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Felicia TaylorHello, fellow golfers, I’m Felicia Taylor and as a professional golfer. My love for the game and the lifestyle that inevitably comes along with it. My obsession for golf developed at a very young age, which encouraged me to master the skills pretty early too. But it was when I was in college that I started playing professionally. And even as a beginner, I got wonderful opportunities to play with many professional golfers. And that is something that every golfer dreams of in order to learn from the best and get better at the game.

But what I really want to convey to you is that more than being a professional golfer, I am just another golfing enthusiast like you who simply wants to enjoy the sport without constantly worrying about achieving perfection. Because let’s be honest, that’s impossible. The only thing that matters is to get results and that can only be done if you strive harder to enjoy the game of golf for what it truly is rather than obsessing overachieving success in a very short span of time.

My ultimate goal is to help you get better at the game by spreading the joy that I experience when I’m on that turf. I have had a pretty awesome golfing experience all these years and I’ve come across many amateur golfers and beginners who are troubled with plenty unanswered questions about how to do this or that, or what are the best products for that particular purpose and where to get it from.

The list of questions is endless, which made me realize that many such beginners and amateur golfers get really worried about being well prepared for the game. So I finally decided to write some valuable content about various kinds of golfing equipment, golfing tips, the crazy golfing lifestyle, and much more in order to properly guide them. So whatever you need, I’m pretty sure there’s an article that I’ve written about it.

Beginners in the game of golf think that the learning curve is very steep and it will take them a long time to finally master the tact. Based on experience it has been seen that anyone can be successful, only if they give it 36 hours which is similar to giving it a week of dedicated learning of golf.

It is always advisable to follow up the putting lesson, then following up on the golf green and reinforcing all that you have learnt by practising small drills at your leisure hours.

Happy golfing!

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