel. Only when the club is well-balanced can it provide a good feel. Am I right? With that in place, let me introduce you to the Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge. This wedge offers an excellent combination of great feel and balance. So you can strike those shots the most confidently! (What you should know about wedge lofts)

And since Cleveland is the manufacturer, you need not doubt the quality of the product either. That’s because the company doesn’t forget to leave out crucial factors like durability. So it’s not really a surprise to find out that the Cleveland wedge has a dynamic gold finish steel shaft. Such a material can withstand the test of time. Plus, it takes care of the visual appeal as well.

Moving on, the club features CNC-milled grooves. And it’s these components that are responsible for providing that soft feel. Along with a strict tolerance level! So be prepared to have more control over shots when using the Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge.

Also quite remarkable is the unique sole design. It promotes smooth interaction with the turf. This way, you can enjoy maximum consistency for your short game. In my opinion, when it comes to Cleveland, you are dealing with nothing but the best of the best.

Let me bring to your attention that this particular 60-degree wedge is quite popular. Especially for its phenomenal shape and structure! The grooves are precision milled and the sole is designed differently. So the former offers the perfect soft feel. And the latter contributes to adding more consistency. In the form of smooth turf contact! So you can keep your worries about usability aside.

But here’s something you might not like about the Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge. The club is slightly on the heavier side. Due to the dynamic gold finish steel shaft. So are you willing to trade that for long-lasting value? If yes, then you’ve got yourself an excellent deal!

We Like

  • ​High-quality wedge that offers impressive durability.
  • Easy and comfortable to hit.

We Don’t Like

  • It is not light in weight.
Martin Hall Discusses “The Wedge” By Cleveland Golf

2.Callaway Forged Wedge (Dark Chrome) – For Best Control and Spin

Callaway Forged Wedge (Right Hand, Steel, Dark Chrome, 56) - Best 60-Degree Wedge

Allow me to begin the review with a question. Are you a golfer looking for a golf wedge that gives you more control on the flight path of every shot? If that’s the case, then you’ve met your match. The Callaway Forged Wedge is the ultimate pick that offers all the control you need when using that lob wedge. Let’s find out more!

This best 60-degree wedge is equipped with three exceptional characteristics that I’m certain you’ll appreciate the most. The first is the tour-inspired design. The second one is the presence of 21 CC grooves, which are closely spaced. And the third praiseworthy component is the TripleNet forging. All three combine to deliver better control and extra yardage.

Furthermore, the Callaway Forged Wedge is C-shaped. Upon testing, I noticed that immediately. So it’s time for me to disclose that such a shape is responsible for relieving the heel. In fact, it even reduces sole width. As a result of which straight leading edge comes into play. And this is useful when making precision shots.

I would also like to add another important point. The Callaway Forged Wedge is an ideal choice for low handicap golfers. So if you work around those greens aggressively, you know what to buy!

When using the Callaway Forged Wedge, I realized how it enabled me to keep the clubface open. While also minimizing bounce angle! And with that, I got more than just proper contact. This kind of freedom also brought additional control and spin into action. So that was a pretty huge benefit!

Unfortunately, this particular golf club is quite stiff. So it doesn’t offer the much-needed forgiveness. Especially for high handicap players!

We Like

  • ​The Callaway wedge features low bounce for tight lies and firm conditions.
  • ​The dark chrome finish reduces glare.
  • Grooves have sharper edges for distance control and ideal trajectory.

We Don’t Like

  • It could use a little more forgiveness for high handicappers.
How Different Wedge Grinds Can Save Your Short Game

3.Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge – For Budget-Friendly Golfers

Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge (Set of 3 52, 56, 60) - Best 60-Degree Wedge

When it comes to affordability, nothing ranks better than the Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge. Even though it’s a cheaper model, price-wise, you don’t have to worry about design and functionality. The product I’m currently reviewing offers three wedges. These include 52 degrees, 56 degrees, and 60 degrees.

What’s more is that each wedge has a regular shaft flex. This is useful for delivering excellent flexibility. In that case, you don’t have to deal with issues like too much stiffness in the shaft.

The product title suggests that it has the gun metal coating. Am I right? So what’s so special about that? Well, such a finish does an excellent job of preventing the paint from chipping. In fact, it even gives the wedge that perfect aesthetically pleasing shine.

And here’s another piece of great news. This wedge is equipped with a weatherproof grip. So the manufacturer made it a point to cover all aspects. This way, you get hands on a club that’s not only high performing but reliable too.

In here, I would like to discuss nothing but the remarkable flexibility of the Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge. Thanks to the regular shaft flex of the thing, it doesn’t feel too stiff. So that’s an impressive quality that many players look for when buying golf clubs.

The only negative takeaway here comes in the form of poorly shaped grooves. They are a tad too sharp and deep. Due to which the lob wedge tends to cut the ball. A slightly more rounded bottom would’ve worked better.

We Like

  • ​The company offers a pack of 3 wedges.
  • The gun metal coating keeps the paint from chipping.

We Don’t Like

  • They are comparatively longer.
  • Grooves are excessively sharp and deep.

4. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge – For Best Shot Accuracy

Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Golf Sand Wedge, Right Hand, Steel, Wedge, 56-degrees - Best 60-Degree Wedge

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is the perfect choice for those who want to achieve greater accuracy with higher shots. And do you know why that is? It’s because this 60-degree wedge features a unique sole grind. Such a design gives you the opportunity to open that clubface. And when that happens, an improvement in performance is inevitable.

That’s the beauty of the best golf wedges ever! They consist of features that are responsible for providing such an advantage. So now you know why the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge has the upper hand here!

I found the construction of the club to be equally phenomenal. And why not when it has a genuine Temper Steel design! So it’ll take years for the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge to show signs of wear and tear.

In all, the wedge offers more playability options. Especially around those greens! So if that’s what you’re looking for, you can go ahead and consider buying this particular model.

Do you know what transpires when you have the freedom to open the invaluable clubface? You can play higher strikes with more accuracy. With that in mind, you’ll love the sole grind design of the Wilson wedge.

Now you should know that the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge has a thicker hosel. This is not such a bad idea until it starts to make the club feel slightly heavy.

We Like

  • ​The Wilson wedge is well-balanced for a good feel.
  • ​It also offers maximum forgiveness.
  • You can make precise shots in this case.

We Don’t Like

  • Not light in weight.
Inside Wilson LABS – Wedges

5. Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Cavity Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge – The Best Competitive 60-Degree Wedge

Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Cavity Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge, Left Hand, Steel, 60-Degree, Black - Best 60-Degree Wedge

There’s no other lob wedge that performs as exceptionally as this one right here. The Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge is equipped with phenomenal features. And it’s these highly advanced elements that make it the most competitive product on the current market. So it’s time to find out more!

This wedge is a result of Rotex milling. The dual-pass milling structure abides by the guidelines of USGA. But what does it really do? This particular feature performs two primary functions. The first job is to increase spin and the second to enhance friction.

If that wasn’t enough, Cleveland also decided to add special grooves. These are Tour Zip versions that every golfer values to a great degree. It’s because the grooves contribute to improving spin consistency. At the same time, they also make sure that the wedge remains durable for a very long time.

As for the steel shaft, it also contributes to durability. So expect the Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge to remain in peak condition despite using it for years.

But here’s something that impressed me the most. Only after testing did I realize that this particular wedge offers consistent spin and clean contact. And do you know why? It’s because moisture, dirt, and grass are elements that get channeled away. Especially from that clubface!

Trust me, there’s nothing more you could have asked for from this best 60-degree wedge!

The Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge has gone through the process of laser milling. What this does is fine-tune the roughness. That, in turn, adds more texture and consistency across the clubface. And this is very useful for an increase in spin. It applies to all your chip and pitch shots!

The only flaw here is the poor coating of the club. It starts to peel off sooner than you can imagine. So this seems like a minor disappointment. Unless physical appearance matters more than anything else!

We Like

  • ​The Cleveland wedge offers optimal perimeter weighting.
  • ​Rotex technology provides spin control like no other.
  • The grooves are well defined.

We Don’t Like

  • Coating is prone to coming off.
588 RTX 2.0 – Introduction

6.Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre Nickel Wedge – The Best Wedges for High Handicappers

Pinemeadow Golf Men's Pre Nickel Wedge (Right Hand, Steel, Regular, 56 Degree) - Best 60-Degree Wedge

Do you know why the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre Nickel Wedge is suitable for high handicappers? It’s because this best 60-degree wedge offers an incredibly forgiving hitting area. And you have nothing but the tapered sole design to thank for that. Right from that heel to that toe!

So it doesn’t matter where the ball lies, the Pinemeadow wedge makes way for accurate shots. Along with maximum ball control! I was quite amazed at the amount of control the club provided me with to get the golf ball to reach the green. And I’m sure you would be too!

Furthermore, the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre Nickel Wedge has an affordable price tag. So you don’t have to necessarily shell out big bucks for high performance. And this particular creation by Pinemeadow is proof of that.

So if you what you’re looking for is an excellent combination of optimal bounce and tapered sole design, here’s your pick. Such a lob wedge allows you to play accurately from all types of lies.

The invaluable hitting surface of the wedge is a lot more forgiving than you’d expect. This is why it’s considered to be an ideal choice for high handicap golfers. And the presence of such forgiveness is a result of the wide sole narrowing towards the toe.

By far, what is the most common issue with 60-degree wedges? It’s the fact that the clubs are not light in weight. Am I right? So the same drawback applies to the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Pre Nickel Wedge as well.

We Like

  • ​The Pinemeadow wedge is perfect for diversifying short game.
  • ​It promotes smooth turf interaction.
  • High-quality design and construction.

We Don’t Like

  • Weight is slightly on the heavier side.
How golf clubs are made – Pinemeadow Golf

7. TaylorMade TP ATV Wedge – Best for All Kinds of Terrain Conditions

TaylorMade TP ATV Wedge (52 degree, Steel, KBS Wedge Flex, Right Hand) - Best 60-Degree Wedge

What is it about the TaylorMade TP ATV Wedge that works well with all kinds of terrain conditions? The versatility is the most impressive quality. So it’s safe for me to state that this 60-degree wedge is a club you can use for chips, bunker shots, and pitches. In fact, you can even strike shots from the rough and hard surfaces! So if this isn’t a versatile lob wedge,I don’t know what is!

I would also like to highlight the practical design of the TaylorMade TP ATV. The edge, heel, and toe are structured to minimize resistance. They react differently when on sand and turf. It all depends on the positioning, right?

But here’s the feature that draws all the attention towards it. The club is equipped with an improved groove design. This is useful for generating the much-needed spin.

The thing is that the clubface grooves contain flat areas with a unique micro-texture. Now, what that does is help in holding the golf ball to yield backspin. And as far as my personal opinion goes, this constitutes a major advantage.

In all, the TaylorMade TP ATV Wedge has the ability to deliver unrivaled performance. After all, ATV stands for All Terrain Versatility, doesn’t it?

If there’s any 60-degree wedge created to handle an array of course conditions and shots, this is it. The TaylorMade TP ATV Wedge is the greatest versatile option. And the feature responsible for bringing such functionality into play is the excellent sole design. The component is structured with every edge, angle, and curve. And each variation serves a particular purpose. This is how maximum versatility enters the big picture!

I don’t mean to discourage you but the bounce that you get in this case is extreme. And that means you can’t open up the blade. So if this sounds like a deal-breaker to you, then don’t take any chances.

We Like

  • ​The TaylorMade wedge features an ideal weight and grind.
  • The micro-surfaced clubface is an excellent addition.

We Don’t Like

  • It takes some time to get used to.
  • Bounce is not limited.
Tour Preferred Series: The Beauty of a Wedge (Part 1 of 10)

8.Mizuno Golf S5 Forged Blue Ion Wedge – The Best Golf Wedges for Mid-Handicappers

Mizuno Golf Men's S5 Blue Ion Wedge Steel 56-10 Wedge, Right - Best 60-Degree Wedge

So it’s pretty great news to find out that the Mizuno Golf S5 Forged Blue Ion Wedge has a large clubhead. So the thing is well equipped to offer maximum forgiveness. Especially to mid-handicap and high-handicap golfers! The club is visually appealing as well. And that just adds to the popularity of the product.

But wait, there’s a lot more to look forward to. This best 60-degree wedge offers 2 bounce options. The first is a low 6 degree and the second is a higher 10 degree. And this is the first pick on the list with such a benefit.

Now, allow me to highlight the forged design of the Mizuno wedge. The carbon steel construction of the club is responsible for providing a soft, consistent, and solid feel. One that is unrivaled on the golfing market.

As for the grooves, they are CNC-milled. And that too with an increased roughness on the surface! The outcome of such composition is producing spin perfect for golf ball stopping.

But here comes the biggest takeaway. The Mizuno Golf S5 Forged Blue Ion Wedge has highly-functional sole grinds. So that makes this particular club suitable for multiple lies and shots. And doesn’t that sound like a huge plus point?

The large clubhead and face inspire nothing but confidence in both mid and high handicappers. With 2 bounce options and a lasting finish, Mizuno offers versatility and durability.

Plus, the wedge is convenient to play with. So there’s no major downside you’re looking at here.

The only minor problem with the Mizuno Golf S5 Forged Blue Ion Wedge is this. The club fails to generate good spin. And this is how control takes a hit. So if control is your primary concern, you’ll be better off with something else.

We Like

  • ​The Mizuno wedge is perfect for flop and sand shots.
  • ​The overall weight is well balanced.
  • Bounce/grind options are quite impressive.

We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t produce enough spin.
  • The blue paint at the bottom tends to wear off quickly.
Mizuno S5 Wedge: Spin a little Blue Magic

9.Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge – For Game Improvement

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge (56 Degree, Stiff Flex, Steel, Right Hand) - Best 60-Degree Wedge

When it’s Callaway, there’s no questioning the performance level of their products. And the same applies to the Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge. There’s a unique feature that contributes to every success story. In this case, it’s the signature design of the club.

The way the Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge is shaped speaks volumes about how it works. What I mean to say is that this particular structure improves the response and feel of every shot. And when that happens, the result is nothing but improvement in performance.

To make things even better, Callaway offers an exceptional configuration of 16 grooves. This innovative component performs a single primary function. And that is to boost the club’s stopping power.

What about versatility? To handle that, the Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge features a phenomenal grind. Even for Callaway, this is a huge leap. As the technology makes the wedge suitable for all kinds of shots and conditions!

The beauty of S-grind is that it brings tons of versatility into play. And by that, I mean the Callaway wedge is suitable for a broad range of playing conditions. Along with multiple swings and shot types! So you can experiment as much as you like without expecting an unreliable outcome.

Sadly, it’s the poor grip of the product that lets you down. And this does seem like a major disappointing factor. Since a good grip has the ability to upgrade the comfort level!

We Like

  • ​The Callaway wedge works best for your short games.
  • ​Cleaning and maintaining it are easy tasks.
  • Durability is not a concern.

We Don’t Like

  • The grip is not such an excellent feature.
MD3: 3 Grinds For Every Shot, Condition & Swing

10.Cleveland Golf Men’s CBX Wedge – The Most Advanced 60-Degree Wedge

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's CBX Wedge 52 Degree Steel, Right Hand - Best 60-Degree Wedge

Let me tell you something about the best 60-degree wedge. Such a club doesn’t fail to provide improved forgiveness. If a wedge is not well equipped to give you that, the safest thing to do is to stay away from it. So it’s a huge relief to know that the Cleveland CBX Wedge offers tons of forgiveness.

And not just that; it also delivers tour-level ball spin and great control. But what is it that encourages this particular club to offer such advantages? It’s the excellent cavity back design of the wedge. In fact, cavity backs are also responsible for providing precision along with forgiveness.

Moving on to the sole, it uses two different shapes to maintain maximum versatility. The first V shape enables cutting through that turf smoothly. Without any speed loss! And the second V shape, the one from heel to the toe, gives you the opportunity to open that clubface. This is useful for bringing in more versatility. While also providing assistance on sand patches!

Another praiseworthy feature comes in the form of Rotex technology. The face activates tour-driven spin for supreme control. And thanks to the presence of the aggressive soles, all debris gets eliminated from that clubface.

So there’ll be no interference when you want to strike consistent shots from the fairway and rough. No wonder players rank the Cleveland CBX Wedge as the most advanced model in golf!

What’s the best part of this particular pick? Without the shadow of a doubt, it’s the two different shapes of the sole. The first one promotes smooth turf interaction. And the second brings versatility into gameplay. And there’s nothing else that works to your advantage more than the unique sole design.

If you’re a golfer who prefers low bounce, then you should opt for another wedge. Because this one doesn’t offer the kind of minimal bounce you’re used to dealing with.

We Like

  • ​The Cleveland wedge provides exceptional stability and spin control.
  • Even feel and versatility are impressive factors.

We Don’t Like

  • It lacks low bounce.
Cleveland CBX Wedge: Short Game Changer

60-Degree Wedge – Buyer’s Guide

What is a 60-Degree/Lob Wedge?

Best 60-Degree Wedge

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Any set of golf clubs is incomplete without the best 60-degree wedge. Let me begin by stating that wedges offer different grinds, bounce, finishes, and lofts. As far as the loft is concerned, wedges provide the greatest loft. When compared to other clubs! It falls somewhere between 64 degrees and 45 degrees.

So the wedges that feature a 60-64 degrees loft are known as lob wedges. And they are the most suitable for delivering finesse, even more than power. So the next time you want to strike a precise shot, let the 60-degree wedge do the job for you.

The beauty of a wedge is that it allows the ball to rise in the air quickly. Professional players use the best 60-degree wedge when they want to achieve a soft landing with a little bit of spin. Especially from distances of 75-95 yards!

But you should know that normal club sets don’t include a lob wedge. So you have to buy the wedge separately.

Advantages of the 60-Degree Wedge

This particular golf club has earned its fair share of controversies. And that’s because the wedge is not easy to master. Learning the process of hitting with a lob wedge is tricky and tough. For this reason, it attracts both critics and admirers.

At the same time, once you learn how the thing works, you wouldn’t take too long to fall in love with the golf club.

Apart from providing a higher loft, the 60-degree wedge also delivers more spin. Even though you might take some time to grasp its workability, once you get there, there’s no turning back! You have to be patient and keep practicing to understand the shortcomings and capabilities of a lob wedge.

Proper Technique of Using the 60-Degree Wedge

Best 60-Degree Wedge

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Let me being by exposing an ugly truth. These types of wedges are not clubs that you can use to obtain great swing. No wonder they’re so different from pitching wedges, right? A lob wedge does not and will not offer excellent results with a hard swing. It’s not that kind of a golf club!

Moving on, when you increase the clubhead speed of a 60-degree wedge, it pushes your shots higher. But at the same time, it fails to provide optimal consistency for distance. And as loft increases, this particular issue tends to magnify even further.

So my advice to you would be to avoid using maximum swing power when using the best 60-degree wedge. Anything less than 75 percent of your power is more than enough.

Useful Tips for Using the 60-Degree Wedge

· Keep your stance narrower when dealing with a lob wedge. Your feet should be aligned slightly towards the left side of your target line.

· What about the golf ball position? Make sure that the ball is positioned near the center of the stance. Such a placement helps in leaning the shaft slightly forward from your head to the hands.

· During the swing movement, avoid hinging your wrists excessively. Stick to producing a simple swing. One where you can feel the motion of your body rotation and arm swing.

· The techniques for half and partial shots using a lob wedge are also similar. But in this case, focus on reducing swing force and length. So you can assess the distance.

Factors to Keep In Mind When Buying the Best 60-Degree Wedge

Best 60-Degree Wedge

Photo credit:

Let’s keep loft aside for a second and think about other significant factors. These include finish, grind, and bounce. So it’s time to find out more!


The part of the wedge that comes in contact with the ground is the bounce. Manufacturers add bounce so the wedge prevents itself from digging into the turf or sand.

The angles for bounce range from 14 degrees to 0 degrees. And based on these angles, wedges offer high, low, and standard bounce options.

So what’s the best way to determine the most suitable bounce angle? The answer is quite simple. Take factors like course type or playing conditions into account. When exposed to firm conditions like tight fairways, you require low bounce. On the other hand, softer conditions demand high bounce.

2.Sole Grind

The grind is nothing but the extra shaping and structuring of the wedge’s sole. You’ll find it around the toe or heel of the club.

The golfing market offers various types of sole grinds. That means not all grinds are perfect for your golfing skills and techniques. So the best way to go about it is to consult a professional.


Wedges are designed in different color combinations and looks. So the visual appeal is an important factor. Especially for enthusiastic golfers!

In that context, the best 60-degree wedge you choose is based on your personal preferences, right? But while doing so, you have to keep durability in mind as well.

Keeping that in mind, any golf club with a nickel or chrome finish tends to last for many years. Dark colors may look aesthetically pleasing. But they are not immune to wearing off. Plus, they also show marks and scratches as you keep using them.

Final Say

My Choice: Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Golf wedges explained and reviewed above. Did you go through both the sections? So if I had to pick an ultimate wedge that scores better marks in all aspects, what would it be? After testing so many wedges, I would gladly choose the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge.

This best 60-degree wedge is the perfect club you need for getting close to that pin. It has a genuine Temper Steel construction. One that you can rely on in terms of performance and durability!

On top of that, the remarkable sole grind enables you to open up that clubface. So you can strike higher shots more accurately. The bounce angles of the blade shape allow ball stopping kind of a spin. Irrespective of whether you’re playing from the rough, fairway, or sand!

So when considering the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge, there’s no strong reason for you to think twice!

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