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The Top 7 Best Golf Balls For Your Game

Every golfer has been at their local golf retailer, shopping online, or standing in a pro shop in front of a wide array of golf balls. Each ball promises more distance, better spin, straighter ball flight, or a softer feel. Prices range from “downright cheap” to “golf balls actually cost that much?!” Choosing the right […]

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Choosing The Best Golf Hat

Having the right hat when you head out onto the golf course is an important but overlooked part of the game. Of course, you want to look good while you’re making your way around the course, but there are so many important roles a hat must play when you’re golfing. Obviously, a hat is relied […]

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Best 60-Degree Wedge – Buyer’s Guide

Are you a high, mid, or low handicapper? You know what, the answer doesn’t matter. Do you know why? It’s because all golfers aim at achieving a clean and accurate strike of none other than the 60-degree wedge. Also known as a lob wedge! So what is the best 60-degree wedge on the golfing market? […]

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Best 3-Wood – Buyer’s Guide

Certain types of golf clubs are considered to be very useful in any golfers’ bag. And this applies to the best 3-wood as well. The thing is that many players now look to this particular fairway wood as the best option for playing their 2nd shot on long par 4 or higher holes. The golf […]

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